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Why request participative contributions to help promote The Explanation? There are many options below, both monetary and non-monetary.

Your participative contributions will help grow and spread the answers to seekers of the big questions in life.

Your participative contributions will help grow and spread the answers to seekers of the big questions in life.

The Bible Course Unlock Bible Meaning with 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew concludes Key 5 with a request. This course, so far 28 lessons representing over five hours of video, is part of my way of participative contribution to help you answer the big questions in life. Now I’m asking for your participative contribution.

Sam’s Reflections

If you’re new to this podcast, this episode comes after 25 lessons from the course Unlock Bible Meaning with 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew. Please understand it in this context.

There is a need to answer the Big Questions in Life today; to put our world in perspective. If you’re on this page, then you’ve read some blog posts and even enrolled in a Bible course, or completed Key 5 to Unlock Bible Meaning. You see The Explanation is making some sense of this planet we share. Your participative contributions will help grow and spread the answers to seekers of this information.

This website and all the published tools are the results of my finances, which need some help via your participative contributions; this includes:

The above does not include the time spent researching and creating the reams of content, including the weekly blog posts and the courses applying Biblical Hebrew. The Explanation has been online with new content weekly since May 2014.

All the above information, knowledge, and wisdom from God’s Word is FREE, but there is a cost which I bear along with the effort spent. There is a cost for printed and digital products (ebooks) offered by third parties like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc.

I can consider many Biblical principles here regarding participative contributions, and for those not interested in such beliefs, there are plenty of secular counterpart contributions. On a personal note, I don’t like using the word donation, because it rings of one-way giving, you give to me. No, you’re contributing to help spread a message that has helped you answer some of the big questions in life.

Hence this request for your help with both monetary and non-monetary participative contributions. Please choose one or more, or an ongoing contribution. I know times are difficult, and I think of the widow’s mite. If you can’t contribute financially, that’s fine. There are other befitting ways you can take part according to both the value you feel you’re receiving and the resources you have available.

How to make a participative contribution:

  1. Share this knowledge via your social networks
    • Do not share this page; instead, do this:
    • Go to a blog post or Biblical Hebrew course that has particularly touched you.
      1. Share it with your network, or
      2. Email the link to three friends.
      3. Think about sharing, using email, or the share links on the posts in the future, as you read and study the material here.
  2. At your public library, ask them if they have The Explanation book series. If not, point them to this page:
  3. Purchase one or more of the books for yourself: See the right margin for details. Go to Amazon and search for Sam Kneller The three Origin books and Agony are Bible commentaries and valuable as reference tools as you study Genesis 1-3.
  4. Share the books or ebooks as gifts with friends who are seeking answers to questions.
  5. Point people who are not Bible readers but who have questions here:
  6. Direct people who are already Bible readers to:
  7. Point people who regularly study their Bible to:
  8. If you know someone who has a blog or who promotes Bible-oriented material.
    • Talk to them about The Explanation and what we’re doing, in a non-denominational way. Maybe they’ll have an interest in what we’re accomplishing. Especially the 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew. Talking about The Explanation is a contribution.
  9. Make monetary participative contributions directly to my Paypal account: [email protected]
  10. Make monetary participative contributions via Stripe with a credit card. The code below will not open in an email but it will on a webpage or mobile phone. Click on this link to see the secure, quick payment form online. (Bottom of the page).
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  11. If anyone would like to volunteer some time, there are a few easy-to-do projects I can suggest with access to the Internet. Please contact me at [email protected]. Much appreciated.
  12. Here are links to share in a further effort to answer the big questions in life:

The idea is to make The Explanation as widely available on as many media as possible. More are being planned with audio and hardcover books, radio, and expansion of video and text on other outlets. I really appreciate your contributions.

Help us all out, maybe you have an innovative idea for participation you’d like to share with us. Please add it to the comments so we can all benefit. Next week we launch in Key 6 to unlock Bible meaning. The root construction of Biblical Hebrew words and its impact on Bible comprehension. On the other hand, I might put it off for a week and surprise you with a special gift next week. Keep reading, you’ll see 🙂


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