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The morning revealed a sunken boat with only 6 survivors hanging on for dear life. Scores of passengers were missing and only 24 bodies were found. It was the remains of a clandestine migration attempt from Turkey to Bulgaria.

Clandestine migration. Human endeavours run the gamut from best to worst. This is a plight on society.

Clandestine migration. Human endeavors run the gamut from best to worst. This is a plight on society. (photo credit)

The vessel was crossing just North of the Bosphorus straight which separates Europe from Asia, in a dense navigation area, with no lights, so as not to be seen by coastguard patrols when it was hit by a cargo vessel.

This is evidence that something has gone drastically wrong.

This year it is estimated that 150,000 irregulars of clandestine migration have entered Europe from Africa, the Middle East and beyond many of them crossing the Mediterranean in small unsafe boats. More than 3,000 have paid this journey with their lives.

In the context of ‘how would you bring peace and prosperity to Earth?’ clandestine immigration poses one of the most complex set of problems of any social situation faced by Earth today.

In Inventory of the Universe, 1st book of The Explanation, I will show you how ‘interwoven’ all the systems and processes that run the Universe, Earth, our weather, bodies and many other things we take for granted, really are. How each depends on the whole and how the whole depends on its parts. In the same way, in Audit of the Universe, the 2nd book, I’ll demonstrate how you cannot ‘isolate’ and ‘treat’ one factor to ‘solve’ a problem.

Put another way, you can’t take one piece of a puzzle and clean, paint, adjust, makeover and put it back in place (even if you knew where its place is) and expect the entire puzzle to be taken care of. It’s like replacing a rusty girder… the other girders are going to give way and you have a mish-mash of old, new, renovated…

Unfortunately, clandestine migration is one of the more dramatic consequences of the mixed up puzzle pieces we find ourselves in.

Another hotspot for clandestine migration is Calais, France. It’s the closest point on the European continent from which migrants can reach England. Many migrants speak English and have family and friends already in the UK and are simply trying to join them.

They convene in Calais to find means of transport, a free ride, to get through the legal tangle to cross the English Channel as stowaways on boats, in truck and trains that cross the 20 miles (about 32km) that separate them from their final destination.

Already 15 years ago there was a huge problem at a day center that had been established in Sangatte, a built up area which had been the French base site for the building of the chunnel, the undersea train tunnel that links the continent to the UK. Squalor and regular brawls got to the point where the center for 200 people, which actually housed 1600, was simply closed down.

Now, 12 years later, with more and more clandestine migration, and 3000+ migrants roaming the highways and byways of Calais and no solution in site, it has been decided to open a new centre on the outskirts of the city. Jules Ferry, a summer camp for children’s activities for about 400 people, is to be reconverted by the end of 2014 There, migrants can receive some shelter, food and meet with immigration officials.

I’m going to give you a number of reasons for the existence of this horrendous state of affairs. This barely touches the surface, it is nothing but a pitiful summary of human misery. It doesn’t transmit the emotional upheaval of wrecked lives that, for many, will never be salvaged.

Why do I bring up this subject? Especially as a lot of us read this in the comfort of our environs. Well, if we want peace and prosperity for Earth these are situations, questions, underlying causes we cannot avoid. Feeling sorry for a boatload of clandestine migrants doesn’t cut to the core issues. We click a link or turn the page and move on to another subject but what are the real issues?

As we look briefly at some of these causes of clandestine migration, I’d like you to know that I’ve classified this post under the category: ‘Endeavors of Man’. Man can be proud of a lot of progress he’s made, but he can also be … (you fill in the word) for a lot of the suffering he’s caused. Most of the causes are of ‘human origin’. We want peace and prosperity. That means for ALL of mankind, that’s the goal of The Explanation.

Well, let’s peel off the veneer and peer beneath the surface. At this point, I’m not going to name names or countries. In the proper development of a worldview, broadening one’s knowledge of world happenings and news is a must. You should be able to put a face or place to each of these issues. I guarantee you that they are ALL happening right now, right here on Earth.

There can be natural causes for clandestine migration:

  • Desertification
  • Famine or drought
  • Natural disasters

There can be hierarchal causes for clandestine migration:

This is governmental or rebellious leadership of which citizens of a country and men, women and children become innocent victims.

  • War and displaced refugees
  • Territorial disputes
  • Political turmoil, fear or persecution
  • Slavery or forced labour
  • Ethnic eradication and death threats, bullying, torture,
  • Removal of political freedom
  • Religious strife
  • Severe discrimination

Personal reasons for clandestine migration:

  • Lack of opportunities, not enough employment, economic woes
  • Poor housing, landlord/tenant issues/condemned housing
  • Confiscation of wealth
  • Poor or no medical care

The real question isn’t ‘how do we rid the planet of clandestine migration?’ That’s what I call a ‘cover up’ question. You can have as many Summit meetings as you like around that theme, all you’re doing is dealing with ONE isolated piece of the puzzle that, for all its visual and emotional punch, is not where the real issues lie. There’s much, much more to it than meets the eye.

If we want solutions, we have to scrape below the surface and get to the roots of these topics. The Explanation will raise these subjects and in due time explain the why’s and what for’s and point to solutions. Yes, this post and others will pinpoint problems, to get to the real causes but The Explanation is not negativism. it’s a quest and we’re only at the beginning. The end is peace and prosperity.

Have you had any experience with clandestine migration that you’d like to share with us? Your comments are welcome below.

Hop on the boat as we’re headed to calmer waters.


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