Understand Biblical Hebrew

7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew ... with no fuss

a Study Method to Unlock bible Meaning

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What you’ll Learn from this Course

  • Biblical Hebrew words can have both literal and figurative meanings. .
  • The same Biblical Hebrew word can have opposite meanings.
  • Biblical Hebrew words are constructed from ‘roots’, there are only about 2000 in the OT.
  • Biblical Hebrew words, of and by themselves, tell us captivating stories.

Biblical Hebrew Reveals Deeper Meaning

  • Bible translations are very useful but did you know that the original language words have MORE meaning than their translated counterparts.
  • The simple proof of this is that translators have used up to 25 words just to translate ONE Hebrew word.
  • Amazing … but the real question is WHY? That’s what you’re going to learn.


it was very easy to follow, very informative, and very methodical.
Gloria S.
I have long suspected that the Adam and Eve story had a much deeper meaning. This course shows that what I suspected was true. An interesting way to look at the story. I am glad I took this course.
Joseph W.
I learned a lot about using a concordance in this course. The instructor was interesting to listen to and obviously knew his topic.
Theresa K.
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