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Read the content of Mind-Body Problem Solved online

Read the content of Mind-Body Problem Solved online.

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Body mind problem solved. That's quite a claim. Can it be true?

This book, the content of Mind-Body Problem Solved, is copyrighted by Sam Kneller. All rights reserved. This work, or excerpts thereof, are free to share, copy, distribute and propagate so long as you include the following credits: Produced by The Explanation with Sam Kneller at

This book, the content of Mind-Body Problem Solved, is an additional book related to The Explanation Series. The following books are available online as blog posts. They are also available on Amazon, search for Sam Kneller. These books are also available through all your favorite vendors.

  1. Inventory of the Universe
  2. Audit of the Universe
  3. Audit of Humankind
  4. Origin of the Universe (Commentary on Genesis 1)
  5. Origin of Humankind (Commentary on Genesis 1:26–2:7)
  6. Origin of Woman (Commentary on Genesis 2:8–25)
  7. Agony of Humankind (Commentary on Genesis 3)

Bible tools to accompany the books are available at Below is a list of the entire Content of Mind-Body Problem Solved with links to each section on this website. Easy reading online of all the content of Mind-Body Problem Solved.


1. Universal Conundrums

  1. Did a Fine-Tuned Universe Give Rise to Our Dazzling Earth?
  2. Life Biology. From Rocks to Cells, Sublime Simple Complexity
  3. Brain to Mind. Can the Material Create the Immaterial?
  4. Animal Cognition. Richly Similar & Different to Human Minds
  5. Human Reasoning has No Explanation for the Mind. Dreadful

2. A Source for Answers

6. Where is the Full Definition of Mind-Body, Consciousness?
7. Fastest Bible Study Method to Grasp God-intended Meaning
8. Men and Women Equality. Discover the Big Meaning of ‘adam’
9. Does God Exist? Yes, Who is the Higher Power YHVH Elohim?
10. The All-Time Biggest Hidden Truth. Elohim, God is a Family
11. God Works & Humans Work. We Create Family & Rule Earth
12. The Human Body. Incredible Complex Dust of the Ground

3. Neshama – Consciousness, Five Characteristics

13. Breath of Life. The Unique Possessors of Neshama on Earth
14. Neshama is Translated Inspiration. Discover Deeper Meaning
15. What is the Purpose of Life? Why Humans Crave an Answer (1st Attribute of Consciousness)
16. Human Nature. How Creative Humans Worldwide “Should” Work (2nd)
17. Social Relationships. Puzzling Humans Love & Hate. Why? (3rd)

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