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Following Paris Terrorism Francois Hollande called for national solidarity and France rallied around its President. But what pathways are to be followed for a national and international awakening and reconciliation?

Paris Terrorist Attack, What Now?

Paris Terrorist Attack, What Now? (photo credit)

A few days after the Paris terrorism nightmare in France, 3.7 million citizens of all races and religions walked peacefully, side by side, in the solemnity of the occasion. 1.7 million alone in Paris where never such a crowd has gathered since freeing the country at the end of WWII.

At the head of the Paris terrorism march, more than 50 foreign leaders from Europe, the Middle East and Africa linked arms around President François Hollande. Not only national but the international community was present  with German chancellor Angela Merkel, British prime minister David Cameron, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Italy’s Matteo Renzi, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Queen Rania were at the rally. Ambassador to France, Jane Hartley, represented the United States at the rally.

This Paris terrorism march brought together Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. Dalil Boubakeur, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris and president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith along with Arab League representatives and some Muslim African leaders as well as Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu attended.

But the point is, once the initial horror has passed, once the realization of the inexistence of immunity to Paris terrorism has passed, once ten thousand more military have been deployed around the country and the stigmates of any damage repaired… where do we go from here?

Following the Paris terrorism, there’s more talk of the Jewish community emigrating to Israel, indeed the French, with 6000 immigrants in 2014 represented the largest national group to move to Israel. There were over 50 anti-Muslim incidents including shooting, threats and degradation, across France as a result of the recent events.

Charlie Hebdo plans to distribute 3 million copies of its next number, which will undoubtedly become a collector edition. On its cover, it will print a picture of Mohammed. It will continue its satirical approach unchanged. In fact, its lawyer, in an interview stated… “…we mock ourselves, politicians, religions, it’s a state of mind you need to have. The Charlie state of mind is the right to blaspheme.”

In another interview of adolescents one Moslem said, if they want more calm, then this disrespect for religion must stop. Their freedom must stop where my freedom begins.

Now what?

With this opposition of points of view, how are we going to reconcile this collision course concepts? Remember, The Explanation doesn’t take side, I’m here to point out the problems in an Audit of the Universe. ‘Now what’ has become the theme of a national radio station with listeners encouraged to call in and give their points of view. In the future,

The Explanation will give you the solution, but there are many, many questions that are not being elucidated and need to be brought to the surface. Like: What do you do when blasphemy ≠ freedom of religion? Like: when France promotes ‘secularism (laïcité) which is the view that governmental institutions should be separate from religious considerations. Yet we just had a court case, prior to Xmas, regarding a municipality installing a manger scene in a Town Hall. The case was shunted off because the court declared itself incompetent. Such are the contradictions we face.

Below are a number of solutions offered to solve the terrorism crisis we now find ourselves in. What do you think of this? Please comment below the article.

General solutions:

  • We shouldn’t listen to those who play with our fears.
  • We refuse the ‘security’ response. No drift into ultra security measures.
  • We are not afraid; we speak and we trust others.
  • Too many politicians give the same bland answers.
  • The fact that speaking of love and hope is considered stupid, weak or cutesy – isn’t that scary?
  • Ask Muslim authorities for a list of its imams so as to exclude false and radical ones.

Work on an Individual’s Approach:

  • We put our religious, national and community sensitivities aside.
  • We’ve had enough of insults and provocation, whether online or in the street. Let’s be more gentlemanly.
  • Let’s start by exercising one of our fundamental rights of citizens: the right to vote?
  • We renounce a few ‘little freedoms’ to keep real FREEDOM and find real PEACE.

Laws and definitions

  • Remove the term “integration” from the vocabulary of the media and rather talk about living together in mutual respect.
  • Remove the term “moderate Islam” from Media vocabulary. It is full of innuendos. Let’s speak solely of Islam.
  • Redefine the scope of freedom of expression with precision.
  • Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a family.
  • How can you justify continuing to monitor a suspect if he has been quite normal for months?
  • Fill the legal vacuum around the jihadists. How can they return from Syria or Iraq, etc without surveillance?

Internet Control:

  • Systematic closure of web pages and personal accounts of a dangerous or provocative nature.
  • We act to remove all the tweets on Twitter which advocate racism and anti-Semitism.
  • Take extremists on social networks more seriously.


  • We establish the possibility of offering a long qualitative civil service stint to our youth.
  • In the context of a compulsory civic service for all, involve the French more in the fight against terrorism.
  • If they have time to become radicalized in prison, it is because we have not had them work to make themselves useful to society.
  • We Invite radical groups to TV debates rip apart their arguments.
  • We advocate more democracy with drawings and words and not with drones.
  • Make every high school student subscribe to a general daily newspaper.
  • Offer a professional future to people, a job for everyone project is a positive dynamic. It gives perspectives.
  • We Inform and educate from an early age to learn tolerance, respect, equality, liberty and fraternity.
  • General education is in danger. Associations should be involved in prevention – we’re manufacturing unemployment.
  • Accelerate the renovation of the suburbs and stop letting millions of French live in these slums

As you can see, there are 1001 possible solutions for Paris terrorism. The solution(s) is not one only for terrorism… there are numerous problems all intertwined. What we have here is a problem with SOCIETY. A dilemma with people living together. This is a social crisis of quite a magnitude. And it is not just a French situation, it is a European and beyond situation. The terrorist Mehdi Nemmouche, who committed his act in the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium, was caught in Marseille, France and being telecommanded from outside of Europe. Borders in Europe are transparent. It’s a European, Middle East, African issue. Because of proximity, it’s all tied together.

To cut through to some major points. This depth of difficulty can only be solved with a strong hand, bottom down solution. It needs someone or something to give it the right direction. It needs a massive project to galvanize people on the inside of Europe as well as a complimentary project to handle the outside of Europe situation, where terrorism is being ultimately directed from.

Small solutions only prick the surface, big trouble demands bold initiatives. Playing around in a corner won’t clean up a house. Given a certain situation, someone will need to step up to the plate and attempt a home-run.

What Now?

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