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There is no Proselytism. Participative contributions will be accepted. Let’s be clear from the start.

I would like you to understand right at the outset of Origin of the Universe--there is absolutely no intent at proselytism on behalf of the author.

There is no Proselytism. Participative contributions will be accepted. I want to be clear from the start.

No Proselytism

I would like you to understand right at the outset of Origin of the Universethere is no intent at proselytism on behalf of the author. I’ve stated and restate; I belong to no group, no Church, no religious organization. I have no intention of joining anything or anyone and, indeed, not of establishing any organization.
(Origin of the Universe Preface Note 2)

My sole intent for writing The Explanation series of books is because I see a void in understanding the relationship between our day-to-day chores and challenges and the desire humankind has to know if there’s more to life than meets the physical eye. Is there something/someone bigger than us out there? You can call it god, God, spirits, ghosts, extraterrestrial beings, angels, demons–whatever you want. Is there some tie-in between the invisible (to humankind) and visible worlds?

I spent twenty-five years in the Christian ministry and in 1997 left the full-time ministry for personal reasons. At the same time, the Worldwide Church of God exploded into a few significant branches and hundreds of doctrinal fragments. I floundered around, obliged to focus on my professional life, but soon I found myself trying to make heads and tails of my spiritual life. It was at this point that the idea of writing began to germ.

However, there are so many commentaries and interpretations of the Bible, and particularly the book of Genesis, that I didn’t want to follow the crowd. I’d already used the Biblical Hebrew approach during my Ministry, and it was effective in teaching and opening a new vista on the Bible. I spent a couple of years taking online Biblical Hebrew with what was called eTeacherHebrew and is now the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. I needed first-rate verification that the study method I was using is valid. And I now realize it is 100% authentic.

Teaching and using Biblical Hebrew as the basis of understanding of Genesis and the Old Testament, and even associated with the Greek New Testament, unlocks Bible meaning. There is a multitude of biblical passages that are impossible to understand in all translations fully. Yes, that’s quite a statement. But, I guarantee you that—although you’ll grasp the basics of the Bible in your language—you’ll miss the profound meaning of its authors—indeed, maybe its Author—I say maybe for those who don’t believe—which I understand.

If you’re into Bible study, you’ve undoubtedly seen Biblical Hebrew used is some way. But you haven’t seen the method that I teach and use to expound scripture—that’s the basis for this book Origin of the Universe.

I repeat, you can rest at ease, no proselytism—take it or leave it—it’s up to you. At the most, there’ll be a group or community for those who want further information about the material I’ll be covering in these follow-on books. There are another four practically written and my Unlock Bible Meaning via Biblical Hebrew courses that are available at There’ll likely be online presentations, Bible webinars, podcasts, classes and discussion groups or Q&A sessions, and other activities along that line.

But there will be no religious services of any kind. These activities will take place on the internet, which covers both geographical location and time zone considerations as well as continuity of materials for anytime-consultation. Be assured that each individual is free to follow their convictions, including me, following my convictions.

All the material (print, image, and vocal) can be re-used and re-distributed openly and freely just as I do from the website The only stipulation in the copyright is that such distribution be accompanied, in all instances, with the indication of the source: Produced by The Explanation with Sam Kneller at

Whether you like or dislike, adhere to, or reject any of the explanations that will result from the reading and study in these books is entirely up to you. Anyone is free to participate or drop out of further reading or participation.

The only behavior I request is respectful participation and constructive commentary.

Participative Contributions

One final word regarding finances. All the material used for publication of The Explanation series is available free of charge in digital format at When it comes to the availability of this same material via any commercial sites, like Amazon, both digitally and physically (printed works), there is a cost and hence, a purchase price. These commercial sites do recompense authors, in this case, myself, with a portion of the payment.

Your participative contributions will help grow and spread the answers to seekers of the big questions in life.

Your participative contributions will help grow and spread the answers to seekers of the big questions in life.

The portion that returns to Sam Kneller is used exclusively for publication and propagation of The Explanation. All financing of this work has been via personal finances. I have given much thought to the concept of contributions, and have decided to accept them from those who wish to participate in the effort put into The Explanation. Let me assure you that any such contributions via the website will be used for the publication and dissemination of The Explanation. I thank those people and appreciate their participative efforts. I will shortly be setting up a WordPress add-on to manage contributions via Paypal. The Explanation does not have the official status for accepting contributions; there can be no tax deductions–unfortunately.

You can contribute to The Explanation by clicking here. It is much appreciated, and I thank you.

This blog post is an excerpt from the Preface and Notes 2 of Origin of the Universe.


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