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Science discovers how beneficial bacteria affect not only our bodies but our brains in multiple ways.

Your body blanketed by beneficial bacteria

Your body blanketed by beneficial bacteria; there are both tremendous similarities and differences among the bacterial species found at different sites. (image source)

Bacteria can live alone, but they generally come in groups called microbiota or ecosystems of bacteria. Each of us has dozens of such microbiota in and on various parts of our bodies.

We’re discussing this subject, not just because it may be interesting or general knowledge. Bacteria is a basic form of life, some say amongst the oldest and simplest forms of life. And life, both physical and mental, is important if we’re to understand how to attain peace and prosperity for all mankind, which is the quest of The Explanation.

Living bacteria are made of lifeless chemicals, yet biologists are now finding they have highly sophisticated functions and the question is how and why do these inexhaustible minuscule forms of life prosper and find each other to assemble in colonies and work harmoniously and peacefully together? Maybe there’s a clue for us humans.

As prolific as they are we know very little about them and how they function, especially in colonies of various types, ecosystems also known as biota.

Difficult to say how many bacteria we, as humans, play host to, but it’s estimated to be ten times more cells than human cells with 40,000 different strains in the human gut alone. Certain other species live and work together in your nostrils, behind your knees and on your hands. In fact, there are different ecosystems on your right and left hands, and men and women have different biota.

Our saliva, first step in the digestive chain, has various communities of microbiota in different parts of the mouth to start breaking down sugar. Science now knows that various bacterial ecosystems form to break down the same sugar. You have one, and I have a different ecosystem. Why the need for various bacterial colony systems for an identical function?

Five Reasons for You to Think about Your Ecosystem

  1. Communicate in sophisticated ways
    • Via chemicals to know which and how many bacteria are present, see point 2 for an example.
  2. Take concerted action
    • A vast colony will move together in perfect harmony. In the case of bioluminescent ones, they swarm together and only when a certain number are present do they turn the light on. Search for and read about glowing bobtails squids for an example of bioluminescence.
  3. Influence human physiology
    • Regulate the digestive tract and keeping us healthy
    • Eliminate toxins and help us handle stress
  4. Alter human thinking
    • Brain responses are affected by the bacteria in our gastrointestinal systems
  5. Work together to bioengineer the environment
    • Degrade toxic chemicals
    • Breakdown stone, rocks and walls…

As we see, they have an extremely organized universe of their own and are highly specialized in how they function and what they accomplish. In particular, how they work in symbiosis with all other elements on earth and beyond.

We’ve only discussed the positive side in this post and one important point we haven’t touch on yet is how they adapt to new environments and circumstances. Very enlightening. Particularly appropriate when it comes to diseases and antibiotics. How do they develop their resistance? Sign up in the right column to be notified of future blogs.


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