Read all the Content of ‘Origin of Humankind’ online

You can read all the content of Origin of Humankind entirely online

Mock-up cover of Origin of the Universe - Where did the Universe and Humankind really come from?

A mock-up cover of Origin of Humankind – Where did Humankind really come from?

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You can download a pdf version of Origin of Humankind (coming soon) You can buy the e-book version of Origin of Humankind (coming soon) You can buy the soft-cover version of Origin of Humankind (coming soon) Below is a list of the entire available content of Origin of Humankind with links to each section on this website.

Here are a couple of items the author would like you to know about: Sam’s Note 1 – My life – a Sliver from Sam’s Personal Notes – What’s behind the Books Sam’s Note 2 – Sam Would Like You to Know: About Proselytism and Contributions

1. Creation of Human Beings

2. Creation of the Man

3. Creation of Woman


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