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Hashtag Articles that Corroborate The Explanation

Expert Hashtag articles culled from the media to support The Explanation exposition of the tricky questions in life.

Hashtag Articles for The Explanation

Because of the number of hashtags and articles, this page has been divided into 3 pages. Please click these links to see the relevant articles:

Articles for Inventory of the Universe

Articles for Audit of the Universe and Audit of Humankind

Articles for Origin of the Universe

The idea behind these articles is to bolster the veracity and up-to-date nature of The Explanation. A lot of people believe the Bible is not relevant to contemporary affairs in science, philosophy, family, business, governance, relational and many other affairs. In fact, this is not the case.

Your participation in growing the number of articles is welcome. You can see more information about this on the contact page. As an idea, this is a stimulating activity teachers and libraries can use to interest students and readers in books and media. Find relevant articles, videos, audio that support the many complete categories of life as exposed by The Explanation. Or create your own.


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