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Throughout Inventory of the Universe, including at the beginning of chapter 4 entitled ‘Our Earth: Land’, I’ve made a request of readers. Your contact input and feedback is more than welcome on this Contact page:

These systems and paradoxes that should make us stop,

at least for a second or two and raise our minds

to another dimension…

>> The above mention of ‘systems and paradoxes’ refers specifically to:

Why is Earth, to our knowledge, the only planet with soil we can actually dig our hands and feet into?
How is it that Earth can produce such a wide variety of foodstuffs?
Why are there so many uninhabitable planets with “land” that won’t support us?

>> These thought-provoking paradoxes are throughout Inventory of the Universe:

Page 51: …(compared to hydrogen (74%), helium (24%) proportions in space) why, then, do the layers of Earth’s atmosphere have a totally different composition: 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen? Even more enigmatic, why do entirely different gases have predominance within Earth’s confines? “Why are nitrogen and oxygen in the majority on Earth? Where did they originate? How and when did our atmosphere trap them? How and when were these proportions established?”

Page 53 How can Nitrogen, this lifeless element, representing 78 percent of atmospheric content, be assimilated into plants, animals, and humans that have no direct absorption process for this fundamental building block of life?

>> Share with us some of these interesting questions you’ve thought and wondered about.

In Origin of the Universe, I wrote, upon contact, I will even go so far as to say that if you want to contact me and submit material for the website, feel free. Obviously, I’ll look it over and if I feel it enhances the overall picture, I will certainly make it available to all and give you credit for the information. This contact is not an open house for debating and contradiction, it is for enrichment, reinforcement, and strengthening. This is true for any and all aspects of this series. If you have articles, references or books, documentaries, Internet documents, you feel readers can benefit from then I’ll gladly add them to our collaborative effort.

>> Share some of your corroborative material with us. Indicate any references or relevant URLs below and send me any documents to the email address at the beginning of this page. Thanks

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