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Kinesin Protein. Your body weight is 17 percent protein. Did you know that each protein is a ‘machine’. These miniature machines perform all the movement and actions your bodies make.

Kinesin Walking Protein Machine. This machine is part of Mitosis, 24/7 cell division in our bodies every day of our life.

Kinesin Walking Protein Machine. This machine is part of Mitosis, 24/7 cell division in our bodies every day of our life.

The Kinesin walking machine is part of our body mechanism. The BODY is one of the chapters in the first book, Inventory or the Universe, of The Explanation series. As I worked on this, an amazing number of facts, like the Kinesin walking protein, came to light that I share with you to go more in-depth than what we tend to think about generally. I wanted to bring to light some wonders science has and is discovering practically every day. It’s not just the wonders that are of interest but how all of these ‘parts of the puzzle not only fit together, but work together.’

Your attention was drawn to the ‘Walking Protein Machine’ which helps in the division of cells which I’ll get to in a sec. What I realized as I read about proteins is that almost one fifth of our body, which contains some 37 trillion cells, is composed of proteins. And that each of those cells can have up to TWENTY THOUSAND proteins. In other words, twenty thousand ‘machines’ similar to the one pictured above. This one ‘transports’, others filter, pump, signal, construct, verify, glue, direct… just about every activity imaginable is accomplished by proteins.

But ‘protein’ isn’t just a ‘word’. Proteins are composed of amino acids, chemicals… which we can look at in a pharmacy or laboratory. That’s the image you and I have of ‘protein’, something we can ingurgitate to build muscles and the rest of our body. NO, NO, NO…

When the body builds ‘proteins’ it is building ‘machines’, liliputian machines by the hundreds, thousands, millions, billions. Day in day out it builds and replaces these machines which make our bodies run… literally and figuratively.

The image we are generally shown of mitosis, the dividing of a cell, is of these spindles (the yellow lines in the image below) strung between the two endpoints of what resembles a rugby ball.  We’re told the spindles get shorter and shorter, pulling the chromosomes apart with each half moving towards one of the two end zones called centrosomes.

Mitosis... the dividing of a cell into two identical sister cells. the Kinesin walking protein actually carries a chromotid to the 'end zone' centrosome which will form the nucleus of the new cell.

Mitosis… the dividing of a cell into two identical sister cells. the Kinesin walking protein actually carries a chromatid to the ‘end zone’ centrosome, which will form the nucleus of the new cell.

The much deeper picture is that the Kinesin machine proteins are actually WALKING and PULLING the chromatids, which will be the chromosomes for the new cell, along the spindles to their destination! Yes, with powerful microscopes we can now witness what we’ll call this Kinesin protein walking machine. On the website you’ll soon be able to see incredible real life and animated videos of this process. At present they are visible on Youtube. As the walking proteins proceed to their end-zone destination, the already walked sections of the spindle break apart and ready themselves to form the nuclear membranes of the two new nuclei.

I don’t know about you, but I’m mesmerized by the gif animation of the Kinesin walking protein. There’s a whole other aspect to this which I’m not going to broach here. It’s called ‘protein folding‘. Another fathomless accomplishment with regard to the forms and time needed to fold a string of thousands and thousands of amino acids into the shapes for these proteins to perform their functions. Enter ‘protein folding’ into a search engine and you can learn about it. The Inventory of the Universe covers this subject.

Matthias Mann from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried near Munich commented on the varieties of proteins and just how little we really know about them.

The scientists working on the Human Genome Project identified around 20,000 genes that encode the blueprints for around the same number of proteins.

Only gradually did it become clear that these proteins occur in many variants. All in all, there are hundreds of thousands of protein variants that interact in a finely orchestrated choreography.

In addition, whereas an organism possesses the same genes throughout its lifetime, the protein composition varies according to cell type. Some proteins occur in large quantities and in every cell, while others occur only in trace amounts and only in certain tissues.

“There are an enormous number of protein variants whose importance we still don’t understand. Moreover, entire groups of proteins can take on different states. But it is precisely these changes in a patient’s proteome that are decisive when it comes to treating diseases,” says the scientist, who therefore thinks very little of some of today’s diagnostic tests.

It is now estimated that the human body contains between 80,000 and 400,000 proteins.

Yet… your body produces millions of protein machines so you function for as long as you live. What can I say, amazing!

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