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Humans are exceptional. We are incomparable when it comes to integrating society (socialization) or managing our own and others’ lives (rulership).

Socialization. Human social bonds come from neshama.

A recent study was excited to announce that three crows can vocally count to four! After arduous training, the birds only succeeded in reaching four 40% of the time. Well, two to four-year-old kids can do that and so much more with simple teaching and succeed 100% of the time. Making the comparison that animals have the same intelligence as humans is ludicrous. That they can accomplish some, even many, very limited tasks similar to humans is true. But any parallels beyond that are exaggerated hyperbole.
(Transform Your Mind, Upgrade Your Life – Chapter 14)

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Humans Possess Divine Essence, Neshama

Why so? Humans possess a portion of God’s Neshama, while animals do not (Joshua 11:14). This divine essence breathedConsciousness. The 5 attributes of God He confers on humans. into humans at Creation (Genesis 2:7) confers on humans their humanity. Neshama is the equivalent of consciousness through which God endows every human being with His Image via five of His characteristics. We’ve discussed purpose, conduct, and reasoning; In this chapter, we broach socialization and rulership.

Socialization – Family is the Foundation of Society

Socialization is the ability to be at ease by oneself and in the company of other people. The Explanation has written extensively about this defining trait of humans in the Audit of Humankind. It crescendoes from individuals to communities, nations, and the world. Here is a series of articles about socialization.

Chris Gardner – The Pursuit of Happyness

Let’s illustrate socialization with the story of Chris Gardner’s unwavering devotion to his young son, Christopher. Only humans care for their like in this way. Will Smith and his son played these roles in the film Pursuit of Happyness. It explored the depths of their bond, showcasing Chris’s tireless efforts to care for and protect his son despite the overwhelming hardships they face. This is socialization.

Chris Gardner’s dedication to his son is evident from the beginning of the film. As they navigate a life of increasing instability, Chris’s primary focus remains on providing for Christopher and ensuring his well-being. Chris goes to great lengths to shield his son from the harsh realities of their situation.

Night in a Restroom

One of the most memorable and heart-wrenching scenes in the film is when Chris and Christopher are forced to spend the night in a subway restroom. After being evicted from their apartment and having nowhere else to go, Chris leads his son into the restroom, locking the door behind them. In this small, cold space, Chris tries to create a sense of normalcy and security for Christopher. He imagines the bathroom floor as a cave and encourages Christopher to see it as an adventure, masking the despair and fear he feels.

Chris’s ability to maintain a facade of safety and fun in such a dire situation is a testament to his profound love and dedication. He uses a single sheet of toilet paper to make a pillow for his son, showing his resourcefulness and desire to provide even the smallest comforts. It speaks to the lengths to which Chris will go to protect his son, even when he himself feels vulnerable and defeated.

Another poignant scene that showcases Chris’s devotion occurs when they are forced to move from one homeless shelter to another. Despite the shame and exhaustion, Chris maintains a brave face for his son. He engages Christopher in conversations about his dreams and aspirations, fostering a sense of hope and positivity. When Christopher expresses doubts or fears, Chris reassures him with unwavering confidence, emphasizing that their current situation is temporary and that they will overcome it together. This emotional support is crucial in maintaining Christopher’s sense of security and optimism.

Throughout the film, Chris’s relationship with Christopher is characterized by small, tender moments that reveal the depth of their bond. Whether it’s playing basketball together, helping Christopher with his homework, or sharing a meal, these interactions are filled with love and care. Chris consistently prioritizes his son’s emotional and physical needs, often at the expense of his own well-being. This selflessness is a cornerstone of their relationship and highlights the strength of their familial bond.

One of the film’s most touching moments occurs when Chris finally secures a full-time position at the brokerage firm. Overwhelmed with emotion, he rushes to Christopher’s daycare to share the news. As he embraces his son, the weight of their journey and the significance of this achievement are palpable. This moment is a culmination of Chris’s tireless efforts and sacrifices, signifying not just a professional victory but a personal triumph in providing a stable future for his son. The ultimate socialization.

Rulership – Overseeing Oneself, People, and Possessions

Management is simply the human quality of overseeing one’s life, including time, possessions, people, responsibilities, and anything else we are called on to oversee. Animal responsibilities are set by their species, and there’s no deviation unless humans step in to alter that definitive path, like trying to teach crows to count.

With humans, at birth, we have no way of knowing what rulership path each person will carve out for themselves. Therein lies the responsibility of taking control of one’s life, belongings and people with whom they will have interactions, no matter the level as employee or employer.

The Explanation has developed this subject at length in Audit of Humankind.

Rulership of his possessions and eventual profession is one of the central elements of the film, with Chris Gardner’s relentless effort to sell portable bone-density scanners, a venture that plunges him into financial ruin but also serves as a symbol of his perseverance and ingenuity. Gardner’s struggles with these devices provide crucial insights into his character and the overarching themes of resilience and hope.

Scanners to Setbacks

The film opens with Gardner investing his life savings in portable bone-density scanners, believing they represent a lucrative opportunity. These devices, however, prove difficult to sell due to their high cost and only marginal improvement over traditional X-rays. This miscalculation sets off a chain of financial hardships for Gardner, culminating in his eviction and descent into homelessness. Despite these challenges, Gardner’s commitment to selling the scanners exemplifies his determination to turn his life around.

One of the most poignant scenes illustrating Gardner’s dedication involves one of his devices being stolen by a beggar. Desperate to recover his investment, Gardner embarks on a frantic chase through the streets of San Francisco. It symbolizes Gardner’s struggle against the relentless tide of misfortune that threatens to overwhelm him. When he finally catches up to the beggar, Gardner manages to retrieve the scanner, demonstrating his tenacity and unwillingness to give up on his dreams.

The bone-density scanners also represent Gardner’s ability to solve problems creatively. In another significant scene, one of Gardner’s scanners breaks, adding to his already overwhelming burdens. Instead of succumbing to despair, Gardner meticulously repairs the device, showcasing his resourcefulness and technical skill. This act of repairing the scanner is emblematic of Gardner’s broader approach to life’s challenges: when something breaks, whether it’s a machine or his own circumstances, he finds a way to fix it. This scene underscores his resilience and his refusal to be defeated by adversity. Rulership at its best.

The film also captures the mundane yet crucial aspects of Gardner’s struggle with the scanners. Each day, he hauls these cumbersome devices through the city, presenting them to disinterested doctors and medical professionals. These scenes are repetitive, mirroring the monotonous grind of Gardner’s daily life and emphasizing the sheer persistence required to keep going despite constant rejection. Every encounter with potential buyers is a test of Gardner’s patience and optimism, as he tirelessly demonstrates the scanners’ features and benefits, hoping for just one sale to ease their financial strain.

Setbacks to Success

Despite the numerous setbacks, Gardner’s breakthrough moment with the scanners is both a testament to his perseverance and a turning point in his journey. In a crucial scene, he finally manages to sell one of the devices to a doctor, securing much-needed funds. This victory, although small in the grand scheme of his financial woes, represents a significant emotional boost. It reaffirms Gardner’s belief in his ability to succeed and provides a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak situation.

Gardner had the traits of socialization and rulership and exercised them deftly. Each person has these human characteristics, including purpose, conduct, and reasoning, because we’re endowed with neshama. It’s like a blueprint that defines the mental structure of all humans. God-endowed consciousness makes us in His Image.


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