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  The Explanation with Sam Kneller is so Provocative. Can someone please put science, philosophy, religion, history, education, health, and literature into genuine perspective? What's the coherent relationship between all these fields? The Explanation with Sam...

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Mystery solved. Genesis 1-3 reveals real answers to the big question. The Bible is relevant to the 21st century.

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Energy, the Astounding Origin of Our Material World

Energy, the Astounding Origin of Our Material World

Energy spheres are the source of our material world. Our solid physical foundation isn't solid at all. Its composition is so tiny, that it will always be invisible. How real are the spiritual and physical realms to you? Do you believe the physical world comes from the...

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For Bible readers, when it comes to deepening your understanding often conflicting viewpoints are being taught. There can be many challenges.

I’m conducting a survey about Bible readers for my upcoming Bible study Masterclass.

Your feedback will make an important contribution to this topic and I’ll be sharing the top challenges and solution with you once the survey is completed.

The survey takes less than 3 minutes and you can get started now by going to this link.