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The Human Species has incredible potential. Add the ingredients of Science, Art and Emotion together, stir in some experience and skill and you can come up with a marvel.

The human species with Gregoire Blanc playing My Way on a Theremin

The human species on the TV program The Cover with Gregoire Blanc playing My Way on a Theremin (image credit)

An incredible performance by the human species. Last night, Wednesday, 15 October 2014, I went to a live presentation of the TV show ‘The Cover’ by D8 at the Pavillon Baltard, just outside Paris. The Pavillon Baltard is one of the twelve original building built in the center of Paris in 1950 to facilitate commerce.  The architect Baltard built them using iron and glass. This one was dubbed a historical monument in 1982 and now serves as a concert hall.

The concept of this new TV show in France, where they love English names, is to find a new version of an old song. Twelve talented individuals or groups battled it out for the top spot.

I’m not going to present the winner. In fact, this young man was eliminated immediately by the public, even though the panel chose him as the most original.

In the Inventory of the Universe, my 1st book of The Explanation series, I end up focusing on the human species. The simple reason is that mankind, and I hasten to add, only mankind, brings together three or four unique concepts and combines them in millions, even billions of ways to produce masterpieces that open each of us to the realization that there’s a potential ‘right here, right now’ that we really haven’t tapped into fully.

It’s ‘something’ that’s bigger than us. You can call it whatever you want, but when we see it ‘come together’ and express itself, it transcends us, and for a moment we’re ‘transported, transformed, elated…’

Such a moment happened on ‘The Cover’. You have to immerse yourself in it to comprehend it. I can’t reproduce it here in this post. All I can do is give The Explanation as to what I saw happening.

Take a look for yourself (there might be some publicity to practice your French when it starts):

Grégoire Blanc playing the theremin

If the above video is not available in your country, click here to see a similar presentation but done privately

Here are some ingredients that made this performance indelible:

  • Youth
    A 17-year-old brilliant and talented, multi-faceted young man.
  • Education – Science
    He’s already graduated from ‘European’ Secondary (where standards are higher than in N. America) and is in his 2nd year of preparation for an Elite School of Engineering.
  • A highly technical instrument
    An electronic musical instrument invented in 1928 and named after its Russian inventor, Theremin. It is controlled without physical contact by two metal antennas that react to the position of the player’s hands which direct oscillators: one hand for frequency and the other for volume.
  • A consummate artist
    Gregoire has played the cello since the young age of 5. Along the way he’s also mastered the piano, trumpet, guitar and who knows what else.
  • Emotion
    An emotional individual desirous of sharing not just his talent and his music but his sensitivity and expression, which you can feel while listening to the accompanying video.

To sum it up in a few words: Youth + talent + know-how + science + electronics + art + emotion.

The marriage of all those elements made for one of those standing ovation moments during the show. The entire in-house audience knew they’d just witnessed a special moment.

Science + Art + Emotion

Those three ingredients can be combined in umpteen ways. Then add other ingredients like talent and a knowledge of different fields and fire it all up with the new vision of youthful imagination. What miraculous marvels this can make for.

Oh that the human species could channel such ingenuity into pathways for the benefit of all of us.

Man’s creativity and inventiveness seem to be limitless. Couple that with learned, developed skill and experience and you’ve got a concoction to do amazing things, undertake remarkable works and accomplish surprising marvels.

Will man do just that?
He certainly has the potential.

The Explanation will continue to focus on the merits of the human species and lead you into comprehension of where he’s headed with his talent. Join the mailing list and be notified of future posts as look for answers to the question: How would you bring peace and prosperity to Earth?

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