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Hello All,

I’m away this week, so this is not a regular post. Next week we’ll be back into the Creation of Woman with the Biblical Hebrew twist on the word NEGED in Genesis 2:18. You can check out the opposition or contradiction in this word at If you’ve been following along for just a couple of weeks, you should have enough know-how to use these free online Bible tools to do your own research.

To be brief, the one word NEGED explains why we have such strife in so many marriages today. It’s certainly not the only reason, but it does explain a good part of the tension we find between men and women. Especially the rise of women-influence over the last few decades. More next week.

In November, we will add a few more posts and finish the story of the Creation of Woman; this is a vital piece in the puzzle of understanding worldview. Why? Because it represents one-half of the people in the world. Women are the second of the two Biblical genders: male and female. And particularly, on the spiritual plane, the Woman points to the Church, which completes the Man who points to Christ.

I know I repeat this often, but it is the case. Unless we understand the role of the woman, on both the physical and spiritual level, the literal and figurative representation, we cannot grasp the Plan of God.

Once we clarify what God tells us, The Explanation, via the Biblicalical Hebrew, we’ll reach the ultimate verse in Genesis 2:25

Genesis 2:25

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

Again, this might be repetition. But I daresay this verse is the LEAST UNDERSTOOD of any verse in the Bible. And possibly one of the MOST IMPORTANT. Why? Because it is the climax of Creation. Everything in Genesis chapters 1 and 2 goes crescendo until it peaks and culminates in “the man and the woman were naked and not ashamed.”

Now, step back one second. Does that translation make sense? What has nakedness and not being ashamed got to do with the high-point of creation? This translation is the biggest let-down of all. It is incomprehensible! Oh yes, Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed, the translation is correct, but it is only the itty-bitty tip of the iceberg.

The Explanation will reveal the depth of meaning of this short, but oh so incisive pinnacle of God’s Creation. And the WHY of its importance at this stage of God’s Plan. The progression of events in Genesis, the entire book is a schema few understand. And thus, they fail to understand the Plan of God. Instead, unfortunately, focusing on episodes, individual stories like Eve and the supposed apple (we don’t know what fruit tree it was), Cain and Abel, the Flood, Abraham almost killing Isaac or his encounter with Melchisedec. There’s even a lot of talk about covenants to try and explain events. Commentators and so-called Bible experts write reams, expounding these isolated incidents. Don’t get me wrong; they are essential phases in God’s Plan, but you can NOT treat them INDEPENDENTLY. They must fit together like pieces in the puzzle.

You cannot dive into any subject or doctrine in the Bible piecemeal. Declarations of Belief are exciting but can hardly tell the whole story. You have to begin at the beginning. The first five minutes of a movie, romance, or program are crucial to understanding. If you want to know what God’s up to, then you have to start in Genesis 1. It’s not a question of the Old Testament, New Testament, Christ, Yahveh, or Elohim. The God of the Old Testament and the of God of the New Testament, as if they’re different Gods. That approach disintegrates the coherent completeness of God’s Word and God Himself.

I have to admit I often wonder about sincere readers entering a keyword in Google and reaching ONE blog post at The Explanation. Yes, I’m glad they are coming, indeed, more and more, but I’m a bit anxious about them landing in the middle of a serious subject with no background. That’s why I tend to backtrack, give links to prior material, remind and encourage readers to go back to such and such a post, and imbibe the background. You can NOT understand why God flooded the Earth at Noah’s time or asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac or who Melchizedec is without the story flow leading up to those events.

The Explanation strives to focus on that background based on the Biblical Hebrew. One of the goals is to produce books, commentaries, play-lists that include ALL the background. You need to be able to get the whole story, not just a piece, here and there. It’s a monumental work. So far, there are at least 5 to 7 books, and we’re only at Genesis 2. There’s lot’s more to come and digest.

If you’re looking for that background or want to dig deeper into The Explanation then the Bible content for Genesis 1 is here: Origin of the Universe. And for Genesis 2 here: Origin of Humankind. There’s plenty to sink your teeth into and understand God’s Plan.

Today, as I write this, is planetary zero-waste day. This morning I heard a report about how they’re trying to reduce food waste in school canteens (They discard 1/3 of served food) in France. One of the interviewed kids, nonchalantly responded to a question, “Quand il nous en manque on déménagera sur une autre planète.” “When we run out of food, we’ll move to another planet.” Maybe he was joking, I hope so, but I’m not sure. With all the information floating around today, anyone can believe just about anything.

Humankind will not be moving to another planet. Planet Earth is all we’ve got. It’s all God has given us. His plan is for Humankind on Planet Earth. Naked and not ashamed is not the physical goal of God. We will not be walking around the planet with no clothes on and proud of it! His goal is transcendent, as I’ll explain in November and December before the end of 2019.

A momentous way to end the year. That’s what you can look forward to from The Explanation.
Talk to you next week.
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