Is Google Search, that proposes search terms and classifies search results based on relevance, INTELLIGENT? or Watson that analyses and answers client questions from a Call Centre based on relevance, INTELLIGENT’?

Is Google Search really INTELLIGENT... or is it just an illusion?

Is Google Search really INTELLIGENT… or is it just an illusion?

The answer is ‘NO’, Google Search is not intelligent in the strict sense of the term. That is the entire meaning of ‘artificial’ when we refer to their ‘machinery’ as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘AI’.

We’re discussing the Human Mind and to get the context, I suggest you click on 9. Brain and Mind link and see the previous posts on this subject.

Google, Watson, Pepper, Actroid… and all the other robots (yes, Google search is even called a ‘robot’) function by a totally different method than humans: Watson can read and analyze 200 million pages in 3 seconds and can correctly compose the exact question needed to win Jeopardy. Pepper can detect faces because he/it has a database of photos to which its photo-eye compares the image he/it takes of your face while ‘looking’ at you.

The extraordinary progress in the development of artificial intelligence is in the improvement of 2 tools and the imaginitive ways IT specialists are putting them to work:

      1. Cramming more and more data (text, images…) into smaller and smaller spaces (chips).
      2. Accessing and analyzing that data faster and faster (processing power).

When you ‘recognize’ a face you say,

‘Hi George’…

When Pepper ‘recognizes’ a face he/it analyses the internal database and says,

‘Hi, (that’s not: Peter, Paul, Martha… until finally, but almost instantaneously, finding…) George’

It’s the same as when you, who live in Georgetown or Brighton are visiting Athens or Hong Kong you put your credit or debit card in an ATM to withdraw some cash, what you don’t think about it that as it reads the chip or magnetic strip it is interrogating linked computers on the Cirrus or Plus network around the world and verifying dozens (into the hundreds) of data to verify that the card is being used correctly. All of this in split seconds while you’re inserting your personal code! An ATM, or an automatic ticket or passport verification admittance system at an airport are prime applications of artificial intelligence that work by ‘comparison’, ‘deduction’ and ‘relevance.’

All robots are ’dressed up computers’ and their guts are databases of text, images and in the case of one that can analyze scents, a small laboratory that can gather a sample of air, do a split second analysis of its chemical composition, compare the results to its database and then spit out, ‘that’s tar from interstate 101 near Benson, N.C. around mile marker 78.’

Human Intelligence doesn’t work by ‘reductionism’. Humans don’t have encyclopedic databases (a very few have extraordinary capacities) and they can’t spit out answers like computers. Humans have ‘cognitive’ intelligence defined as: understanding, reasoning, judgment, sense, mentality, perception…

In future posts I shall develop ‘cognition’ and show that whether a human is considered intelligent of dumb, they all have cognition. As always your respectful comments on this subject, which you can add below, are welcome. Sign up for notification of further blogs on the ‘mind’ as well as other subjects in “Inventory of the Universe’ of which you can get a FREE copy.

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