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Human brain is the focal point of the mind-body problem. This breakthrough transformative article solves this issue once and for all.

Human Brain. Its role in breakthrogh and transformation of the signals it handles.

Human Brain. Its role in the breakthrough and transformation of the signals it handles.

The human brain allows us both to pay attention and be at the center of our attention. We use our human brain to figure out how the human brain works. This 1.4 kg physical blob is the most amazing organ in the universe, and we’re only just beginning to discover what it’s all about. Science, philosophy, and religion are at a loss to solve this age-old problem of how the mind and body assemble.
(Origin of Humankind, chapter 5.5)

The Explanation is offering you the solution to this puzzle. That’s some claim to say it’s solved once and for all! This blog post is the culmination of 21 posts on the mind-body subject. Over this entire period, I have not discussed the role of the brain. We have been focused solely on neshama and ruach.

Today we shall connect the dots between neshama, ruach, and the brain. Let me say at the outset, if you’re reading THIS blog post for the first time, you’re in danger. You will NOT understand the discussion here. You must FIRST understand neshama and ruach; THEN, we can discuss the human brain and body. Science, philosophy, and religion do not understand the role of either of these two elements without which it’s impossible to solve the mind-body problem. Please go and read the purpose of human neshama and human ruach. The series of 21 articles starts here.

The Explanation is basing the mind-body problem and the solution on the inspiration of the Biblical Hebrew Bible. Namely in Genesis 2:7.

Genesis 2:7

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

This verse evokes both mind and body. The dust of the ground is the body. The breath of life is consciousness, the seat of the mind. These two elements are inseparable. They work together as a unit. Question: To which of these two elements does the brain belong? I’m referring to the physical organ in your head that can be weighed, scanned, and measured.

Straight away, we have a controversy. I have to admit I ran headlong into this problem writing Inventory and Audit of the Universe. Why? Because chapters eight and nine elaborate on the body and mind, respectively. And, I didn’t know WHERE to include the brain! If you reread chapter nine (about the mind), you’ll see that in Inventory of the Universe, I included the brain, ERROR.

The BRAIN is entirely part of the BODY. In Genesis 2:7, when God formed man (humans) from the dust of the ground that includes the skin, skeletal bones, sensory organs, internal organs like the kidneys, lungs, heart, AND the brain. If you’re laughing, please read this. It is the introductory article to this series on the body-mind problem.

The human brain is a physical organ; it is dust; it is part of the body. The neshama chaya (breath of life) appears about 20 times in the Bible and is translated: blast, (that) breath(-eth), inspiration, soul, spirit. (go to UnlockBibleMeaning and check Gen 2:7, neshama Strong’s H5397); this tells the story — the meaning of this concept. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 20 posts explaining this. To simplify, if I may, neshama is the INSPIRATION that God infused in humans. To use the software analogy from last week, in Gen 2:7, God uploaded the SPIRITUAL human operating system INTO the human PHYSICAL hardware brain.

Neshama is SPIRITUAL INSPIRATION. There is NOTHING PHYSICAL about it; It is human consciousness, UNIQUE, and possessed by every single human being. This human consciousness is none other than the SINGULARITIES that confer on humans their humanity. I’ve summed up those singularities with human naturespace-time management, creativity, imaginationlearningmaking choicesgrowthchallenges, and rulership. No other physical beings possess this operating system, not even close.

Let me say right here; you ought to be amazed by the fact that for thousands of years, humans have possessed these singular qualities, this consciousness. No scientist, no philosopher, not even religions, can tell you WHAT consciousness is, but we all have it. Nobody can tell you WHERE it came from, HOW humans got it, or WHEN we got it. And, to top it off, they have absolutely NO knowledge of WHY humans (alone) have this consciousness, these singularities.

Even a thinker like Jordan Peterson admits his knowledge runs out when it comes to answering the question: why do humans have choice? That is one of our singularities. Dr. Jon Lieff says, “Current science has no explanation for subjective experience. There isn’t even an adequate definition of consciousness.”

We are going to use two analogies to reveal how to understand this mind-body issue. The first for breakthrough will be the drilling of the Channel Tunnel. The second for transformative will be a television.

Breakthrough in the Channel Tunnel

The 50.45 km Channel Tunnel was drilled deep in the English Channel seabed between Folkstone, (Dover) UK and Coquelles, (Calais) France. Drilling started simultaneously at both ends and met near the middle. This video shows the breakthrough with the French climbing through to the English side and the English climbing through to the French side. Of course, once they enlarged the hole, there were no sides. It was all one conduit.

In the end, they drilled three tunnels. Two for trains, each going one way, and a third for safety and maintenance purposes. Here’s the analogy. The tunnel breakthrough allows for a free-flow of two different nations, French and English, exchange of different flags, different languages. Of course, all other nations can travel BOTH ways through the Chunnel. With mind and body, there’s a free-flow of information between two different entities; neshama and dust.

Genesis 2:7 is the junction of mind and body. It is the point where God made the breakthrough and launched the free-flow of information between neshama and dust.

These two different essences, substances, entities, call them what you may, must work seamlessly together. As we know, and as we shall see, the billions of physical cells of the dust-body work intricately with the complexity of human thought. There is a free flow of information from mind to body. An author can imagine a story in their mind and write ii down with their body (fingers with a pen or keyboard). The ideas transit smoothly from the neshama to paper.

The inverse itinerary is just as effortless. You read a literary description with your physical eyes, and then you can picture the scene in your mind. We transport physical sensory information to our immaterial consciousness. The diagram below enumerates this neshama-dust breakthrough.

Mind body. Breakthrough, Junction, Connection

Mind-body. Breakthrough, Junction, Connection

The Channel tunnel connection is baby stuff compared to the junction between the invisible and the visible. There are two separate tunnels, each for one-way only traffic. The train schedule, on each line, leaves enough space between the trains for safety reasons. There is no interplay between trains going in opposite directions. There are two control centers, one in France, one in the UK. Each can take control of the entire system.

The brain is the intersection where the breakthrough takes place. It’s a multi-directional thoroughfare for thoughts and actions. It’s where ideas become activities. The human brain is the conduit through which the spiritual and the material freely flow. The neshama, the consciousness, transits from the spiritual to the dust—the chemical and electrical impulses transit from the sensory body organs to the immaterial consciousness. There’s an intricate meshing and working together to accomplish each individual’s goals. That’s where the two essences, the spiritual and the physical, meet.

The first step is this instantaneous breakthrough multi-directional transport of two vastly different substances. Secondly, there’s the instant transformation of each substance to the other.

Transformation of Spiritual < = > Physical

The human brain transforms the spiritual information-energy coming from the neshama-ruach into physical information-energy that it then distributes to the rest of the body. The brain transforms thoughts into actions.

The brain, at the same time, also does the inverse. It transforms physical information-energy form the body sensors (external senses: sight, sound, touch smell, taste. internal: heart, lungs, etc.) to spiritual information-energy going to the neshama-ruach.

That’s where thoughts turn into actions, and actions turn into thoughts. That’s where the transformation takes place. The metaphysical (I should donate)

turns into physical charity (volunteering time). The physical (reception of a gift or an insult) turns into a thought (this person cares for me, or doesn’t). The following diagram is a resume of the role of the human brain.

The human brain. It's the thoroughfare where spiritual and physical data undergo transformation. It's a transducer.

The human brain. It’s the thoroughfare where spiritual and physical data undergo transformation. It’s a transducer.

That’s what happens in your television or smartphone; they receive waves at a particular frequency, and a transducer in your device transforms them into electrical pulses that activate your screen and loudspeakers. Invisible waves convert to visible images and sounds. There’s free-flowing information that hits a transformation-device (transducer) and continues in another form of energy. In your TV, you have an audio and a vision DEMODULATOR that are parts of the system that translate sound and light waves into audible and visible events that your physical senses can capture.

We now have interactive TV where a viewer can input information (votes, comments) into the TV and send it back to the studio; this needs a MODULATOR to transform the physical action of punching a key of the remote control into an electrical pulse or an electromagnetic wave. That’s where the term MODEM comes from modulator, demodulator. There’s an instantaneous transformation of one type of energy to another, and it works both ways. Material to immaterial, pressing a button to electromagnetic waves and immaterial to material, light waves to images.

There is also another type of remarkable transformation taking place in your TV, smartphone, and computer. How do images and text get faithfully transported via electricity? Each color spot of an image and each letter transforms into binary code. Read this for details; each item translates into a corresponding series of 0s and 1s. To do this translation, you need a codec (coder-decoder); this is a device or computer program for encoding and decoding digital signals.

Physical, visible information (images, sound, text) has to be transformed (coded) into immaterial electromagnetic waves to transport it from its source to its destination. There, it is once again transformed (decoded) into physical information that our human body sensors can capture.

There are two transformations, from information to energy and back again to information. In your electronic devices, both have to function as an automatic, instantaneous combination. Irregular energy results in flickering images, irregular information results in lost sound bites.

The brain, via its circuitry, is the body’s codec and modem. As a codec (coder-decoder), it transforms material information (body code) into immaterial code (neshama) that impacts our consciousness and vice-versa. As a modem (modulator-demodulator), it converts material energy (electrical or chemical impulses in the body) to immaterial impulses in the mind-ruach and vice-versa.

Think of the brain managing breathing or blood flow. The body replaces 50-70 BILLION cells every single day. Each of those operations involves chromosomes, genes, proteins, DNA, four bases, and their chemicals. ALL this information is managed by the cells in conjunction with the brain. As you know, if there are aches and pains, it goes directly to your mind. Brain codec and modem are in action 24/7/365, beginning when a fetus can hear, about four months into the pregnancy, for its entire human life.

Considering the quantity of information that passes through our minds and bodies, you can imagine (that’s an activity of the neshama) the enormous amount of data that flows and transforms in the conduit.

Don’t get lost in the Channel, TV, and computer jargon. Those are all analogies. They are very sophisticated communication tools that need bona fide software and firmware to function optimally. That’s the neshama software God uploaded to Adam. That’s the consciousness that endows human singularities on each one of us. Humans are God’s crowning creation. That’s why so much space, indeed the entire Bible, is devoted to that creation.

The neshama does not end there; that’s only the beginning. Your TV and computer have many, many other uses. Let’s discuss interactive gaming. Or rather, Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). Players congregate from around the world on their devices and compete with each other. We’re talking about tens of thousands of simultaneous electronic devices intricately intertwined via ONE server. Connections and exchange of information are real-time.

That’s how the flow, in ALL directions worldwide, has to be. This central computer receives, interprets, and sends signals to all the players continuously. It treats the virtual information and resends it for transformation into high-speed reality images (bullets in war games) and sounds.

Imagine the incoming and outgoing of electrical impulses, imagine the transformation of images to binary code. Imagine the continuously modified high-speed scenes on each player’s screen. The codecs and modems are working at top capacity to update the game’s parameters in real-time; this is what your neshama does precisely. It controls the flow and the transformation that lead to NEW situations. That is the plasticity of the mind and brain.

That is the neshama creating the most efficient pathways for the flow and transformation of information. The brain is the hardware, but the neshama is the software. Remember, Who created the neshama and breathed it into humans.

On top of the neshama, each of us can upload further passions, imaginations, inventions, skills, languages, sports. These programs allow each of us to possess, acquire, develop whatever skills we want. We have personal likes and dislikes according to our nature and nurture, our culture and experience, our education, and activities.

One operating system, the neshama. Multiple individual programs represented by the skills the ruach confers.

One operating system, the neshama. Multiple individual programs represented by the skills the ruach confers.

Apple announced the modification of its operating system to make way for its new apps. Above is a screenshot of part of my computer screen displaying the Apple computer. Along the bottom of both the Mac and my computer are the icons of programs that we’ve uploaded according to our needs and likes. Then, using each of these applications, we create data and information which is stored in memory.

This action is parallel to the ruach, which gives us the ability to add whatever skills, learning, and aptitudes we might want to use and develop. Go the link if you don’t understand the different roles ruach plays in animals and humans. These are akin to software programs our parents upload during child-rearing.

Then, at a very early age, we begin, with the help of our parents, to upload our own software; this is the time of critical periods starting with language, geometry (shapes, sizes, relative space), a library of knowledge and games, There are also life values programs like obedience, initiative, sociability, work ethics, and honesty.

Schooling, social environment, social networks, and media play an essential role in this area. All influences and influencers that impact the neshama and ruach, the consciousness and mind of human beings play a role in a human being’s development.

There are all-round responsibilities and obligations which we shall discuss. As youngsters progress to adulthood, they go on to sexual identity, gender relationships, sports, a profession and leisure activities, and many other programs that can be uploaded and updated throughout life. That’s human plasticity, which the combination of neshama and ruach confer on humans alone.

Here’s an updated version of the Theory of Everything with the human brain, the immaterial and the material.

Theory of Everything with the human brain, the immaterial and the material.

Theory of Everything with the human brain, the immaterial, and the material.

The brain is the most complex device in the universe. Physically, the human brain resembles the most prominent animal brain. Yet, human mental capacity and accomplishments are light-years above any other form of life. Science, philosophy, and religion have not furnished any answers to this enigma.

The answer is Genesis 2:7, when God breathed the neshama into the first human. The spiritual neshama, in the sense of invisible inspiration, confers on humankind its humanity; this is basic knowledge from God’s Word, the Bible. It is only with this basis that the rest of the story of humankind can be understood.

This blog post is an excerpt from chapter 5.5 of the book Origin of Humankind.

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