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Origin of the Universe Hashtags that corroborate The Explanation

Origin of the Universe Hashtags consists of recent articles curated from various Media that expand details of the Explanation

Origin of the Universe Hashtags to corroborate The Explanation is a 'layered' puzzle with a multitude of pieces that fit intricately together

Origin of the Universe is the third book of The Explanation, which is a ‘layered’ puzzle with a multitude of pieces that fit intricately together to form Coherent Completeness.

Origin of the universe hashtags include articles from National Geographic, Psychology Today, The Guardian, The New York Times, New Scientist… These articles are all relative to the ‘Coherent Completeness’ that The Explanation represents. They have been added to Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter and can be accessed by searching on any of the hashtags. For instance, a search on Facebook for ‘#OriginTheology’ will display all the relative curated articles.

These articles, written by experts in their respective fields, also serve as references to enhance and corroborate the content of Origin of the Universe. They add ‘meat to the bones’, give the details of the worldview or universeview I related in Origin of the Universe. Every day media is filled with valid information that needs to be placed in an ‘overview matrix’. That is the goal of Origin of the Universe Hashtags: To show how daily world findings by Science and Sociology, writings dealing with Earth and Life, fit into the full puzzle picture of Coherent Completeness.

You can peruse these news events, research and real-life stories which correspond to and amplify the content of Origin Oof the Universe. You are welcome to add articles to your favorite social media site–with their related hashtags–to grow the press article library of pieces that fit together to create the full picture puzzle.

This is reality worldview, this is #CoherentCompleteness. This overall concept merits its own hashtag and is the driving force behind #theExplanation. This is making sense out of our world, a true worldview.

How Do Leaders Deal With Disruption? Make New Maps This is longish, but a must read. The focus is on having a #worldview or #framework to #understand how #information fits together. He calls it #mapmaking or #entanglement. His focus is business but map-making or structuring encyclopedic information–all data–is even more vital. Sounds preposterous? It is, because everything is entangled. But, I assure you, there is a thread that binds it all together. That’s what #theExplanation is all about. #CoherentCompleteness

The numbers below represent the chapters in Origin of the Universe with their sub-topics.

Origin of the Universe


articles coming soon Origin of the Universe Hashtags

#OriginSacredBooks – #OriginBible

Denmark scraps 334-year-old blasphemy law ‘Religion should not dictate what is allowed and what is forbidden to say publicly’, says MP who proposed the repeal. Is there a role for #God and #sacred books in society today? #theExplanation #AuditSacredBooks

Coherent Completeness is the Reasoning of the s/Source It’s the real Grand Unifying #Theory—Theory of Everything—not on a scientific level (I have no clue to that one) but on a universal #humankind #mental and #spiritual level. How can humankind find that? #theExplanation #OriginSacredBooks

Sacred books, there are many, will the Real Sacred Book Stand up Please Is it possible to verify a supposed non-human #inspired #book? If you could, is there some #foolproof #method for doing this? #theExplanation #OriginSacredBooks Origin of the Universe Hashtags

The Why of Human Life: The Biggest Unanswered Question of All Times If you don’t #understand the why, how can you ever figure out the ‘#what’ and the ‘#how’? Why does #humanity … and you … #exist? #theExplanation #OriginSacredBooks

The Nagging Question: How do Humans Function and Affect the Universe? The joke goes: You have your #questions, I have my #answers. That said, valid questions do need valid answers. Here’s a list of questions #humans either try to answer or sweep under the rug because they know these #queries only cause #debate and hardship. The Explanation is going to tackle all these hard-to-answer but very down-to-earth questions. #theExplanation #OriginSacredBooks

The Sacred Book (if it exists): Could it Possibly be the Bible? #Humankind has a cacophony of #answers to the big #questions in #life. Could it be that there’s a ‘book’, a ‘#sacred book’ that does contain answers in a coherent complete way? Let’s find out. #theExplanation #OriginSacredBooks Origin of the Universe Hashtags

Bible Tools to Unlock Bible Meaning – Using Biblical Hebrew with No Fuss Online Bible, Interlinear Bible and Strong’s Concordance. Free and easy to use. Accessible at Online Bible tools have never been so effective and available. #theExplanation #OriginBible Origin of the Universe Hashtags

Bible Tools to Unlock Bible Meaning – Using Biblical Hebrew with No Fuss Online #Bible, #InterlinearBible and #Strong’sConcordance, now with Hebrew/Greek Concordance (also known as an #Englishman’sConcordance). Free and easy to use. Accessible at #OnlineBibleTools have never been so effective and available. #theExplanation #OriginBible

World’s oldest surviving Latin bible returns to Britain after 1300 years Why so much admiration for a Latin #Bible? After all the original is in #BiblicalHebrew and #Greek. Is it the book or the words that are the most important? Did you know that the same Biblical Hebrew word has been translated by up to 50 DIFFERENT English words? You need to understand just how pertinent that is to understanding the real meaning of the Bible #theExplanation #OriginBible

Finding Hope In The New Year Thought I’d choose this article about hope to send you New Year’s greetings and hope you have a wonderful #2018. There will be a number of new developments with The Explanation as we get deeper and deeper in #Genesis and the #Bible. It’s going to be very exciting. #theExplanation #OriginBible Origin of the Universe Hashtags


Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Explains the Holy Trinity – Beautifully! Here’s another explanation with no #scriptures to back it up… hmm #theExplanation #OriginGod

How Close Can We Get to God? The amazing meaning of the latin word: #reconciliation. Whether it’s to #God or a fellow being the principle is similar. #theExplanation #OriginGod Origin of the Universe Hashtags

God’s Goal – What’s the Whole Point of The Bible Story? Every single human being knows what #God’s plan is because it is probably the dearest desire of all of us: Living together in #peace and #prosperity… as #individuals, #families, harmonious #nations. God wants just that for everyone. It was this desire right from #Genesis, but poor translations and misinterpretations of the #Bible have torn that fundamental concept to shreds. #theExplanation #OriginGod

Bible Hierarchy of our Two Key Characters: God and humans If there were a #God with a capital ‘G’ would He know why humanity is on #Earth? And what would be our #relationship with Him? In other words, would there be some sort of hierarchy? Even if you pretend … it might be worth looking into it. That’s what the #Bible story is #theExplanation #OriginGod


These #opposites of the ‘same’ phenonena are very related to the use of Biblical #Hebrew #vocabulary ‘bread’ and ‘war’ have the same origin: Going to war is taking away the other’s bread. The more you love, the less you hate, each is a degree of the other. Follow my Hebrew course at to learn more. #theExplanation #OriginBiblicalHebrew Origin of the Universe Hashtags

Your Native Language does Not Render the Fullness of Biblical Hebrew Whether you believe the Bible is God’s word or not, reading this bestseller in your native language rather than its original languages deprives you of at least 50% of understanding. Now you can master that missing dimension with no hassle. #theExplanation #OriginBiblicalHebrew

Your Native Language does Not Render the Fullness of Biblical Hebrew Can you really understand something if half the words are missing? One Biblical Hebrew word, in the #Bible, translated ‘commandment’ also has 50 OTHER #translations! That should tell us we’re missing something in our #comprehension. Better understanding comes with getting into the basics … like mastering vocabulary with no hassle. #theExplanation #OriginBiblicalHebrew

Biblical Hebrew – An Amazing Language — both Simple and Deep. Did you know that just one #Biblical #Hebrew word can be translated by 50 different #English words? In your native #language it is impossible to see this, much less comprehend the implication for #Bible #understanding. Isn’t there a need for more comprehension of the original Hebrew language? #theExplanation #OriginBiblicalHebrew Origin of the Universe Hashtags

Biblical Hebrew Roots to Anchor your Bible Comprehension The #Biblical #Hebrew word translated ‘commandment’ actually has 50 other different #translations into #English. Were the translators wrong, or is there something #Bible readers are seriously missing in their native #language? In fact, these translations give meaning to the Hebrew word, meanings that tell a ‘word story’–you’ve never heard it before, until now. #theExplanation #OriginBiblicalHebrew

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance – Valid #BibleStudy Aid … or not? An important question because we do need help if we’re to study the #Bible in its #originallanguage. Is #StrongsConcordance to simplistic? Does Dr. Strong lead people astray with ‘his #theology’? Is there anything to be #learned through Strong’s Concordance? Read this and find out. #theExplanation #OriginBiblicalHebrew Origin of the Universe Hashtags


God Made Something on the Climactic 7th Day of Creation Does resting on the 7th day of #creation week mean doing nothing? If you look at the Biblical Hebrew, according to Genesis 2.3, #God did something on that 7th day. Do you what He was doing? #theExplanation #OriginCreation

God ‘to do with’ His Work–to make them on 7th Day, to take Care His Creation From the initial 7th day #God is ‘with’ our initial #parents ‘to do’ them, to make, to complete their perfectly functioning but as yet, unfinished #minds, working with the man and woman and the free will He gave them. I suggest to take a closer look at the #Bible and the Biblical Hebrew meaning of Genesis 2.3. It’s reveals what God’s doing on Earth with Humanity. #theExplanation #OriginCreation

#Genesis #Creation Starts off with a Surprise, How About a Big Bang If you think the #Bible has nothing to do with science then you need to start reading this. Biblical #Hebrew is very revealing. #theExplanation #OriginCreation Origin of the Universe Hashtags


The Garden of Eden, gone, gone, gone forever … or is it? Every #culture has its #GardenOfEden, most people have at least heard about it … even if it’s considered a #legend. But, what does the #Bible really have to say about this special place and events in the Garden? #theExplanation #OriginBeginning


Articles coming soon for Origin of the Universe Hashtags


A Meditation on #Love and #Loss Laurie Anderson muses on important aspects of #life and #death, “I believe that the purpose of death is the release of love.” Humanities #beliefs about such subjects are multiple and profound but they are our beliefs standing on very shaky ground. How can such deep concepts be put into real perspective to know what and why they are? #theExplanation #OriginHumankind Origin of the Universe Hashtags

A Tree, even Two Trees to Represent God’s Intentions for #Humankind Adam, #God, Garden of Eden … we’ve all heard about them, some believe it, some don’t. Whatever you believe the #Bible is the most sold and read piece of literature worldwide, so why not take a look at it as such and throw some light on these gripping subjects. You are in for some surprises. #theExplanation #OriginHumanKind

Interplay between and Sentence of the Serpent, Man and Woman What if there’s meaning behind this #Bible story of Adam and Eve that some believe and others think is some sort of fairy tale? What if that story has something to do with an explanation of what’s happening on planet #Earth today? Surprise, we might learn something about #humanity and ourselves. #theExplanation #OriginHumankind Origin of the Universe Hashtags


What Jesus and the Church Have *Always* Taught about Divorce & Remarriage A #man and #woman bound in #marriage, so important in the #Bible. Is there more to marriage than just a physical union of two individuals? #theExplanation #OriginMarriage


White Europeans and Race This map shows what white Europeans associate with race – and it makes for uncomfortable reading. Unfortunately, #racism is widespread. What is the origin of races? #theExplanation #OriginRaces #AuditRaces Origin of the Universe Hashtags


#ChurchToo Urges Twitter Users to Address Abuse at Church I don’t have any statistics but Churchgoers, who are #God #worshipers, should, in theory, be less involved in this type of #sin (that’s #Church talk). Is this the case? I don’t know. But, why is it that some supposed God worshiping/fearing #Christians are not? What ‘spiritual mechanism’ has gone awry? #theExplanation #OriginChange


Children killed as train and school bus collide in southern France Train scissored the bus. Words are insufficient to describe the scene and even more unbearable the #suffering of #parents and #friends. One day it’s normal and the next minute abnormal horror sets in. Images that are indelible for a lifetime. How do you deal with the here and now? What interior, mental fortitude helps people live through drama? Where and how does #God and His Plan fit into such a mangled event? #theExplanation #OriginLifeEvents Origin of the Universe Hashtags

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Below are a couple of Origin of the Universe Hashtags that give references and details regarding the above blog post. You can find dozens of other articles that enhance information in Origin of the Universe which is intended to be an overview of the State of our Planet at the beginning of the 21st Century. You can find a list of hashtags to both add and find articles on social media here. There are also pages with articles for Inventory of the Universe and Audit of the Universe

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