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To govern conjures up many images in your mind. In fact, I have a hunch that those images could very well be negative and you’re wondering if you should continue reading this blog post. Well, you should.

Government is far from just 'parlement'. Government has to do with 'governing', how each of us 'governs' ourselves and our responsibilities.

Government is far from just ‘parliament’. The government has to do with ‘governing’, how each of us ‘governs’ him or herself and our responsibilities. (Image credit)

Yesterday I listened to a Hangout on Air with Carrie Roldan and Kathleen Hennessy about the subject of Punishment and Praise related to children and this morning I was looking over sections of Audit of the Universe, book 2 of The Explanation series that still have to be written and I came to this entire section which I’ve temporarily entitled ‘How Man Works/functions – Role of Man’s characteristics to reach Peace and Prosperity’. As you know, the theme of the entire series is ‘How would you bring Peace and Prosperity to Earth?

I got to thinking that ‘Punishment and Praise’ is one aspect of how to raise children, and ‘raising children’ is just one aspect of ‘governing’ in general. In fact, we are all ‘governors’ with the ability to govern: from oneself to those around us to those beyond us.

When you really think about it, that’s all we do: ‘we govern’ > our time, our space, our minds, our bodies, our environment, including everything, including people associated with ‘me’. We all have a ‘me circle’, it’s just that some have a bigger ‘me circle’ than others, like the President of the USA, whose circle is the entire USA and his ‘me circle’ even tips over into the rest of the world.

What is your goal for your ‘me circle’?

To bring to it peace and prosperity in the widest sense of the term.

With regard to The Explanation, this is both the most basic and most vital point to grasp:

Of everything on Earth, ONLY man is responsible for Peace and Prosperity and that involves ultimate ‘government of my “me circle”.’

The first two books Inventory and Audit of the Universe are really to help you ‘step back’ and take a look at your ‘me circle’ in all its wonderment and complexity. This involves real questions about real governmental situations we face each and every day: Should we punish our children? How do I punish my children? How do I praise my children? How do I punish AND praise my children?

Most governments are divided in opinions, likewise with the government of our children. Talk to five people and you’ll get five ‘solutions’, you know what I mean. Plus, each of the five will argue in favor of ‘their solution’ each considering they have ‘THE’ answer as to how to govern children. I’m somewhat exaggerating here, to drive a point home. But we’ve all been in heated discussions defending our point of view, not so? It’s identical with ALL aspects of governing my ‘me circle’ from my child’s classroom to the sport’s team to her chess group or to his woodworking lesson and each considers their ‘governmental approach’ the answer.

The Explanation is not here to condemn one way as opposed to another. We’re here doing an Audit of Earth and the Universe, bringing to the surface what the real issues are. Who would’ve thought that the fundamental issue of how we deal with ourselves and other comes down to one concept ‘government’? The Explanation points out that there are MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS and asks the question ‘WHICH ONE WILL WORK’?

After all, there must be some way to peace and prosperity otherwise, man doesn’t have a hope. And we can say there is a way and that future blog posts and volume 3, ‘Origins of the Universe’ will elucidate that way.

Making a decision as to how we govern ourselves and others

Making a decision automatically involves at least two or more ‘options’. For instance: choosing a profession. Choosing an object to purchase, a lodging to rent or buy, a vacation to take or not to take and where to take it.

On a very personal, self-governing level: who to marry, sex before or after marriage, my personal approach to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes etc. There are 1000s of decisions: when to go to bed, how much TV to watch, which programs, and even deeper, what do I believe? What do I think about? What and why do I prefer such-and-such?

EACH decision has ‘pros and cons’… WHERE do they come from? What’s their basis?: parents, society, civil or religious laws, customs, teachings, my ideas…

Do you see how all this has to do with firstly, governing yourself for peace and prosperity and secondly, participating in the government of those with whom you interplay and have some sort of responsibility for?

There are numerous other major points that have to be taken into consideration when we bring government down to a personal level: environment, race, geographical location (people of the same race or nationality are ‘different’ depending on where they grow up. A person who is of Mexican origin who is born and grows up in the USA or Europe can be looked upon and even feel like a ‘stranger’ in his native country… and, in fact, what is his ‘native country’? Yes, these are all complex questions that deal with self-government), language, education, our milieu etc. etc. make all of us soooooooo diverse that it’s any wonder we can ‘get along’!

Peace and prosperity become all the more difficult to establish even in an INDIVIDUAL who knows less and less about his/her identity (displaced because of globalization, (influenced by ‘world music, culture’ in a ‘local cultural setting’ how do you harmonize the two? What am I? Such an individual is already a ‘mixture’ compared to his parents, there’s a generation gap). What about in a COUPLE?! how can we expect to have peace and prosperity in a neighborhood, city, state, nation…

These are the real issues our generation is facing. These are the governmental questions we have to resolve if we hope to reach real peace and prosperity.

By now you realize that I’ve given a whole new and different concept to the word ‘government’. The image accompanying this blog sums it up.

This post is part of the Audit section of The Explanation. The governmental solution of The Explanation exists. Sorry I have to keep you in suspense, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and solving such complex governmental issues is going to take big measures that won’t come easily.

But they will come. Join the no obligation mailing list to continue the journey.

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