When a blind person walks down the street, they swing their white cane gently tapping the ground to identify the type of terrain, its levelness and if there are obstacles.

Wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans continue to break personal records and show fans and friends amazing feats. The Blind have a perception the seeing don't possess.

Wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans continue to break personal records and show fans and friends amazing feats. The Blind have a perception the seeing don’t possess.

They know exactly where they’re walking and what’s on their left and right.

Their sense of hearing and smell are at a high pitch so they can pick up the minutest indications, that’s the bakery on the left, and now there’s a vendor selling chestnuts, that’s a Honda motorcycle that just went by… and he sure is traveling fast, that parked car just got here because the heat coming off the engine is fierce.
(Origin Preface 1)

You and I with 20/20 vision or at least with good visibility, by comparison, jaunt along and don’t notice a thing, it’s the same old routine getting to the station or work each day. In fact some days you get there and you can’t even remember HOW you got there! You don’t even remember the stop light or turning… you’re totally oblivious, you just do it out of sheer habit… without even thinking.

Who’s blind?

We lead our lives like that too, we listen but we don’t hear, we see but we don’t grasp, we smell but we don’t savor, we taste but we don’t flavor, we touch but we don’t feel.

Inventory of the Universe

Inventory of the Universe, the first book of The Explanation series revealed what is to our left and right. It awakened us to the intricacies of our Universe, the vastness of outer space and the minuteness of fundamental particles. It made us aware of the interplay between space, atmosphere, water and land, the inanimate aspect of those visible and invisible objects, waves and particles around us.

It focused us on the animate world of flora, fauna and man with their multi-functioning processes of life to generate, maintain and reproduce themselves. It zeroed in on the brain and especially the mind of man to reveal its complexity in running the most sophisticated of computers, the human brain for us to have the incredible mental and intellectual capacities we possess. Porpoises can’t play poker, man can.

Inventory gave us insight and brought home all those daily objects around us we’ve always taken for granted. It awakened our senses to really hear, grasp, savor, flavor and feel the beating of our environment. It roused us to different terrains under our feet, it stirred us up to the throbbing in our neighborhood, country and beyond…

Inventory of the Universe is our white cane to tap around and make us aware of really what we’re surrounded by. Only then will our eyes begin to be opened… and we’ll start to see where we’re going and where this world is going.

The seeing person is lost, the blind person knows where they are.

The ‘supposedly’ blind person actually ‘sees’ more and is more sensitive than the 20/20 person.

Inventory of the Universe is devoted to taking stock of ALL things physical and non-physical, visible and invisible that man could investigate with regard to his small and large environment. This investigation into space, atmosphere, water, and land has and is still pushing man into the confines of the smallest of particles and the outer limits of space to the edge of the Universe.

When it comes to the animate: flora, fauna, life and mankind itself, man is now pushing hard at the last frontier: his own brain and mind. Man has reached into his very own thoughts, perceptions, conscious and unconscious depths. There is no doubt that more outstanding discoveries are on the horizon.

The minuteness and immensity of sizes and shapes of sheer matter on earth and in space defy the imagination. I compared it to a puzzle with intricate pieces that fit together precisely and perfectly, with each piece in its one and only position. They may seem to fight against each other but are really working together in a fine-tuned equilibrium that allows humanity here on Earth to exist and, one would wish, thrive.

Inventory of the Universe turned over all the pieces of the puzzle, taking you on a whirlwind tour of our universe from Big Bang to the mind of Man.

This post is an excerpt from Preface 1 of Origin of the Universe.

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