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One theme of The Explanation comprises helping you develop your worldview more completely. Media bombards us with no end of piecemeal data. Learn how to make heads and tails out of this.

Your worldview is how each of us envisions the world. How do we develop a more complete worldview?

Your worldview is how each of us envisions the world. How do we develop a more complete worldview?

The first two books of The Explanation series carry the titles Inventory of the Universe and Audit of the Universe.  2020 saw the publishing of Inventory and the two Audit books as well as the three Origin books.

The goal of The Explanation series is to answer a simple question: How would you bring peace and prosperity to Earth?

So, one might enquire: ‘Sam, why don’t you just give us your answer and tell us how you’d bring peace and prosperity to earth? Why do you have to publish two books doing an Inventory and an Audit? Isn’t that superfluous?’

Good point.

And that is the reason why in the ‘Categories’ list in the right margin there’s an introductory category entitled: The Explanation: Presentation. I feel there’s a need to explain what and why I’m doing this… including why I’m writing what could be considered two introductory books: Inventory and Audit.

The short answer is I don’t think a lot of people / readers have a ‘worldview’, or at least not a complete one. I could be wrong, but that is the reason for the two books. How do you feel about your worldview? Let’s see.

Answer these questions:

  • What are the components of our Universe?
  • What makes our world go round? ie: ‘How does our world function?’
  • Why do people act the way they do?
  • What is the real state of the world?

I’m sure you can give certain answers to them, but what about fuller answers. What about the relationship between the physical world and us people who occupy our planet?

Today we live in an information society, bombarded daily with internet, TV, radio, newspaper… reports… put another way: data + data + data + data + data +… This can add up to data overload.

Because our brains can only assimilate, analyze and organize a portion, and I’d say a small portion of this mountain of data, we tend to focus on only ONE or just a very FEW subjects. Each of us becomes a ‘specialist’ in a unique or not many fields of knowledge… and generally from his or her point of view, which can and often does differ from other people.

I submit to you that this leads us to piecemeal knowledge, to a ‘localview’, nationalview, ethnicview, religiousview, scienceview and your and my ‘particularview’. The result of all this is never ending debates of ‘differentviews’.

And I ask you, how can you bring peace and prosperity to earth solely with your/my ‘point-of-view’?

We need to list all these views… get an overall view… a ‘worldview.’ And that’s what Inventory and Audit of the Universe are all about: laying out, piece by piece ALL the various differing viewpoints. It’s ONLY when we rise above and move out of the sphere of our own shell that we see, ‘oh yes, there are other points of view that have to be considered.’ When we reach that kind of maturity then you can begin to have your worldview and we can really discuss bringing peace and prosperity to the Earth.

It takes a clear and open mind, an expanded mind ready to listen, analyze, ponder points of view it hasn’t been aware of, not entertained in their localview equation. And when new data is added, all of a sudden 1+1 no longer =2. And we’re disoriented.

Inventory and Audit of the Universe will help you put your thinking caps on. They are intended to open your mind to new, bigger, real, existent issues in our world and universe. These books are liable to disorient you, hopefully throw some new data into your equation, which will then be out of kilter.

Sometimes one goes through a ‘disruption’ period before s/he finds a new balance to his/her equation. Beginning with ‘Origins of the Universe’ I’ll begin to show you that equation that takes into account a full worldview that will result in peace and prosperity for Earth… but that’s a little off in the future.

For now, test your worldview:

  • Does each of us have Cognitive bias? How do we deal with it?
  • Can your Worldview be reached by Contemplation only?
  • Does Belief have a place you worldview?
  • What role does Cultural identity play in establishing you worldview?
  • Are bygone Paradigms just history, or can they still be valid?
  • What if someone will not modify their Perspective?
  • Is there a clash between Philosophy and reality?

I could pose 1001 questions like these, they’re all pieces of the puzzle. Inventory and Audit of the Universe will surface these concepts and help you incorporate and organize what you haven’t thought about on the way to developing your worldview into a solid knowledge-base.

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