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Statistics might reveal full employment in the USA but, an employment revolution is well underway.

A salaried job today is not what it was five years ago, and within the next five to ten years the employment scene will be radically modified.

An employment revolution is taking place in society. Men and women want to be able to use their minds and hands. Is the answer self-employment?

An employment revolution is taking place in society. Men and women want to be able to use their minds and hands. Is the answer self-employment?

The Explanation is not here to discuss jobs, salaries, or statistics, but the employment revolution. As we do an Inventory and an Audit of the Universe we’re focusing on the why, particularly when it comes to mankind. How does man (in a generic sense) fit into whatever pattern of society we might have? It could be to do with education, health, social welfare, business…

What is man’s role and position as both inventor of these endeavors and players on the field? To be concrete. Man has invented various ‘healthcare systems’ (hospitals, naturopath, diet-care, surgical…) and at the same time man participates in them if and when he falls ill. Man is both producer and actor. And the question is… are these ‘systems’ bringing him the health he craves? Or, as Audit of the Universe puts it: Is the proverbial half-full, half-empty glass of peace and prosperity getting fuller or emptier?

This blog post focuses on the employment revolution. It behooves us to ask, are salaried jobs are fulfilling man’s basic needs today? Are we satisfied with what we’re accomplishing on the job? Is our job producing the kind of financial and social benefits we’re looking for, indeed, that we need to survive and, even more so, thrive?

Recently, an editorial in The Economist stated, “The idea that having a good job means being an employee of a particular company is a legacy of a period that stretched from about 1880 to 1980.”

Man, at the beginning of the 21st century, at least in what we call the ‘Western World’ is living in an affluent society. A lot of people have the physical necessities of life, the bread, clothing and roof to be able to live more or less at ‘ease’. To the point that their ‘life focus’ is no longer specifically on their physical survival. I’m talking generally because there is still a vast number of people ready to do almost anything just to sustain those physical needs.

Now, however a big enough portion of Western society has turned to the next level of ‘needs’, their social and mental needs, their well-being needs, their self satisfying needs. They want to be ‘happy’ not just with their existence but with their lives and accomplishments.

This brings us back to the employment revolution.

This article in Forbes says it better than I can.

…people want to work on what they want wherever and whenever they want. In a recent post on flex schedules, Alexandra Levit speculated that, “By around 2030, the Millennial majority will likely have done away with the 9-to-5 workday entirely.”


Some signs indicate that we’re already moving in that direction.


According to the Freelancers Union, there are an estimated 53 million Americans freelancing, which is 34 percent of the total workforce. This number is expected to balloon to 50 percent by 2020. A changing workforce consisting of more entrepreneurs (solopreneurs) than ever before means adjusting to working independently, being risk averse, and results driven.

However, what I can add is the ‘why’ of this revolution, which, I believe, is not even realized by these same actors. They’re doing it ‘instinctively’.

Mankind has a Mind

They know they have a BRAIN with a particularly well-developed aptitude we call MIND. We can debate all day about what and where MIND is but the reality is what MIND allows each and every human being to do: think, gather information and formulate ideas, concepts and plans.

There’s nothing more invigorating and stimulating for an individual than to solve a problem, come up with a solution to a negative situation, be it health, financial, family or business or anything else. That positive endocrine flow and that the best anti-depressant that exists.

Mankind has Hands

The second possession of man is his hands. For millenia humanity has always had hands! The revolution is that today this generation has realized that routinely doing the same things with those hands is not fulfilling our social satisfying needs. Tightening bolts, packaging the same box (although some of these have even been replaced by robots) and other day-in, day-out rituals end up driving people to depression. To put it bluntly, Henry Ford’s chain-lines were great economically, but a terrible mistake humanly.

Mankind, you and I are equipped with a mind and a pair of hands to think and create using our particular skills and talents. That’s why we’re all different, so each can contribute to the whole. but that’s another story.

This is what is gripping the Employment Revolution:

In the past generation, there has been a transformation of work that has enabled more people than ever to become freelancers and join the self-employed revolution. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, websites, apps, hardware, software and great sites like this one (and a cool new one, below) have made it so that any small business can look big and make money.


And it turns out that more and more people are in fact joining the self-employed work revolution. Consider that some are even making the case that “the entrepreneur” should be Time‘s esteemed Person of the Year in 2012.


Jobs are in scarce supply, and underemployment is at an all-time high. Things look bleak. But, truth be told, there has never been a better time for individuals to start new businesses. Taking up entrepreneurship is now an extremely doable means to overcome unemployment and underemployment

I’m going to close this post in a little different way. The Explanation will go on to explain why man has this creative need, why mankind gets such pleasure out of small and large accomplishments, why mankind it always trying to push back their human limitations, why mankind is always striving to reach higher goals.

There are valid reasons and explanations for all of this. And you can get a glimpse of it by downloading ‘Answering the Big Questions in Life.’ But beyond that I’m participating in a very down to earth practical venture, what we call Total Entrepreneurship. It’s an 18 month hands-on certified entrepreneurial apprenticeship program to furnish all the technical needs and help necessary for any individual to come with their idea and willingness to turn their talents and skills into their enterprise. It has the atmosphere of a Village Market and we call it VilMark, come and visit us you might find it to your liking.

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