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You think you’ve ‘just’ learned the 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew. That’s already a victory. But, in fact, you’ve learned to unlock a whole lot more.

Unlock Bible Meaning with 7 Keys to master Biblical Hebrew

UnIock Bible Meaning, that’s what you’re doing. I want you to grasp the big picture. This is not just a method for a method’s sake. Being ready and equipped to unlock Bible meaning reveals answers to the big questions in life. God’s purpose, the process, He’s put in place for humankind on Earth. And where you and I fit into this incredible picture.

Furthermore, how you’re beginning to unlock Bible meaning is the most important starting point in your journey to understand God’s purpose for you. Why? Because it’s the first five-minutes of the story where the Author introduces  all the characters and locations. It’s the plot of the story, the very crux of why God created Earth and placed humans here. No other place, but in Genesis, is this scenario played out with such chronology and precision. Understanding Genesis will unlock Bible meaning.

All these 7 Keys to unlock Bible meaning are directly related to the usage of Biblical Hebrew words. Here’s a summary of what we’ve covered, it looks piecemeal and it does resemble pieces of a puzzle. But I’ll show you how we assemble them to give us a brief outline of God’s purpose.

Key 1 – Biblical Hebrew words have many meanings

  1. Bible Translations Multiply the Number of Translated Words
  2. Key 1 – Biblical Hebrew words have Various Meanings
  3. Nimrod’s Devarim – His Cause of Opposition to God
  4. God’s Devarim, Discover an Example of Multiple Meanings
  5. Strong’s Concordance Reveals Multiple Meanings. Amazing. Why?
  6. Light and Darkness divided, Exercise. Your turn to Study
  7. God Divided the Light From the Darkness – Exercise solution
  8. Distinguish Between Light and Dark. Perceive Wise Teaching

Key 2 – Biblical Hebrew words have contradictory meanings

  1. Contradictory Meaning for a Unique Biblical Hebrew Word
  2. Subdue Land to Bring Rest; Epic Contradictory Meanings
  3. Replenish. Filling Up. Now, Discover the Alarming Contrary
  4. Value of Strong’s Concordance in Understanding Key 2

Key 3 – Biblical Hebrew words have concrete-abstract meanings

  1. Concrete and Abstract Meaning Reveal 2x better Understanding
  2. Original Hebrew Alphabet. 22 A+ Concrete Symbols
  3. In the Beginning. First Bible Word Sets Spectacular Stage
  4. Evening, Morning, Day, Night. The Powerful Abstract Meaning
  5. Value of Strong for Key 3. Highlighting Concrete and Abstract

Key 4 – Biblical Hebrew words have literal-figurative meanings

  1. Literal and Figurative Meaning of Biblical Hebrew. Ultra Important
  2. Darkness and Deep. Reveal Extraordinary Figurative Meaning
  3. Practice makes Perfect. Literal & Figurative Easy Exercises
  4. Awesome Figurative Language of Biblical Hebrew Word: Water
  5. Noah’s Flood Prefigures Literal and Figurative Death by Fire

Key 5 – Biblical Hebrew names & nouns have meanings

  1. Names in the Bible have Amazing Meaning
  2. Adam and Eve Story is an Astonishing Tale of Earth and Life
  3. Meaning of Male in Biblical Hebrew. Startling Revelation
  4. Meaning of Female in Biblical Hebrew. Awesome Understanding
  5. I Need Your Help. I’ve Helped You, Now, It’s Your Turn

Key 6 – Biblical Hebrew words have roots

  1. Master Hebrew Roots the Basis of Biblical Hebrew
  2. Darkness and Deep Correspond to Tohu va Bohu Gen. 1:2
  3. God did garnish the Heavens. What is the Surprising Meaning?
  4. Why Strong’s Concordance is a Valuable Bible Study Tool

Key 7 – Biblical Hebrew words tell stories

  1. Biblical Hebrew Word Stories. Marvelous Key to Understanding
  2. The Eye-opening story of the Biblical Hebrew Word, Sabbath
  3. 7 Keys Open Astounding Meaning of the Hebrew Word, Jerusalem

Chronological Order Reveals God’s Purpose for Humankind and Earth

We’re not just studying words haphazardly. There’s rhyme and reason. We’ve only seen about twenty words in this course, focusing on the methods to master their comprehension. When we apply this method, using the Bible tools at to all the words in the first chapters of Genesis, the understanding of God’s purposes shoots through the roof. That’s what the 7 books of The Explanation series does.

Here’s God’s purpose in a nutshell.

1. Creation

  • Key 6 Garnish (Job)

2. Gen 1:1-2

The conflicting conundrum of a good God creating a royal pavilion and the tohu va bohu that reigned on Earth prior to the 7-day Creation.

  • Key 3 Beginning (Gen. 1:1)
  • Keys 4, 6 Darkness, deep (Gen. 1:2)

3. Humans

The minimum basics about humankind and gender. We still have much to learn about the whys, whats, and  wherefores, but we’ve made an in-depth start.

  • Key 5 Male, female (Gen. 1:27)
  • Key 5 Adam Eve (Gen. 1:26, 3:20)

4. Way of Life

We’ve learned the role humans are to play on Earth. We’ve noted that their purpose, given 6,000 years ago is identical to the two major problems humankind is grappling with today. Social issues, from family to government and Planet-wide environmental issues.

  • Key 2 Subdue (Gen. 1:28)
  • Key 2 Replenish (Gen. 1:28)

5. Two ways

Before humankind, there are two paths. God’s way and Nimrod’s way. They are separate ways, no mixing, and juggling. We have free will to choose which path we want.

  • Key 1 Light and Darkness divided (Gen. 1:4)
  • Key 4 Water (1 Pet. 3:20 reference to Noah)
  • Key 1 God’s Devarim (Ex. 34:28)
  • Key 1 Nimrod’s Devarim (Gen. 11:1)

6. God calls

God’s message has been and is available…. since the dawn of time. It is up to each of us to distinguish the light in the dark. It’s a process. We’re in the dark of night, humankind inquires, seeks answers… but in the wrong place… we can come to God’s light of day…

  • Key 1 Distinguish Between Light and Dark (Gen. 1:5)
  • Key 3 Evening, Night, Morning, Day (Gen. 1:5)

7. God punishes and saves

God does intervene when humankind goes over the brink. There is a result of evil-doing and righteous-doing. Destruction and Salvation are opposite sides of the same coin.

  • Key 4 Noah’s Flood (Gen. 7:18-23)

God’s purpose

We are going to conclude with two examples in Key 7, Biblical Hebrew words tell stories. Remember, each word is a piece of the puzzle. In English a word is a word, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem are names, but they mean nothing more than identifiers of cities to most English speakers. In Biblical Hebrew, these pieces assemble together to form a very instructive picture, so long as you have the correct contours of the pieces. Pieces of  a puzzle only fit together if the edges interlace with those of the pieces around it. Similarly with Biblical Hebrew words.

I will show you how two words tell the WHOLE story of God’s purpose for humankind here on Earth.

  • Key 7 Sabbath
  • Key 7 Jerusalem

And following these three final lessons, because it’s the end of the year, I’ll tell you the story of Bethlehem, Egypt, Nazareth, and Jerusalem. The life Itinerary of Jesus Christ. Why God predicted it hundreds of years prior to our Savior’s First Coming and the incredible lessons the Biblical Hebrew teaches us through these pieces/words/names.

Through 20 words, we’re already constructing an outline of God’s purpose for humankind on Earth. Sure, it’s sketchy at the moment. Just like a one-thousand-piece puzzle with only the first 20 pieces in the outline. This study isn’t an overnight project, it’s a lifetime undertaking. And even then, there’ll be enough leftover for a second life. Revealing the depth of meaning in Scripture. The essential is to get started and unlock Bible meaning.


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