Violence in Ferguson, Missouri. November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Metro incidents in Cairo…

Violence can break out anywhere... in the home, on the streets, in the battlefield

Violence can break out anywhere… in the home, on the streets, in the battlefield… (photo credit)

In preparation for today’s blog post, as usual, I did a little research. I’d heard about the above events of last night and today and said to myself, “it’s not possible that there be news for ‘violence’ followed by every single letter of the alphabet’. To my amazement I was wrong.

This blog is short and bitter. Here’s just a partial list of those news items.

As you know The Explanation blog does not take sides. I try to bring phenomena of society to the surface for deeper analysis. To try and ask the deeper questions. I heard a quote from a lady who had spent 22 years in prostitution and gone through probably every type of harassment and violence possible. She said, “men can’t control their impulses’, and added it was mostly married men. Obviously this is a general statement from her perspective. But how widespread are these phenomena, even at a lesser level?

At the same time in France, a westernized, civilized, more well-off society a woman is beaten to death every three days within a family context.

Enough statistics. Here’s the list associated with violence:

Violence against women
Violence awareness week

Violence begets
Violence band

Violence current event
Violence clipart

Violence does solve problems (yes, it’s there, I didn’t make it up)
Violence domestic

Violence enough is enough lyrics
Violence epigenetics (Can violence be excused because of this concept?)

Violence from video games
Violence free zone

Violence gif
Violence goes to college

Violence hotline
Violence has always been around

Violence intervention program
Violence in the media

Violence jokes
Violence justified by religion

Violence killer
Violence kings

Violence linked to video games
Violence legal definition

Violence movies
Violence mental illness

Violence news
Violence nonviolence

Violence on college campuses
Violence of the mind

Violence policy center
Violence prevention and child abuse workshop

Violence questions for discussion
Violence quotes

Violence risk assessment
Violence rates

Violence stats
Violence solves everything

Violence today
Violence the enduring problem

Violence unveiled humanity at the crossroads
Violence under the influence of alcohol

Violence video games
Violence vanquished

Violence workshop
Violence within us

Violence xbox games
Violence x

Violence Youtube
Violence youth

Violence Zimbabwe
Violence Zero Tolerance Policy

And the deeper questions:

  • Why can’t some men and some women control their impulses?
  • Where do these pulsions originate?
  • Are we born with these excesses and drives?
  • Does everyone have pulsions towards violence or similar negative conduct?
  • Does childrearing have anything to do with self-control-agitation, dignity-rashness?

These are the behind the scene questions we should ponder. It’s only when we get to the crux of an issue when we bare the puzzle pieces, that we can begin to look for how to fit all the pieces together to get a real picture, a fuller worldview. Then we can begin to understand why humans are the way they are and what they’re doing not only on but with this planet Earth.

Your comments are welcome. Stay with me as we delve deeper and deeper into humankind, men, women, children, their hearts and their minds.

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