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Take Inventory – The Game sweeping the world of the Curiou

Take Inventory—The Game. The Cosmic ‘Crossconcept’ Challenge  (instead of crosswords). Nourish your neurons with thought-provoking discoveries.

Take Inventory: It’s cosmic, it’s mysterious, it’s a game, it’s free

  • Play Take Inventory anywhere, anytime, anybody, any age, any language, any culture
  • No equipment, no cost, just a pencil and paper. Ready to play in no-time.

Based on the timely message from the book Inventory of the Universe

Now comes the game: Take Inventory

The Idea:

  • Assembling an infinite number of puzzle pieces… perfectly
  • Everything in the Universe affects everything else in the Universe …
  • The Game, Take Inventory, helps you discover and grasp these connections—crossconcepts
  • Spotlight combinations and correlations around you, on Earth and in the Universe
  • Connect the dots … of the Universe … two by two, three by three … six by six …

The answers reveal the interrelationship, associations, liaison, link, or tie-in between the elements of our Universe, the vast home we share.

What’s the Point?

We are fed so much data, so many dots, so many isolated elements that we’re drowning in these waves of information. Yet we’re in the shallow end of comprehension.

ALL this data is connected. Understanding that connection gives us awareness and discernment.
Comprehending the effects of interwoven elements transforms us into better decision-makers.


Subjects and elements used depend on age of participants.


What’s the connection between… Dad, Mom, Johnny, Tommy, Sally, Molly… meals, toys, bedtime, school, play, homework… You can stay general or use more specific elements: building blocks, knife, colors, drawer…

Group, Classroom adults:

What’s the connection between… boys, girls, children, teens, adults, sex, pornography, alcoholism… guns… violence… bullying or whatever subjects you choose.

Select elements around or across themes: Go green, Go Earth, Go cosmic, Go Universe…

News events:

  • Issues in the USA election: this makes for clarification. (such as: men, women, children, health, education, natural resources, earth, air…).
  • Unemployment (jobs, salaries, families, education…).
  • Olympics (training, time-management, health, drugs…)

How to set up Take Inventory:

Take Inventory - The Game 2x2 grid for the elements: sun, skin

Take Inventory – The Game grid 2×2 for the elements: sun, skin

How does the sun affect skin?
Even, how does skin affect the sun?

Write down 2-6 elements/details/ideas/subjects (like: sun, skin, water…)… of an overall concept.

Horizontal = lines 1-3…                              Vertical = columns A-C…

Take Inventory - The Game grid 3x3 with references to the various cells/squares

Take Inventory – The Game grid 3×3 with references to the various cells/squares

Draw a grid: 2×2, 3×3… easy for kids… more complex and time-consuming games have more lines and columns: 4×4, 5×5,

Then individually or collectively brainstorm, research etc and give your suggested answers for the connections between the various items chosen (there can be many) for A2, B3, C1…

Below the grid write A2 on the 1st line, A3 on the 2nd line, B1 on the 3rd line etc… that way you can write down your answers as you find them. Just like a crossword puzzle, you don’t have to work in any given order. The idea is to fill out the entire grid.

Do it at the beach with the kids: What’s the relationship between the Sun and their skin?

How does the sun affect skin? (absorbs warmth, changes color, burns, dose of vitamin D…) How does skin affect the sun? (reflects light, absorbs certain rays (photons) which reveal its color…)

Adolescents, adults will answer at their level. You’ll be surprised by the thoughts and imagination.

With age, intelligence etc Take Inventory can be as simple or as challenging and complex as you want:

Full Mystery of the Cosmos / Universe: 9×9

Space, Atmosphere, Water, Land, Plants, Life, Animals, Humans, Brain-Mind.

How does Space affect: Atmosphere? Water? Land? Plants? Animals? Life? Body? Brain-Mind?
The following table with the 9 key components of the Universe are the essence of the book Inventory of the Universe. The goal of which is to reveal how these keys are interdependent forming a well devised, fully integrated picture puzzle.

Take Inventory - The Game -9x9 grid for the chapter headings of the book Inventory of the Universe to find connections between the various elements.

Take Inventory – The Game – 9×9 grid for the chapter headings of the book Inventory of the Universe to find connections between the various elements.

You can challenge students, each other, to more and more detailed relationships.

The mystery of an even more complex Cosmos: use 10×10, 15×15… grids or more and more detailed elements, or more unrelated themes:

  • Magnetosphere, water cycle, earthworms, bees…
  • Historical events: Battle of Verdun / Vietnam… land (bombardment), mind (of soldiers)
  • Mundane news events when they happen (around the dinner table): pollution, TV, elections, heroic acts…

Mystery of the limitless Cosmos: 100×100 … the sky’s the limit.

  • Cell nucleus, centrioles, spindles, pores…  the simplicity or complexity is endless.

All the way to complex and detailed curiosity:

  • How do gamma rays (space) affect: magnetosphere (space)? Phytoplankton (water)? Earthworms (land)? Pistils (plants)? Polar Bears (animals)? Zygotes (life)? Muscles (body)? Glia (brain-mind)?

When scientists make a new discovery like: Higgs boson, gravitational waves or the latest elements added to the Periodic Table… Take Inventory… to see their relationship to other aspects of the Universe!


  • Enliven a lengthy drive on the way to the beach! Stimulate their and your minds
  • Play it anywhere. Nothing to buy, grab a piece of paper and a pencil and you’re ready to go
  • Draw a few straight lines (they don’t even have to be straight!), anyone can do it
  • Unlock your neurons
  • Launch your imagination
  • Stimulate ideas, think out of the box
  • Helps prepare essays, speeches, homework
  • Conversation starter
  • Cosmic awareness
  • Gives your personal Inventory of the Universe a boost
  • Expands your understanding and worldview. You’re not just a ‘parrot of isolated facts’
  • Intelligize your neurons, stimulate your mind, put your mind in 5th gear, accelerate your neurons, Dare to be smarter and wiser, dare to learn
  • This is ‘food for the mind’


  • Choose, who can choose the elements to compare today and prepare the grid?
  • Who can think of the most answers?
  • You can even add spice to Take Inventory by putting POSITIVE effects ABOVE the diagonal line of x’s and NEGATIVE effects BELOW the line of x’s. (This is actually Book 2: Audit of the Universe)
  • Make it a Challenge or a Competition
  • Have them work in teams… to help and motivate each other
  • Let participants use internet
  • Let participants loose in the local library to use the catalogue, find books, do research
  • Limit the game by time etc.

Ready to start?

Prepare 2-4 elements to connect then…

1,2,3… Let’s Take Inventory!

The will help you with the following:

  • We’ll publish your grid and answers in the member area we’re setting up.
  • We’ll give you credit with a link to your site.
  • We’re looking for volunteers to help publish these games, ideas on how to develop it.

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