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Chemical life starts with 5 basic elements that end up as 100 trillion cells in the body.

Chemical life includes starts with basic elements > amino acids > proteins > DNA...

Chemical Life is a never ending (until death) virtuous circle of multiple processes including these four steps.

These five elements, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus are from Space… we are ‘space creatures’.

For instance, nitrogen = .1% of mass in Universe, = 78% in atmosphere, = 3% of weight in our bodies. Nothing living can directly ‘assimilate’ nitrogen. Hence the need for plants and the nitrogen fixation process which first transforms nitrogen into ammonia, which they can then ‘digest’, and which, we subsequently ‘digest’. Nitrogen is an integral part of DNA, the map or recipe or blueprint of life.

I don’t have the space in this blog to go into details, but I examine these subjects more closely, in layman’s language, in The Explanation. You can begin to see why the first book is called ‘Inventory of the Universe’: without Space, Atmosphere, Water, Land, Flora, there would be NO LIFE.

For now, via the five elements to DNA cycle comes every single one of those 100 trillion cells, especially Amino acids and Proteins, which are key building blocks. In a very simplistic way this is the virtuous circle of chemical life: 5 elements > 20/100 Amino Acids > 500 / 1 000 000 proteins > DNA.

We don’t know exactly how many Amino Acids or Proteins there really are in the makeup of our bodies, nor exactly how many are used for what purpose. The above are estimates. You’ll notice that in this circle (in the above image) IF you start with the FIVE elements and follow the circular path it gets more complex as you proceed but after the most complex, DNA, it immediately leads back to the simplest, the FIVE elements.

In fact, that’s exactly what is happening in your body. In a nutshell, schematically, that’s what ‘digestion’ is: breaking down the food and water we intake. We might not think about digestion this way but, through multiple processes, your body is taking apart, breaking down, metabolizing your food into molecules and atoms then rebuilding, synthesizing those basic elements into DNA via the amino acids and proteins.

Allow me to repeat, this is a VERY simplistic representation of ‘life’. The point of this very short expose is to explain what chemical life is: a virtuous, never ending, never stopping circle.

You cannot ‘start in the middle’ anywhere in the circle, go a certain distance then ‘end somewhere in the circle’ and say ‘this is life’. Life is the entire circle, A to Z, so to speak, and when it gets to ‘Z’ it continues on to ‘A’ with no break, no stop, no outside intervention.

The number of intermediary processes is phenomenal. But that’s another story, blog, book.

That’s LIFE!

The first book in the Explanation series entitled ‘Inventory of the Universe’ has an exciting eye opening chapter devoted to the amazing life processes with some very up-to-date revealing scientific discoveries. Learn the latest information about life and find out how it adds even more complexities to the equation of ‘life’.  Join me, sign up in the right column, get notified and stay in the know.

If anything is unclear, or if you have questions or would like further details, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below.


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