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Your brain is the most complex facet of the entire universe. Just look at the figures that follow.

The four lobe regions of the Human Brain

The four lobe regions of the Human Brain (click for credit)

We’re visiting our ‘control centre’ because this is the means by which we can reach answers to our questions: Are humans equipped to ‘reason’? And even more importantly, why are humans equipped to reason? These are fundamental quests to find out how to bring peace and prosperity to Earth.

The human cortex, the elaborately folded outer layer of the brain, has 30 billion neurons, cells which can have many thousands of dendrite appendages creating a complex network of 1 million billion synaptic connections. Calculations estimate the number of possible pathways that neuronal messages can follow in the range of 10 followed by 1 000 000 zeros.

Imagine putting all the circuits of the vast worldwide web, all the inter-connections that allow us to communicate around the globe in one little corner of the brain. Consider another example, the total number of particles, not atoms, in the entire known universe is also microscopic in comparison: 10 followed by only 79 zeros!

We’re talking in beyond human reason, immeasurable numbers, and that is only for one of the modules of the brain.

Usually when we are presented with a description of the brain, we hear about the ‘practical problem solving’ left hemisphere and the ‘emotional artsy’ right hemisphere. There’s usually further explanation about the partitioned brain and how each of the four lobes has a role to play:

  • The key frontal lobe that makes a social difference in humanity
  • The parietal lobe which integrates information from our senses
  • The occipital lobe is the visual processing centre
  • The temporal lobe which allows us to recognize faces and scenes

Actually, these lobes take their names from the overlying skull bones more than from brain structure. The brain is descriptively ‘dissected’ into main blocks and we’re left with a composite outlook, giving a simplistic impression so that we can easily comprehend it.

In upcoming blogs on this subject and in ‘Inventory of the Universe‘ we’re going to observe an adult brain more globally because it really functions as one unit, all the diverse, varied and specialized composite elements of the brain are part of the Central Nervous System (which includes the spine), the control room of our body.

Aside from about 500 billion Glia cells that play a primordial housekeeping role carrying nutrients, water, chemicals… and evacuating all the waste to keep the neurons running smoothly there are about 100 billion neurons, responsible for processing and transmitting information throughout the body.

There are different types like sensory neurons dealing with touch, taste, smell… interneurons that communicate to other neurons and motor neurons which initiate our muscles. Neurons come in all shapes and sizes, there could very well be 10,000 types, each with specialized characteristics in function of their roles.

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