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Inventory of the Universe Hashtags that corroborate The Explanation

Inventory of the Universe Hashtags consists of recent articles curated from various Media that expand details of the Explanation

Inventory of the Universe hashtags for the Explanation is a 'layered' puzzle with a multitude of pieces that fit intricately together

Inventory of the Universe is the first book of The Explanation which is a ‘layered’ puzzle with a multitude of pieces that fit intricately together to form Coherent Completeness.

Inventory of the universe hashtags include articles from National Geographic, Psychology Today, The Guardian, The New York Times, New Scientist… These articles are all relative to the ‘Coherent Completeness’ that The Explanation represents. They have been added to Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter and can be accessed by searching on any of the hashtags. For instance, a search on Facebook for ‘#InventorySpace’ will display all the relative curated articles.

These articles, written by experts in their respective fields also serve as references to enhance and corroborate the content of Inventory of the Universe. They add ‘meat to the bones’, give the details of the worldview or universeview I related in Inventory of the Universe. Every day media is filled with valid information that needs to be placed in an ‘overview matrix’. That is the goal of Inventory of the Universe Hashtags: To show how daily world findings by Science and Sociology, writings dealing with Earth and Life, fit into the full puzzle picture of Coherent Completeness.

You can peruse these news events, research and real-life stories which correspond to and amplify the content of Inventory of the Universe. You are welcome to add articles to your favorite social media site–with their related hashtags–to grow the press article library of pieces that fit together to create the full picture puzzle.

This is reality worldview, this is #CoherentCompleteness. This overall concept merits its own hashtag and is the driving force behind #theExplanation. This is making sense out of our world, a true worldview.

How Do Leaders Deal With Disruption? Make New Maps This is longish, but a must read. The focus is on having a #worldview or #framework to #understand how #information fits together. He calls it #mapmaking or #entanglement. His focus is business but map-making or structuring encyclopedic information–all data–is even more vital. Sounds preposterous? It is, because everything is entangled. But, I assure you, there is a thread that binds it all together. That’s what #theExplanation is all about. #CoherentCompleteness

The numbers below represent the chapters in each book (Inventory, Audit and Origin of the Universe) with their sub-topics.

Inventory of the Universe

 1 #InventorySpace #InventoryUniqueEarth

NASA’s dark-energy probe faces cost crisis One of the fundamental enigmas of #space along with dark matter. #Darkenergy occupies about 68% of the visible universe and dark matter another 27% for a total of 95% of undetected, hypothesized energy … for the time being. It is this energy that powers our expanding universe. The remaining 5% is what we call ‘matter’ that may be experienced in everyday life. The simplest way of expressing it is that this matter includes atoms of any sort. Experimental science is based on that 5% of measurable matter. #theExplanation #Inventoryspace

Planets in other star systems fit a puzzling pattern The mysteries of #outer #space and the #Universe. Can we really build #theories on the #spacecraft #Kepler’s limited observations? “That’s the question that keeps me and many other people up at night!” says #Weiss a scientist at the University of Montreal. It’s massive out there and puny #humankind has barely touched the surface. Are we in awe? #theExplanation #InventorySpace

Amazing Pictures From 20 Years Of Nonstop Robots On Mars There are places named Garden City and Gale Crater … they may sound exotic and certainly are beautiful images but with #sand #dunes and #craters being the main #landscape features would you really want to live on #Mars? #theExplanation #InventorySpace

Mars covered in toxic chemicals that can wipe out living organisms, tests reveal Honest news about #Mars and the reality of setting up a #community for #humankind on this inhospitable #planet. If humankind is alone in the #Universe why is it so? #theExplanation #InventorySpace

Sex, Death, and Pollination: How the Moon Changes Life on Earth Some of the most incredible examples of how #life uses #moonlight to survive and thrive. This is #chronobiology, #time and #biology working in total #synchronization in umpteen examples by #National #Geographic. The moon as a timepiece, incredible. #theExplanation #InventorySpace #InventoryEnvironment

Why antimatter might be the answer to life, the Universe and everything What are the #rules that help to bind the #Universe #together? Not just the physical rules–but also those that bind #life and #humans together? #theExplanation #InventorySpace. Inventory of the Universe hashtags. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

Stars Caught Wrinkling Spacetime? Get the Facts. The technical stuff is well beyond me and, probably, you. However the enormity of #stars, #neutrons and gravitational waves should help us realize our position in the #Universe. #Humankind is at the same time ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’. We are insignificant on a universal scale but so significant that we can #contemplate both the Universe and ourselves. Why is this so? #theExplanation #InventorySpace

Storm of Strange Radio Bursts Emerges From Deep Space What’s interesting about such stories is the magnitude of what we’re dealing with. #Hurricane #Irma is a match stick by comparison. One #scientist said about the Bursts: That’s a stupendous amount of #energy being emitted. Does #humanity realize how little it is, how miniscule it is in relation to #outerspace? Isn’t it time to think about it more profoundly? #theExplanation #InventorySpace

Jupiter’s stormy winds churn deep into the planet #Jupiter might be in our planetary system but it’s worlds away. There is absolutely no way #humanlife could hope to survive on that #planet. Through a #telescope or via pictures it looks solid but in fact it’s violent winds and storms that make our #hurricanes and #cyclones look like match sticks. Thank you #Earth. #theExplanation #InventorySpace. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.


Calls for greater fossil fuel divestment at anniversary of Paris climate deal There is no planet B screams the billboard. We spend billions looking for a #planet B … while we continue to ignore the real plight of planet A–our own #Earth. Why is it that Earth is so comfortable for #humanity–a hand in glove fit? Why is it that humanity has so little regard for its home? #theExplanation #InventoryUniqueEarth. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

2 #InventoryAtmosphere

Importance of the Earth’s Atmosphere Many layers protect Earth. Each layer has a specific purpose. All these layers permit humankind to survive and thrive on Earth. Amazing! Why? #theExplanation #InventoryAtmosphere

3 #InventoryWater

A Thriving Ecosystem Is Hiding Underneath Greenland’s Ice Caps Cold #waters are the second-most fruitful areas in the #world, after #coral #reefs. Why not warm waters? Amazing #life … amazing #questions. #theExplanation #InventoryWater. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

4 #InventoryLand

Earth’s Fiery Depths Filled with Brimstone Amazing Earth. A blazing furnace just a few kilometers below our feet. Yet we walk barefoot and plant and dig our hands in it. What makes land on Earth, at sea-level so possible and so pleasant? #theExplanation #InventoryLand #InventoryEarth. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

Thinking big by burning small burning brushland to promote growth … sounds contradictory … but it isn’t. The new grass is better appreciated by the animals who gather there to graze. Their dung in turn increases #fertility of the #land which is kept clean by the grazing. With this interconnection, the land, the #vegetation and the animals all profit. #Ecology is a win-win-win situation. #theExplanation #InventoryLand Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

5 #InventoryFlora

Ancient oak’s youthful #genome surprises #biologists New finds in #biology, #astronomy and other #sciences can be rather confounding. So many questions. #theExplanation #InventoryFlora

6 #InventoryFauna

Spider Catches Prey by Shooting Webs Other ways to use silk to catch your meal. Making a web and waiting for a catch is passive. The ground spider has a better way. It attacks and entangles its prey in silk. Why would it develop such a method? #theExplanation #InventoryFauna

Can #Animals Predict #Earthquakes? Italian Farm Acts as a Lab to Find Out Animals possess incredible characteristics. Where do they come from? #theExplanation #InventoryFauna

See a Caterpillar Transform Into a Butterfly Up Close Remarkable how nature turns an ‘ugly’ #caterpillar into a ‘beautiful’ #butterfly. #theExplanation #InventoryFauna

Rare Video Shows Mysterious, Worm-Like Legless Lizard Always amazed by new forms of #fauna. In spite of what we here, one wonders how and why the varieties and varieties of varieties arose. #theExplanation #InventoryFauna. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

Watch a Wildcat Attack a Parrot in Rare Video #Animals eat other animals. It’s all part of the chain of #life and the basic #equilibrium of #nature. Think about the relationship between #birds and #insects, #whales and #krill #theExplanation #InventoryFauna

Mysterious Amazon Animal Seen Alive for First Time in 80 Years Unique animals. Vanzolini saki monkeys lack the prehensile tails of other monkey species that allow them to easily swing through trees. Marsh describes the sakis as appearing more like cats, running on all four across thin branches. #theExplanation #InventoryFauna. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

Mysterious, Brain-Like Blob Found in Lagoon #Fauna will never cease to amaze us. The shapes and sizes defy the #imagination. This is not just one #creature but a #colony of #hermaphroditic #organisms where one minuscule zooid can break off and reproduce all by itself. #theExplanation #InventoryFauna

Go, Baby! These Animal Babies Grow Up Without Any Help from Parents #Babies, #adults, #parents, #parenting. Are such terms appropriate when it comes to #animals. #Human parenting is an 18 year… or so adventure and it is so much more than taking care of initial physical needs and some #survival training. Ever wondered why every single human need so much parenting while some animals don’t need any at all? #theExplanation #InventoryFauna

Dogs Have Feelings—Here’s How We Know Yes, they do. Are animal #psychologists trying to raise #animals to #human #sentience–experience #sensations? Are they trying to lower human sentience to animal level? Are animals human? Are humans ‘animal’? Really #theExplanation #InventoryFauna #AuditHumanSingularity. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

See the Lizard That Shoots Blood From Its Eyes Just watch the short video. An #animal that does that … and others that do so many weird other stunts. I wonder what pushed these #creatures into developing such unusual (to say the least) #traits. #theExplanation #InventoryFauna


Sex, Death, and Pollination: How the Moon Changes Life on Earth Some of the most incredible examples of how #life uses #moonlight to survive and thrive. This is #chronobiology, #time and #biology working in total #synchronization in umpteen examples by #National #Geographic. The moon as a timepiece, incredible. #theExplanation #InventorySpace #InventoryEnvironment

7 #InventoryLife

Eye-opening picture of fetal immune system emerges How can a #foetus have  a different #immune system before birth? In fact there are many systems in a foetus that are don’t exist after birth. The story of life-giving development and birth should tell us something. #theExplanation #InventoryLife. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

Origin of the RNA world: The fate of nucleobases in warm little ponds With all due respect to #Science and #scientists this #controversy and #speculation is not true science. John Horgan in ‘End of Science’ calls it ‘ironic science’. Which came first #RNA or #DNA? To form the most primitive molecules thousands of #nucleotides have to be ordered. #Translation and #transcription are incredibly complex processes. Millions and millions of operations need to take place correctly and just-in-time. Think about it. #theExplanation #InventoryLife

Medicine Nobel awarded for work on circadian clocks Scientific #research into #chronobiology reveals that all multicellular organisms possess #circadian clocks. from flies to mammals the system is remarkably conserved across species including us #humans. A gene in fruit flies encodes a #protein that builds up each night, only to be broken down the following day. Worldwide living things of all #species operate in function of day and night. How is such incredible unity within such diversified organisms possible? #theExplanation #InventoryLife

8 #InventoryHumanBody

Hormones, brain and behaviour, a not-so-simple story Variety of interactions, not just their number are important: hormones -> body, body -> sensation in mother’s brain, brain -> behaviour, mother’s behaviour -> pup’s sensation, sensation -> cell growth. One of the basics of #theExplanation is the concept of #interconnectivity. Everything in the #universe is connected and forms coherent completeness. The question is not only how it got that way, but WHY is it that way? #theExplanation #InventoryBody. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

Who Gives a Dog a Command and How It Is Given Matters It’s about the effects of you personal #voice. #Human voices differ from one another in a lot of ways. Each voice has a specific pitch, a different set of #harmonics, different timings when producing words or parts of #words, and these may be modified by #accents, emphasis and even emotional tone. #theExplanation #InventoryBody. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

Studying sleep’s profound and extensive effects on brain function Today’s findings reveal interesting new aspects of the complex relationship between #sleep and the #brain, and the vital role that sleep plays in everyday #human functioning. Ever wondered why humans worldwide, without exception have a #circadian (daily) rhythm which includes sleep. Seems like a ‘waste of time’ … but sleep is essential. Why is it so? #theExplanation #InventoryHumanBody

Keeping egg cells fresh with #epigenetics Amazing, #women are born with all their egg cells for giving #birth. But the eggs don’t mature for years and then generally only one per month. How is this ‘pre-programmed’? #Discoveries like in this article highlight some of the unusual biological processes that take place in these highly important #cells. #theExplanation #InventoryBody

9 #InventoryBrainMind  #InventoryBrain  #InventoryMind

Ten Amazing Examples of Mind Over Matter #Brain and #Mind the same or two separate entities? The #debate continues. See the unbelievable (yes) things the mind can do to the body. #theExplanation #AuditBrainMind. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

Researchers unite in quest for ‘standard model’ of the brain Quite a #challenge. Do #human #brains work like animal brains? This project is ‘to show how brains generate #behaviour’. What’s the role of human thought in behavior? #theExplanation #InventoryBrain

Quick-Thinking Staff Saved Students from Gunman at School When I was a kid we had fire drills. Now it’s too bad young kids have to practice ‘lockdown drills’ in case of #shootings. But preparation and quick-thinking days pay off and in this case it did. Ever wondered why the #brain can move into adrenaline-action, split second #decision and plan making then into execution mode? We take the human brain and #mind for granted, but, should we? #theExplanation #InventoryMind

The Human Advantage A new way to count #neurons in the #brain. Accordingly, humans have less than we thought, only 86 billion. There’s also a confirmation that the number of neurons does not correlate with brain size. Elephants have much bigger brains than we humans … but far less neurons. Did neurons come first or the activities they oversee in the body? There’s a catch-22 situation. #theExplanation #InventoryBrain. Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

10 #InventoryHumansAnimals

Why Animals “Adopt” Others, Including Different Species #Animals are #intelligent, have #emotions, #survival instincts and can act for the welfare of their #family or group. But, does that make them the equivalent of human beings? #theExplanation #InventoryHumansAnimals Inventory of the Universe hashtags.

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