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Inventory of the Universe

Inventory of the Universe – First Book from The Explanation Series

with Sam Kneller

Inventory of the Universe, The Explanation series, volume 1

Inventory of the Universe, The Explanation series, volume 1

Get ready for the exploration of a lifetime.

       Inventory of the Universe, from The Explanation series, whisks you from the original elementary particles in the confines of 14 billion years of outer space through Earth’s protective atmosphere, zips down to our lush liveable home-base globe, plunges into the absorbing aqueous kingdom of water.

       We’ll dart onto hospitable terra firma with its exotic flora, oftentimes bizarre fauna and you and me, probably the most extraordinary and enigmatic beings, human life, on earth with our handy multi-functional bodies, intelligent, thinking (sometimes) brains and imaginative (sometimes a little too much) minds.

Inventory of the Universe will plunk you down in atypical situations and dare to ask unanswerable questions:

  • Was there anything before Big Bang?
  • How can stardust become a reasoning human being?
  • How can animals walk and run off with all the Olympic medals while man beats them hands down, for all the Nobel prizes?

       We’ll whiz around the universe with Galacti, our ubiquitous roving reporter, turning each of the puzzle pieces that compose our Universe right side up.

Turning the puzzle pieces right side up

Turning the puzzle pieces
right side up

       To begin our quest to put the puzzle together and discover how to bring peace and prosperity to Earth, we must first take inventory to learn what the bigger issues in life are … indeed, life itself.

       How can we reach a solution if we don’t know what the real issues are?

Inventory of the Universe is designed to broaden your horizons, if we want the explanation for the big questions in life: who am I? Why am I here? Can I reach peace and prosperity?

       We need to focus on the fundamental issues (tree trunk and roots) instead of the day-to-day issues (budding branches and falling leaves).

       Daily news focuses on twigs … are you aware of the totality of the tree and forest? Inventory raises your eyes from your immediate environment to encompass the countryside, the nation, the world, the universe… and even beyond.

This book is the first in The Explanation Series. All the books are available online as blog posts. Certain books are also available at Amazon, search for Sam Kneller. These books are also available through all your favorite vendors.