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Man’s mind is never-ending in its capacity to come up with ‘solutions’.

Imagination and innovation. Man's dream of flying is becoming a reality with Yves 'Jetman' Rossy and his development team at XDubai. Photo credits: copyright

Imagination and innovation. Man’s dream of flying is becoming a reality with Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy and his development team at XDubai. Photo credits: copyright

If there are two hand-in-hand characteristics that distinguish man from animals, they are imagination and innovation. Flying has always been a dream. You need to watch this video to understand the reach of the quest of man:

Flying is a really old dream for the human. And we are pushing the realization of that dream one step to the final thing to be a bird. I’m not playing with death, I’m playing with life.” said Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy,  “It feels so naturally, suddenly the wing and me were one, like an extension of my body, I felt I was flying, it’s just an insane feeling. At that moment it’s a mix of fear and adrenaline that we transform into good energy.”

“We are exploring the limits, we are in an element of nature, air, and we have to respect that element, like nature, because it is so strong, so present. We’re just lucky guys that we can play in that element for some small moments. Future human flight is clear, to be completely autonomous like a bird, the real dream is to be completely free.”

The Dreams of Man

Man’s oneness with nature while at the same time recognizing nature’s strength and man’s weakness. These are some innate messages in Yves Rossy’s words. Watch the video, listen to the amazement and humility in his voice it is intense.

The Explanation recognizes and celebrates these attributes of man: imagination, innovation, and creation. In fact, man’s disposition at its fundamental level can be defined by these three terms. Man can and must do ‘routine’ chores, but too much of that and he becomes bored and depressed. I don’t want to diverge, because it is another subject but a major facet of ’employment’ and whether the environment is ‘inspiring’ or ‘depressing’ revolves around this issue.

As you know, The Explanation goes further and dares to ask deeper questions like: why is man endowed with these qualities of imagination, innovation, inspiration? No animal is so equipped, not even remotely. Is there a reason? And if so, what is it?

You see, the ultimate question is: How do we bring peace and prosperity to Earth? And therefore, imagination and innovation must be part of this equation. How do we incorporate imagination and innovation and put them to work positively to reach peace and prosperity?

So far, we haven’t found that equation… not in the employment world and not in many other areas of our general lives either.

Let’s focus on these characteristics of man.

Concours Lépine in Paris, France

Every year at the Foire de Paris (Paris Fair) there’s an Inventor’s Competition. 2015 saw the 144th Concours Lépine and this year the top rewarded invention was a mobile unit that works directly in an agricultural field for manufacturing fuels from agricultural residues, at half the cost of oil or gas.

The granulator Mobile H-energy, was built by three Alsatian artisans, all three are Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Workers in France), (heating, electricity, locksmith) will receive the famous Sevres porcelain vase reward, can transform maize straw… vines or branches into fuel for boilers or stoves.

Aged from 44 to 46 years, Charles Herrmann, Durhammer Philippe and Xavier Remond, have tried all possible agricultural and wine residues. “The first idea was to recover this waste as our grandfathers did with the vine shoots that were burned, says Charles Hermann. We decided to do the transformation right in the field to avoid the cost of transporting materials.” Depending on the raw material used, the machine processes “roughly one ton per hour.”

Today, to denote this imagination and innovation, we’re using terms like ‘upheaval’ and ‘disruption’, particularly in the digital world where new technology seems to appear almost daily. It continues to change the shape of our live at speeds that are too fast for most of us to keep up. But, for the time-being it looks like man’s imagination is as fertile as ever and this innovation is here to stay.

Environmental Innovation

Another prize went to a German inventor, Klaus Peter Schulz, who has developed a tire recycling process by thermolysis, the use of heat to break down the rubber molecules. And yet another in the area of recycling, crowned the “Cannibal”, a single garbage collector  which can recognize and sort bottles, cups and cans.

One of man’s major environmental problems is accumulation of mountains of waste, which he has either buried or left uncovered as a blotch on the landscape. Can these innovations bring peace and prosperity to their respective environments? We certainly hope so, and we shall see.

We agree that reclaiming the city, installing cafes on sidewalks, dedicating streets to cycling is a goal but not at the expense of endangering our health because of pollution. What if street furniture encaptured the fine particles in the air to enable us to breathe with peace of mind? An experiment has been conducted by the Dutch architect firm, The Cloud Collective. It’s called Urban Culture, and the project is based on the ability of micro-algae to absorb carbon dioxide. The result is a green bridge in the city which transforms the energy in exhaust gas. Everyone wins, starting with our lungs. Now, that’s innovation.

Clean energy for an entire island

Experts have developed and implemented renewable energy solutions to harness the abundance of sun, wind and sea. El Hierro in Gran Canaria, off the West coast of Africa, has optimum conditions for producing solar energy, due to the consistently warm climate throughout the year. Solar-powered desalination plants can also transform seawater into clean water for drinking and agricultural use. The largest wind farm in Spain can be found in Arinaga, on the eastern coast of Gran Canaria, and many more are being developed.

One of the next projects is to replace all the gasoline cars with electric ones. El Hierro, with its 10 000 population plans on being the first island with 100 percent renewable energy.

Imagination and innovation are still very present, thankfully. They don’t solve the fundamental problem of avoiding problems in the first place, but they do bring a glimmer of hope that a solution might be available.

How imaginative and innovative are we in our thinking and outlook? I’ve just finished writing a free report: ‘Answering the Big Questions in Life‘. It establishes the basis for what could be our ‘imaginings’ on which we base our very lives.


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