Water, Aqua or H2O, whatever we call it, it is vital to planet Earth.


Water – one of the essenial constituents of our abundant forms of life on Earth (Image source)

The percentage of available fresh drinkable water is fairly limited. According to The University of Michigan’s Global Change, 97.5% of the earth’s aqua is salt water. Of the remaining 2.5% fresh water, 70% is frozen in the polar caps.

The majority of the remaining H2O takes the form of soil moisture, or is located underground in aquifers that are not accessible for people’s use.

In fact, less than 1% of the world’s fresh water, found in rivers, lakes, and shallow underground sources, is available for human usage. As part of the water cycle, it is replaced routinely by rain and snow.

Living things require regular and vast quantities of aqua pura, or moisture for all biological functions: breathing, eating, elimination, and reproduction.

Water is an amazing substance

It nourishes and cleans the body, conveys religious significance, offers enjoyable pastimes, and conducts transportation. In weather, water can take the form of a soothing rain shower or a destructive flood.

More than any other substance, water is essential for life and health. It is a great solvent: water dissolves more compounds than any other fluid. It dissolves the majority of salts, but not proteins and similar large organic molecules.

Flowing water transports nutrients throughout the body and into living cells without bothering the organic molecular structure of cells. Just as importantly, water removes waste from cells. When heated, water can absorb or release substantial heat levels to raise or lower temperature.

In motion, water (about 83% of blood) circulates substances throughout the body via the blood vessel network. Critical elements like calcium, magnesium, and sodium are dissolved in the blood stream, giving blood its salty taste.

As a transportation mechanism, it delivers oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to all organs and areas of the body. It also removes respiratory and digestive by-products, such as carbon dioxide and uric acid. Medicines as well as toxins can be moved through the circulatory system in a matter of moments.

What does a human brain and a chicken and an elephant have in common? They are over 70% water! Pineapple move up to 80% and tomatoes are a whopping 95%… you can almost drink them. As rock hard as they are, even human bones are 25% water.

Water is life, it’s an essential piece in the puzzle of life. Imagine that.

You comments of some of the more unusual qualities and uses of water are welcome in the comments below.

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