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Why am I here? That’s the question The Explanation proposes to answer. But realize, that question encompasses many other queries. And we must answer them all, one step at a time.

Why am I here? Why can I love? Here's The Explanation.

Why am I here? Why can I love? Here’s The Explanation. 

In the question, why am I here? There are at least two major aspects. First of all, there’s the “I.” Second, there’s the “here.”

The Explanation is not social media limited to a few hundred characters, or words, or even paragraphs.  If anyone feels they can give a satisfactory short answer to that question, then so be it. The query, Why am I here? has so many ramifications that it takes time to give the background and the situation that lead to a full answer.

By the way, everyone has an OPINION about the answer; there are thousands, if not more answers! How can you know which one is the right one? How can you know if there is even ONE correct answer? How can you tell if the SOURCE of the solution is reliable or not? You see, we’ve already expanded the initial question into multiple facets. If you were expecting a quick fix, you’ve come to the wrong place.

The Explanation WILL answer that question. But it WILL answer ALL the introductory, adjacent, and connecting issues as well. None will remain unanswered. Wow, that’s some promise! In essence, you’re saying The Explanation has reliable, genuine, trustworthy answers. Yes, that’s what it is saying, precisely.

That’s pretty presumptuous, not to say brazen, arrogant, and proud.  Agreed, but give it a chance, and a shovelful of time and patience. See for yourself.

The Source

First off, who is Sam Kneller, the author of these answers? Fair enough. The answer to the question: Why am I here? will come from The Explanation WITH Sam Kneller. Not BY Sam Kneller. That nuance is crucial. Sam is human with all the human foibles, just like you. His personal opinion is as good, or as bad, as yours. Sam’s thoughts, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom (whatever he might have in all those areas) are NO MATCH for the erudite of this world. He has no higher-learning credentials that would give him an upper-edge to propose irrefutable solutions.

The Explanation is WITH Sam Kneller, because all he is going to do is point you to The Source that can answer this question. I hear your question. Yes, there are many potential Sources. Sam is going to show you how you can find the right Source. That’s just the start, but an important beginning. Furthermore, you’ll receive all the tools you need to reach the answer to why am I here.


If you’re asking the question, Why am I here? You’re a human being. What is a human being? What is similar to, and what differentiates you from an animal? Where does your capacity to think and create originate? Why can you project plans into the future and ask metaphysical questions like, is there life after death? By the way, is there?

You’re a living, breathing, thinking individual, but how do you function? What makes you tick? Are there any instructions to follow for happiness, peace, and prosperity to ensure?

We will answer all of those questions, including the “we questions.” You’re not alone. As an individual, you’re here because two people got together so you could be born. How do you fit into that family? That collectivity? The broader question is, Why are WE here? There’s a lot of territory to cover.


Here on Earth. As far as we know, we are the only habitable planet in the Universe. True, we have limited resources to investigate the existence of life throughout the vastness of the Universe, but so far, we’re alone. On an incredibly eco-friendly planet that can supply 21,000,000,000 meals a day. That’s three meals for every human being if only humanity could get its act together and everyone could eat properly.

Think about it. The astounding aspect isn’t just that there’s your life or my life (I am here), but that we can multiply life AND that we can sustain ALL those lives. Not only is there a collectivity of humans, but there are all the necessities, and beyond, to assure our ability to live decently on this planet.

The here of Why am I here? needs some explanation. The would not exist if it weren’t for the here. And the here is unnecessary without the I. The reality is they both go together like hand and glove. What’s the explanation for BOTH the I and the here being together?

In expounding what I just did, I have no intention of being philosophical or a big-shot. It’s merely to say that we need time and patience to reach a complete and satisfactory answer. We, humans, are complex and live in a complex world. Many big questions in life necessitate answers and explanations. And they represent all the pieces that will help us assemble the puzzle correctly to answer: Why am I here?

Those pieces are already available and freely accessible online. Please go to this link, Yes, you can buy the books, but on this page, you’ll find links to the Table of Contents of each book so you can navigate to and read each article in chronological order. They do establish a foundation and build on each other. If you don’t get the first five minutes of a movie right, you’ll have difficulty understanding the rest. The beginning foundation is essential.

Who and what is the I? What is the here? Where did the I and the here originate? Why is each unique, apparently, in the entire Universe? I believe you need to understand the components before you can grasp the whole picture.

The goal of this article is to whet your appetite. Join The Explanation and let’s go for a ride together. The destination, the answer to the question Why am I Here? is an incredible journey with a destination that is far beyond anything we humans could imagine.

Here are a few more brief articles that help you better understand what The Explanation is and why I’m writing it. Why am I here? needs to start from a solid base. As an example:


Dig Deeper into The Explanation

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