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Coming soon… what the future really holds. What do you ‘see’ for the upcoming months and years? There are many predictions.

Coming soon... the answers to all the questions

Coming soon… the answers to all the questions

I just ran into a website ‘news of future’ with all sorts of amazing things: Space trip – Xmas gift of the year… in 2030. Who knows? I can’t answer for these forecasts. There is one that I will answer regarding a comment I received from one of my readers … after whetting your appetite with another couple of these speculations about the future:

Icelandic Hydrogen Finally Pushed Gasoline Off the Road

November 19, 2040 – Today was a historic day for Iceland when their President this morning at a symbolic ceremony officially shut down the last gasoline pump in the country. Iceland is a model country when it comes to the fuel transition from gasoline to hydrogen and became today the first country in the world to complete it.

Can Paralyzed Walk in the Future?

September 5, 2035 – More than 20,000 now have a Brain Computer Interface. It gives them the ability to control their environment, from driving their own electric wheelchairs outside their house, to make their own dinner.

The BCI consists of an internal sensor to detect brain cell activity and external processors that convert these brain signals into a computer-mediated output under the person’s own control.

Those couple of headlines certainly promise a better world to come and hopefully that will be the case, it remains to be seen. Now, let’s take a look at one thing I can guarantee you as coming within the next few months.

What’s coming soon for the upcoming months on The Explanation?

Here’s an excerpt from a comment I got from one of my faithful readers:

In reading this posting and others, you only seem to evoke questions and never propose answers. In fact your writing seems to take little if any position on where you think the answers may lie. Almost all aspects of what were once christian leanings have been covered up. Perhaps with a good reason; I do not know.

The questions while interesting and perhaps useful to think about … in the end lead to exasperation if no light ever seeps through in your postings.

Perhaps it is my fault that I may not have really understood your purposes in these blogs because it is confusing to see a blog named the EXPLANATION mostly only evoke questions.

He’s absolutely correct and I appreciate his comment and understand his and maybe your frustration. Let me explain because answers are coming.

With my blog posts, I’ve actually tried to stay with my books’ subjects and content. I compare it to a ‘puzzle’. In Inventory of the Universe (book 1) I turn over the pieces. InAudit of the Universe (book 2) I analyse the pieces and see where we’re going. A number of posts are in this second vein. And all the posts are in the theme of Books 1 + 2. They are intended to help readers realize incredibility of the Universe and the complexities of Man’s relation to it and that it won’t be easy to reach peace and prosperity.

Right now I’ve decided to stick with blog posts associated with Books 1+2, which don’t include any answers… just turning over and analyzing puzzle pieces.

From book 3, which tentatively is entitled Origins of the Universe, I get straight into answers. Actually Inventory and especially Audit will show why Man doesn’t have the answers to put the puzzle together… and leads us into sacred texts to focus finally on the Bible. That’s where we’re headed. And even there we’re going to take a specific approach.

I’m going to help you and those interested learn how to comprehend the Biblical Hebrew. You see, the translations, no matter what language, can’t render the fullness of the Hebrew… and a LOT is lost. I’m going to show readers how to dig up a fuller comprehension.

To give you the situation books 3-5 are already written (they still have to be edited and readied for publication) and cover the Hebrew from Genesis 1-14 which will give readers a proper worldview (in my opinion). It explains (The Explanation) why the world is the way it is today. As well as giving answers to questions, I’m bringing up in my present posts.

Inventory should be out at the beginning of 2015, and I’m hoping to bring out Audit and Origins simultaneously at the end of 2015. I’ll also be starting online free conferences that will immediately focus on the Hebrew… this should start in 2015before books 2-3 come out… so answers will be forthcoming. Let me add that with the approach I’ll be taking to the Biblical Hebrew, you don’t need to know how to read or speak Hebrew. You don’t have to know the alphabet and there’s no grammar, vocabulary or anything to memorize. Relax, it’s coming soon.

As you can imagine, this is a pretty huge undertaking, and the publication is taking a little longer than expected… but it is coming soon.

That’s what’s in the works. Hope you’ll be part of the adventure… look forward to seeing you aboard.


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