This Bible Course will Unlock Bible Meaning via Biblical Hebrew … with no fuss


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If you want to know what the Bible is about or deepen your understanding of the meaning of the Bible then this Bible course with this new study method for using Biblical Hebrew is for you.

Consider this: if the Bible is God’s Word… and if God is all powerful, (this Bible course is designed for those who want to learn what this book says… as well as for those who just want to add the Bible to their cultural knowledge) then you’d think that God would want ALL ages, ALL cultures, ALL languages, everywhere to be able to understand it. Not just scientists, researchers, linguists, scholars… right?

Well, this course is designed to show you, no matter your background, some basics about an exciting way to study the Bible. We will immediately plunge into well-known Biblical examples and see how to study to extract richer meaning. Meaning that will give you answers to fundamental questions about life, our society and this 21st century.

You do not need any ‘outside tools’ or knowledge either of the Bible or HebrewEverything is available and accessible free of charge, 24/7/365 online, even the Bible should you not have one.

You’re looking to go beyond just reading your Bible. You want to add some stimulation and insight to your study. Then adding this Biblical Hebrew study method to your repertoire will boost you to the next level of Bible comprehension. Enroll in the totally free Bible course today.


  • I learned a lot about using a concordance in this course. The instructor was interesting to listen to and obviously knew his topic. Theresa
  • it was very easy to follow, very informative, and very methodical. Gloria
  • It is something i have been searching for, a way to get past the translations and get to the deeper meaning of God’s word. Sheli
  • I have long suspected that the Adam and Eve story had a much deeper meaning. This course shows that what I suspected was true. An interesting way to look at the story. I am glad I took this course. Joseph

What are the requirements?

  • A little knowledge of the Bible stories like Adam and Eve would be handy but, even if you haven’t read the Bible you’ve heard enough for this course to be fully accessible
  • Just come with an open mind ready to hear what might be new concepts

What am I going to get from this Bible course?

  • At the end of the course you’ll master 7 keys to understanding Biblical Hebrew
  • You’ll learn how to access and freely use an online Bible, Interlinear (displaying the original language with the translation) and Concordance (to find verses and words and the meanings of the original language)
  • You’ll be equipped with a Bible Study method that encourages you to unlock Bible meaning
  • You’ll see Biblical Hebrew and word translations in a new light
  • You’ll develop a deeper understanding of what the Bible reveals

What is the target audience?

Unlock Bible meaning through Biblical Hebrew is for:

  • + Seekers searching for what the original language means
  • + Those wondering why the Bible has given rise to so many translations
  • + Those wondering whether the Bible stories are literal or figuative
  • + Those who’ve been ‘turned off’ by Bible thumpers
  • + Those who just want to see what the Bible says … even from a purely ‘cultural’ point of view
  • + Those who are looking for a new perspective on how to study the Bible
  • + Those who don’t have any knowledge of Hebrew whatsoever … as well as those who do have a certain comprehension

This course is not for:

  • – Those who only want to learn the Hebrew alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, speaking, pronunciation…
  • – Those who only want to learn Biblical Hebrew.

Free … but Your Help is Appreciated

This Bible course is FREE and after you get into it and learn some interesting and helpful information I’d appreciate the acknowledgement. To do so, please share this page with at least two people, who you know, who would enjoy and learn … as you’ve learned. You’ll have an exciting new subject you’ll be able to discuss together and someone you can collaborate with to continue to deepen your knowledge of Bible Meaning. Iron sharpens iron.

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