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Two major poles dominate the world’s political ‘fighting ring’ today. They’re in a head-to-head clash. One has the upper position, what will be the outcome?

Conservation locks arms with Economy in a gigantic battle. The outcome will affect the fate of planet Earth

Conservation locks arms with Economy in a gigantic battle. The outcome will affect the fate of planet Earth (Image credit: WWF)

In the right corner we have conservation, everything to do with the natural resources available on the face of Earth, including the air above, the land and crust we walk on and extract materials from and the water beneath, be it fresh or salt water.

In the left corner we have economy, everything to do with assigning ‘value’, generally monetary, to the above conservation factors. Air, land and water and all they produce in any and all forms have a ‘price’ and are negotiable… whether we like it or not. Some would like to see ‘money’ disappear, but even in a bartering system, all these commodities take on a ‘value’ one in relation to the other.

When we look at each corner: conservation and economy I think we realize that both are necessary. We’d all agree with ‘equitable resource governance’… probably less so with ‘redirect financial flows’. I’m not calling into question this graph’s validity to the contrary. I’m focusing on the vocabulary to describe the two corners.

1. ‘Financial Flows’ and ‘Resources’ adequately describe ‘economy’ and ‘conservation’ in a wider sense of these terms, and I think we’d basically agree on that.

2. I think we’d have a consensus on the one word in the conservation corner: equitable

3. Our difficulties would be with the words ‘redirect’ and ‘governance’.

– We’d agree that both are needed.

– But the heated discussion would be on how and where to ‘direct and govern’.

This is what the ‘debate’ is all about.


We could define ‘redirect‘ as: for another use, place or purpose… priorities, alter, modify, change
— We know that ‘change’ is hard.


Thesaurus uses these meaningful synonyms for Governance: administration, authority, bureaucracy, command, control, direction, domination, dominion, empire, execution, executive, guidance, influence, jurisdiction, law, ministry, patronage, political practice, politics, power, predominance.

When I read about governance, I thought ‘wow, these words pack a wallop of a punch‘ and I think we all agree that this is where the crux of the matter lies.

Governance is squarely associated with ‘mankind’ and his approach, whether it be individually, collectively, on a community, national or international level. This is where and by whom the discordance is.

The real question is: How can humankind ‘govern’ both the economy and conservation equitably?

The role of The Explanation is not to detail what’s happening on Earth. Many organizations, of which WWF is one of the best, edit extremely well documents scientific reports supported by sophisticated research and reporting networks about conservation. The above graphic comes from WWF’s 2014 Living Planet Report.

This blog is part of The Explanation book series. At this point in time, this blog post is here to:

  • Inventory (the content of Book 1) and
  • Audit (the content of Book 2) our Planet

I’m painting an overall picture of our Universe and the Pros and Cons in Audit. This blog post focuses on one aspect of this Audit.

Left corner: economy

Here’s an excerpt from an interesting petition that’s circulating that I encourage you to take a look at. It’s in the UK and deals directly with the actors of the economy:

At the moment, tucked away in the depths of the Companies Act 2006, is a tiny line reminding companies that, ‘amongst other matters’, they must ‘consider’ their impact on the community and the environment (s.172(1)(d)).

In practice, companies are not sufficiently concerned with this impact. Far from it.

Why? The law allows it.

Currently, under the present law, the number one concern for a company is to promote its own success. This trumps thoughts about its impact on the community and environment.

If you want to do something about this go to this page.

Right corner: Conservation

Here is the mission statement of the WWF, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, from their Living Planet 2014 report.

WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

The Explanation is here to better understand the ‘questions’ that need to be answered, especially the ‘why’s’. Remember, the fundamental question is: How can you bring peace and prosperity to Earth? As we see from this post, that P+P, as I shorten it, involves very powerful concepts associated with and implicated in ‘governance’.

It’s not only about HOW to have better direction, dominion, execution, executive, guidance… to use just a few words from the above list about conservation, it’s also about WHY this is happening the way it is, WHY there’s a lot of talk and not so much action, at least at this point… Why this clash? Why it’s not just one ring with a right and left corner but actually a multitude of various ‘corners’ each bringing its arguments and viewpoints to the center of the ring. That’s why there’s such cacophony.

The Explanation will openly and candidly broach those subjects as we move further into this subject. Keep in touch, join the mailing list in the right column, Total privacy, no obligations.


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