As we start 2015 and send personal greetings to our loved ones and friends near and far I think it’s interesting to ponder the content of our greetings. Because, in the end they have to do with our Mind and Hands.

Minds and Hands. The two key characteristics of Mankind related to New Year wishes: Peace and Prosperity

Minds and Hands. The two key characteristics of Mankind related to our New Year wishes: Peace and Prosperity

What do we wish those people with whom we share our lives? Those people with whom we interact most and whom we hold in our hearts?

There are undoubtedly as many greetings as well-wishers but amongst the most common we’d find: a wish for ‘peace and prosperity’.

It is that wish that inspired me to include it in the tagline of my book cover: How would you bring peace and prosperity to Earth? After all, one would hope that we’ve given those terms some thought and maybe even delved into a more in-depth meditation about their meaning and impact both on ourselves and others, whether it be our close relationships or humanity itself.

In this blog I shall limit my reflection of these terms to mankind. Humans have a very few very specialized characteristics that set them apart, very much apart from all other creatures on Earth. I’d name three: Mind, Hands and Voice.

With regard to our end of the year wishes I’ll limit this blog only to Mind and Hands

Man’s Mind

Most multicellular organisms have a brain… but not all, like sponges and jellyfish, have neurons to coordinate their activities, they have no ‘cavity’ dedicated to a ‘central control system’. All such creatures have more advanced brains and capacities. Animals of all types have much more sophisticated ‘central nervous systems’, some even bigger that mankind, but none has the complexity, capacity and sophistication man has.

My book ‘Inventory of the Universe’ devotes a number of chapters to the issue of animals and mankind, their brains and capacities. that’s why for this blog I’m using the term MIND to differentiate this unique capacity of man.

Mankind can acquire culture, knowledge, wisdom, and experience. He can educate himself, create, change and develop a life plan. His mind is far superior to animals. In spite of the image above having the hands in the shape of a brain, I draw your attention to the mind, that particularity that sets man apart from and above animals. To put it another way:

You can not wish an animal: A peaceful and a prosperous 2015

An animal has no control over its peacefulness nor its prosperity. In fact we humans have much more control over the peace and prosperity of animals than they’ll ever have.

I believe we’d all agree that peace is a matter of the mind. But what about prosperity? Well, first and foremost that too is a matter of the mind. Two people can have the same amount of money or possessions and one can be thankful and satisfied with his/her riches while the second can be bitter and unsatisfied. It’s a matter of mindset.

Man’s Hands

The areas where mankind excels is his brain and his mind, This is his number one trump card although sometimes we wonder about this! We associate thought, reason, emotion, and creativity with these aptitudes. Along with this, man has manipulative dexterity. He uses his hands to essentially formulate and fabricate whatever he imagines.

Animals have intelligence and emotions, it is undeniable, but it is not realistic to think that it is anything equivalent to a man’s intelligence when coupled with his hands to flesh out his ideas. The magnitude of this combination of man’s brain and body is unimaginable. Who would have ever thought a 3D printer was possible? Yet man invented it. Man’s inventive mind coupled with what his hands can produce is an unbeatable combination.

Hands can draw and paint, they manufacture both good and evil items, they feel the softness of skin and the prick of a needle, they care for and can hurt others, they nurture a vegetable patch and can plant a minefield, they can pet animals and torture humans,

Man alone can think up and image the most elaborate plans like spacecraft that leave our own galaxy and only man’s hands have the craftsmanship capabilities to turn their ideas into reality.

You can wish mankind: A peaceful and a prosperous 2015

And so, I wish you all a peace and prosperous 2015, and may our minds and hands accomplish everything positive that we could hope for in the upcoming year.

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