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Amazing conclusion. Watch the video. Can ATOMS accomplish what the MIND does?

  • Why do human beings like you and I want amazing facts?
  • Why do some human beings want to blow their minds?

This video ends up with an amazing situation: if a physicist is studying atoms it’s really just a brain studying atoms or atoms studying atoms!

Carrying on from there, I ask you: can the ‘physical’ study the ‘physical’?  Can atoms study atoms?

You noticed I’m putting the accent on the word study.

In May 1997 a chess playing computer, named ‘Deep Blue’, beat the then world champion Garry Kasparov and created quite a stir not only in chess and computers but particularly in the amazing field of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI).

Deep Blue could analyze 200 million moves per second and plan up to 20 moves ahead.

So the question is: Can the atoms of the computer, analyze and plan?

In 2014, we’ve gone way beyond Deep Blue and the most complex supercomputer, ‘Watson’, is actually used in a ‘Call Centre’. But it’s not just any ‘Call Centre’.

Here’s an example question:

How much will it cost to send my daughter to College?

And here’s the answer:

In 2030, the projected cost of a four-year college education at a public university in Texas is $135.860 and the projected cost at a private university climbs to $345.593

Watson helps the medical field diagnose and offer treatments for cancer patients. There’s talk about setting it (should I call this computer ‘it’?) up to answer medical queries 24/7 so a distraught mother can call up at 3 am and discover what’s wrong with her crying feverish baby.

You’ll be able to use conversational English and your question will be analyzed in 120 ways before finding the most relevant propositions in its encyclopedic database.

I ask you: Can atoms analyze, diagnose and propose?

This computer is being referred to as having cognitive computing powers. The definition of ‘cognitive’ has to do with brains, intellect, mental capacity.

This and the next blog post have to do with BRAINS and MIND.

Does this super powerful computer have cognitive capacities?
Is there a difference between ‘brain’ and ‘mind’?

If so, can you define the differences? Your comments are welcome below.

Keep in touch with The Explanation as we proceed with this Inventory of the Universe. We’re going to clarify the basics, if we want real peace and prosperity we’ve first got to define terms and comprehend the basics.


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