The Story of 2 words: Naked and Subtle, Translated from 1 Biblical Hebrew Word

Amazing… while studying Genesis 2:25 and 3:1, I noticed that naked and subtle translate from the SAME Biblical Hebrew Word. You cannot see this in your native language translation. Discover how to unlock the eye-opening meaning for us today.

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Amazing… while studying Genesis 2:25 and 3:1, I noticed that naked and subtle translate from the SAME Biblical Hebrew Word.

Amazing ... while studying Genesis 2.25 and 3.1 I noticed that 'naked' and 'subtil' (KJV spelling) are translated from the SAME Biblical Hebrew Word.

Amazing … while studying Genesis 2.25 and 3.1 I noticed that ‘naked’ and ‘subtil’ (KJV spelling) come from the SAME Biblical Hebrew Word.

That study, some 30 years, lead to what you’re reading now—this new Bible Study Method and the many studies you’ll be able to follow here. Here’s a brief presentation.

If you’re not familiar with Biblical Hebrew, then I suggest Unlock Bible Meaning with 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew 

You can jump right into this short course and follow with no problem. You’ll learn the story behind naked and subtle, their deeper meaning.

Summary of One Biblical Hebrew Word (aram) = 2 English Translations (naked, subtle).

  • One Hebrew word can have opposite meanings.
  • Summary and more on nakedness and ashamed in Gen 2:25.
  • Naked, the positive and negative implications.
  • Positive and negative nakedness associated with clean and dirty clothes.
  • Ashamed, other Biblical Hebrew meanings.
  • The results of positive/negative nakedness are the presence or absence of shame and …


  • I learned a lot about using a concordance in this course. The instructor was interesting to listen to and obviously knew his topic.    Theresa K.
  • it was very easy to follow, very informative, and very methodical.    Gloria S.
  • It is something i have been searching for, a way to get past the translations and get to the deeper meaning of God’s word.    Sheli C.
  • I have long suspected that the Adam and Eve story had a much deeper meaning. This course shows that what I suspected was true. An interesting way to look at the story. I am glad I took this course.    Joseph W.

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I was born in London and have lived around the world in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Israel and Belgium with the last 35 years in France. I spent 25 years in the Christian Ministry in Canada and France. Following this, I taught webmastering and carried out technical writing. In 1998 I started, a successful site for travel and tourism in France, and am now occupied with webmastering, studying, teaching, speaking and writing. From my sheltered life at the age of 17 I went to the Middle East to continue my schooling and was immersed in a ‘world and mind opening experience’, living in Israel, learning Hebrew and reading Time magazine cover to cover. following that, at 19 I moved to Belgium to be plunged into Europe, French and the diamond industry. At 23, in a quest for understanding, I gave up a life of affluence and moved to the UK to resume my college education. I've always had an interest in how things, anything and everything, work. I remember standing for hours watching construction sites, fascinated by the equipment and the building process. This lead me to the fields of mathematics and physics and later my inquisitive mind ended up posing questions about life itself. My personal life voyage has taken me places I never dreamed of and my writing journey will take you on an investigative adventure into unchartered territory beckoning to be discovered. Lately I’ve been thinking about some of the circumstances that have come together in my life to end up in this book. My father was the renegade who, with the trade of furrier, left the home cocoon in Lancut, Poland for a worldwide experience. He had talent. Make a coat with one less skin than other furriers and an eye for color matching so it appeared that the coat was the same color all the way around. From upper class London to army Generals in Manchuria, Dad exercised his profession anywhere and everywhere. He ended up spending time in Western Europe and wound up settling, more or less, in the UK where he met my mother, who was of Javanese descent, and soon after I came on the scene. Past experiences were undoubtedly not good memories for my parents for they never shared any of them with me. I have a very vague recollection of meeting my grandmother on my mother’s side once. And then from London where I was born we whisked off to South Africa on one of those Castle line ‘one class’ vessels that I really got to appreciate, except for the Neptune ceremony when crossing the equator. Maybe one of the ‘scared weakling kid’ characteristics along with an episode where one of my ‘friends’ bullied me and I fell in the rose bushes, that prompted Mom to have me take up boxing lessons! I don’t know exactly what effect that had on me, just to say that I’m a complex mixture of shy away from conflict, don’t get involved and being sort of a loner and standing up for my convictions even to the point of making people ‘eat it’… which is one of the key points I asked my ‘editor’ to soften in the book. ... Hang in there, there's more coming.

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