The four tightly fitting puzzle pieces in the outstretched hand of the website header are a picture perfect expression of what The Explanation is all about: Making a coherent whole out of all of the disparate information we are inundated with.

The four puzzle pieces in the outstretched hand are a picture perfect expression of what The Explanation is all about: Making a coherent whole out of all of the disparate information we are inundated with.

The four tightly fitting puzzle pieces in the outstretched hand of the website header are a picture perfect expression of what The Explanation is all about: Making a coherent whole out of all of the disparate information we are inundated with.

This blog touches on many atypical and disparate subjects: the last one was on mythology and this one was to be on human nature… can anything be any further apart?

Then I realized I need to broach another subject: Why am I worlds apart in my subject matter? Is there rhyme and reason and even common sense to what I’m doing? Yes.

I blog about these various subjects generally based on two reasons:

  1. News, events on a world scale but also on a personal level. What is going on and the discussion I’ve had or articles I’ve read.
  2. Subjects that need to be addressed as ‘pieces in the puzzle’–pieces of The Explanation–in order to begin to fill in the major sections and then, more and more, the details of those sections.

Know that there is a definite overall framework for not only each book but for the entire series of The Explanation. The overall outline for Inventory of the Universe and Audit of the Universe — the first 2 books of the series — is now complete and you can visualize it in the ‘Categories’ menu in the right-hand column.

  • Inventory has 10 chapter numbered 1-10
  • Audit has 14 chapters which are indented with ‘–‘
    • For now there is one sub-title under chapter 14: >>> d. Religion
    • Which means there’ll be: a. Experience, b. Reason and c. Science
    • These are the four ways man uses to come to ‘conclusions about the big questions in life’
  • Audit chapter 11-13 will also have sub-titles
    • Chapter 11 was actually one that I intended to broach today: ‘Human Nature’ but it will be for another time. Other subjects will include: free will, morals, stubbornness, punishment, justice…
    • Chapter 12 Man’s ‘sociability’ is revealed in the role of the family and especially that of the members of the family: father, mother and children plus the extended members which end up being a tribe, group and even a nation. If we ever knew the role of the family and its indispensable parts, we need to be reminded not only what they are but why they are… although this latter point will be reserved, in much more detail, for ‘Origins of the Universe
    • Chapter 13 will deal with man’s accomplishments in order to establish peace and prosperity: Health, Welfare, Government, Defence, Agriculture, Education…
  • Origin of the Universe is the third book and, for now, is –15. Origins. A few posts give you a hint of where I’m going with this. It is not a mystery that we’ll be looking into some Sacred Texts including the Bible and particularly the Biblical Hebrew which has much to teach us and where we will eventually spend a lot of time.

To be right up front with you, Inventory and Audit are the hors d’oeuvre for the main dish which is books 3+. My natural inclination was to go immediately into Origins. Believe you me it would’ve been a lot quicker and easier than writing Inventory and Audit which delve deeply into some heavy and even very technical subjects… that in a lot of instances are way over my head.

 But, starting with Origins would’ve been like coming into the middle of the movie. I think it would’ve been understandable but the ‘context’ would’ve been missing. These blog posts with their schema and the two introductory volumes give the scenario for the whole play. If you don’t understand that scenario it becomes very difficult, even impossible to comprehend the whole story.

True, the category headings in the right-hand menu are very short and terse–trying to get them on one line for esthetics is not easy–hence I suggest you click on any of those heading to grasp a lengthier and deeper understanding of what I’m trying to accomplish with each one of them.

For instance:

Audit chapter 10 – Singularity of Man

What makes man so ambiguous? Mankind is different, even worlds apart from other life on Earth by his reasoning, endeavors and accomplishments. That Singularity can go both ways: towards extreme evil OR extreme good. Why is this? What’s the motivation behind it? Where is it going to take mankind?

Audit chapter 11 – How Man Functions

Man is a very intricate being ruled by reason and emotion. Both can lead him to extraordinary heights and fathomless depths. We’re all a whirlpool mixture of our natures and nurturing with a barrowful of our own imagination thrown in for good measure. That makes each one of us a very particular individual with a very personal way of functioning in society. In this section we subject that functioning to the microscope.

Audit chapter 12 – Man is Social

Man is not a hermit. We’re made to live in couples, families, clans, groups, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries and together on planet Earth. We group together in clubs, associations, federations. Pubs, bars and Starbucks. We need to understand this gregarious nature of man. This section explains why man is ‘social’ and why he has a tendency to bring quite a number of ‘anti-social’ effects to the table.

Audit chapter 13 – Endeavors of Man

These are Man’s accomplishments on Earth. They deal with what he’s done and is doing in this 21st Century technological era when all knowledge and, we hope, wisdom appear to be at his fingertips in order to establish peace and prosperity: Amongst those endeavors are: Finance, Foreign Affairs, Health, Welfare, Government, Defence, Agriculture, Education… we could say all the areas for which generally there is a ‘Minister’ in a government.

Audit chapter 14 – How Man Thinks

The brain and mind gather knowledge and data via various methods using the four concepts below (Experience, Reasoning, Science, Religion). The mind massages all this knowledge, it analyzes, thinks and reasons to reach conclusions as to how to undertake the ‘endeavors’ in the previous section. Realize that the four pillars of thinking can take the SAME knowledge and reach conflicting conclusions.

The puzzle pieces do fit together, there’s coherence. It is necessary to touch on each ‘piece’, one at a time, turn them over and analyze them. Then, and only then will we see them for what they are and their relationship one with another. And finally we’ll see the inter-relationship between ALL these pieces.

When we reach that point, we’ll know how peace and prosperity will be achieved. Stay onboard, sign up for the mailing list, this is going to be an exciting journey with a happy end.

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