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Mind-Body Problem Solved. Read the content of online

Read the content of Mind-Body Problem Solved online.

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Mind-Body Problem Solved. The book.

This book, the content of Mind-Body Problem Solved, is copyrighted by Sam Kneller. All rights reserved. This work, or excerpts thereof, are free to share, copy, distribute and propagate so long as you include the following credits: Produced by The Explanation with Sam Kneller at

Press Release for Mind-Body Problem Solved (published 23 June 2023)

Many touted pills and potions are available to treat anxiety and depression; however, everyone knows they only suppress the symptoms but ultimately do little to heal the root causes of mental illnesses.

Mental disorders, from anxiety to moodiness and depression, are the world’s #1 plague of all ages, cultures, and genders.

To top it off, we cannot alleviate mental illness issues if we don’t even know what the mind is. Science, philosophy, and religion are empty-handed, with no coherent understanding of consciousness and mind, let alone how they relate to everyday life.

This shocking state of affairs is at the core of the remarkable and inspiring book Mind-Body Problem Solved: Groundbreaking Psychology and Spirituality. This book emerged from The Explanation series, designed to help people discover the origin of the Universe, and Humankind, developed by renowned author Sam Kneller.

Sam Kneller said, “Science and Religion use the wrong methodology to identify consciousness and mind. When you apply the 7 Keys to Master Biblical HebrewTM, you can reach the God-intended meaning of Genesis 2:7, specifically breath (neshama) of life. I’m not the smartest bloke around; it’s all in the right approach.”

The Explanation reveals the COMPASS for life. It maps out how you see yourself and loved ones in the five primary areas affecting each of us: purpose, conduct, reasoning, socialization, and rulership. This process puts you in the driver’s seat; discover how to take care of your mental health and have a positive impact on your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

  • You’ll identify consciousness and mind, know what they are, how they function, and why you received them. This priceless wisdom alone revolutionizes psychology and spirituality.
  • Once established, you will emerge from preventive and remedial confusion and alight on practical step-by-step stages to avert or cure mental issues.
  • Your hyperactive mind will calm down, focus on your primary goals, and create manageable bites to move slowly but surely toward them.
  • Discover the simple rules for you, leading to a life that can function normally despite the daily stress that assails us.
  • Avoid situations that lead to toxic relationships and socialize with people who edify your aspirations.
  • Zoom in on your real purpose in life with assurance, passion, and certainty you’re accomplishing your life’s objectives.
  • Your reasoning will considerably reduce, if not eliminate, fake facts by establishing a solid foundation on which you can hone a valid worldview and hold concrete hope in the meaning of life.
  • You’ll gain confidence by bringing your professional and personal life into harmony through proper decisions and actions. Imagine this spilling over into beneficial management of yourself, your family, or colleagues to whom you have a responsibility.

We’re all born with internal hereditary traits, like our psychological nature, with strengths and weaknesses. From the start, we are all subject to the positive and negative nurturing forces around us, like parents, school, culture, and society, with their pulls and pushes.

Sam Kneller said, “Transformation is not an easy ten-minute recipe, but it is a proven program to generate sound individuals and society. God is the God of all humankind, or He doesn’t exist. He gave humans the neshama and ruach  and the way to use them to live an abundant life, for believers and unbelievers alike.”

Mind-Body Problem Solved is your mind road map and COMPASS to navigate this complex labyrinth of life. No other book specifies how to enhance sanity in a world on a roller coaster ride. Ward off defeatism, regain serenity, and stabilize your peace of mind. Invest in yourself with this valuable wisdom for life. Get your COMPASS; COnsciousness and Mind in Psychology And Sound SpiritualityTM.

AVAILABILITY: Mind-Body Problem Solved is Sam Kneller’s tenth book and is available at your favorite bookstore (, and in Hardback (ISBN 978-2958762865), Paperback (ISBN 978-2958762841), eBook (ISBN 978-2958762858) at $6.97, and shortly an Audiobook at (ISBN 978-2958762872)

CONTACT: Sam Kneller, +33 603-704-808 Email: [email protected] for interviews, podcast, teaching, and speaking engagements.

BIOGRAPHY: After spending twenty-five years in the Christian ministry, Sam Kneller taught at the American University in Paris, was a technical writer, and founded, a successful site for travel and tourism in France.

Sam assists truth seekers to overcome Bible turbulence and unlock the original God-intended meaning of Scripture via 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew, with no fuss™.  He is the author of the 7-book series The Explanation, a commentary on Genesis 1-3 based on Biblical Hebrew. Find Christ and see His amazing role in these Creation chapters.

He teaches and writes about God’s Plan and the big questions in life at

This book, the content of Mind-Body Problem Solved, is an additional book related to The Explanation Series. The following books are available online as blog posts. They are also available on Amazon, search for Sam Kneller. These books are also available through all your favorite vendors.

  1. Inventory of the Universe
  2. Audit of the Universe
  3. Audit of Humankind
  4. Origin of the Universe (Commentary on Genesis 1)
  5. Origin of Humankind (Commentary on Genesis 1:26–2:7)
  6. Origin of Woman (Commentary on Genesis 2:8–25)
  7. Agony of Humankind (Commentary on Genesis 3)

Bible tools to accompany the books are available at Below is a list of the entire Content of Mind-Body Problem Solved, with links to each section on this website. Easy reading online of all the content of Mind-Body Problem Solved.


1. Universal Conundrums

  1. Did a Fine-Tuned Universe Give Rise to Our Dazzling Earth?
  2. Life Biology. From Rocks to Cells, Sublime Simple Complexity
  3. Brain to Mind. Can the Material Create the Immaterial?
  4. Animal Cognition. Richly Similar & Different to Human Minds
  5. Human Reasoning has No Explanation for the Mind. Dreadful

2. A Source for Answers

6. Where is the Full Definition of Mind-Body, Consciousness?
7. Fastest Bible Study Method to Grasp God-intended Meaning
8. Men and Women Equality. Discover the Big Meaning of ‘adam’
9. Does God Exist? Yes, Who is the Higher Power YHVH Elohim?
10. The All-Time Biggest Hidden Truth. Elohim, God is a Family
11. God Works & Humans Work. We Create Family & Rule Earth
12. The Human Body. Incredible Complex Dust of the Ground

3. Neshama – Consciousness Defines Human

13. Breath of Life. The Unique Possessors of Neshama on Earth
14. Neshama is Translated Inspiration. Discover Deeper Meaning
15. What is the Purpose of Life? Why Humans Crave an Answer (1st Attribute of Consciousness)
16. Human Nature. How Creative Humans Worldwide “Should” Work (2nd)
17. Social Relationships. Puzzling Humans Love & Hate. Why? (3rd)
18. Human Rulership has the Responsibility for People & Resources. Why? (4th)
19. 5 Types of Reasoning. Your Life Depends on Right Choice (5th)
20. What it Means to be Human. The Astonishing Ultimate Meaning

4. Ruach – the Power of Life and Mind

21. Spirit in the Bible is Very Controversial and Misunderstood
22. Neshamah and Ruach, the Ultimate Backbone of Humans
23. The Bible Definition of Spirit in One Word is… Power
24. The Amazing Role of the Ruach, Spirit, in Living Beings. Part 1
25. Ruach in the Bible Part 2. Creates Amazing Human Superiority
26. Living Soul. The Fascinating Bible Meaning for Humans & Animals
27. Mental Mind. The Extraordinary Activity of Consciousness
28. The Human Brain. Its Surprising Agile Role in Body and Mind

5. Ruach and the Creation of Everything

29. Quantum Physics & Spirit of God Moved. Strange Encounters
30. The Meaning of Ruach is Dazzling. Sure, Almost Unbelievable
31. Fluctuations of S/spirit. Astonishing: Vibrations & Frequency
32. Energy, the Astounding Origin of Our Material World
33. Vibrations. A Troubled Mind Pounding with Throbbing Temples
34. The Spirit Power of Creation is the Theory of Everything

6. Psychology of the neshama and ruach

35. Psychology, what is it? The Best Bible Definition for Humans
36. Human Reasoning Annihilates God’s Desire of Good for all People
37. Morality. The Universal Code Defines Good and Bad Behavior
38. Here are Godly Ethics Approved in the Bible for All Humankind
39. Bible Proverbs, the Guiding Rules for Life in the 21st Century
40. Warring Proverbs. Is Each of Us Fighting the Good Fight?
41. Can Satan Influence and even Corrupt a Human Mind? Yes
42. Everyday Psychology for Everybody. Healthy Mental Vision

7. Spiritual Conversion

43. Spiritual Conversion. From Human Filth to Godly Purity
44. Spiritual Calling, Definition, Revealing The Bible Meaning
45. Not in The World = Decisive Makeover of Our Neshama & Ruach
46. Genuine Spirituality. From Childish to Mature Decision-Making
47. Christ is THE WAY. From Filthy Rags to Fulfilled Righteousness
48. Believe and Repent = Faith & Works = Dress & Keep Garden = 2 Commandments
49. Consciousness and Mind, the Way to the Image of God


Practical Nurturing and Healing

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starting with the book Inventory of the Universe
If you want to get straight into the Bible, then read the commentary on Genesis 1-3
starting with the book Origin of the Universe


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