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Understand Bible Verses from Awesome Origin of the Universe

Understand Bible Verses from different sections of Origin of the Universe

Understand Bible Verses in their original language to grasp their full meaning.

Understand Bible Verses in their original language to grasp their full meaning.

This page allows to to quickly and easily navigate to all the blog posts where a Bible verse has been quoted and explained. In order to understand the contours of each puzzle piece and how it fits with those pieces immediately around and those further away you need Coherent Completeness. Explanations about Bible verses are broached in different contexts (blog posts dealing with different subjects referring to various Bible verses).

This index of Bible verses allows you to quickly locate all references / explanations about a particular verse.

You can read and study these verses here: There you’ll find the King James Version online as well as the following Bible Tools to help do an in-depth personal study using the original languages of the Bible: Interlinear Bible, Strong’s Concordance, Hebrew / Greek Concordance (also known as an Englishman’s Concordance).

This free online Bible course will initiate you regarding Biblical Hebrew: 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew … with no fuss. (coming soon)

Here is the list to understand Bible verses that will grow and grow as more and more of the book Origin of the Universe comes online. The numbers following each verse represent chapter and sections in the book and the link will take you to the blog post that refers to this verse:

Gen 1.1  4.2

Gen 1.26  4.2

Gen 2.8 Garden of Eden (4.3),

Gen 2.9 Garden of Eden (4.3)

Gen 2.15 Garden of Eden (4.3), 4.4

Gen 2.16 Tree… good and evil (4.3), 4.4

Gen 2.17 Tree… good and evil (4.3), 4.4

Gen 3.1 Serpent and woman (4.5)

Gen 3.2 Serpent and woman (4.5)

Gen 3.3 Serpent and woman (4.5)

Gen 3.4 Serpent and woman (4.5)

Gen 3.5 Serpent and woman (4.5)

Gen 3.6 Serpent and woman (4.5), 4.6

Gen 3.14 4.6

Gen 3.15 4.6

Gen 3.16 4.6

Gen 3.17 4.6

Gen 3.18 4.6

Gen 3.19 4.6

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