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Luc Besson’s movie Lucy with Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman in a brain blowing blockbuster that fictionally reveals the purpose of life.

Lucy meets Lucy - CPH-4 meets LSD: the Purpose for Life

Lucy meets Lucy – CPH4 meets LSD and reveals the Purpose for Life

The 25-year-old heroine, Lucy, laced with CPH4 a drug is thrust into a super powerful trip during which her brain is endowed with 100% of its capacities. In a 3.2 million year flashback, Lucy meets and touches fingers with Lucy, the oldest known specimen of the human race. This skeleton, discovered by Donald Johanson and Tom Gray in Ethiopia in 1974, was named after the Beatles song ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.’ The song has to do with LSD, the first letters of the nouns, render LSD, and are probably not coincidental as discussed by Paul McCartney in a 2004 interview.

Much could be said about the predictions of drugs to enhance the brain experience.  Such is one of the pillars of this film.

In the movie, Lucy’s brain accumulates 100% of its capacity, allowing it to gather 100% of knowledge… all the way back to Big Bang

And, according to the movie, the purpose of life is to pass on knowledge.

This passage of knowledge is pictured by Lucy transforming into a supercomputer. ALL the accumulated knowledge from Lucy’s day to ‘Lucy’ our first ancestor with whom she touches fingers (reminds me of Michelangelo’s man and God) and beyond as her brain races back to the Big Bang, all that knowledge is passed on in the USB handed to Professor Norman.

Lucy personifies this pervasive knowledge summed up by an SMS,

I am everywhere

with her final words:

Life was given to us a billion years ago and now you know what to do with it.’

I’d sum up the philosophy of the movie as such:

Knowledge is omnipresent, discover it and pass it on.

A fast moving, exciting story.

The fundamental question behind The Explanation Series is: How would you bring peace and prosperity to Earth? When I discuss this with my entourage, the most common answer I receive, other than ‘that’s a good question’ is: education, proper education, teach the next generation about these subjects.

In my mind, education, which contains ‘knowledge’ is certainly part of the answer, but that is only a small part of it, and opens itself up to all sorts of questions that remain unanswered.

  • What knowledge? Science, Philosophy, Religion, Experience.
  • This is conflicting knowledge. Can peace and prosperity come from conflicting knowledge?
  • Which knowledge should be taught?
  • Who is competent to choose which knowledge is correct?
  • How do you teach this knowledge?
  • What if someone isn’t interested or doesn’t want this knowledge?
  • Etc.

The Explanation has been undertaken to answer those complex questions. Can they be answered? I believe so. Keep in touch as we proceed with that quest, sign up in the right margin for blog post and book publication notifications. No obligations.

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