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Environmentally friendly. We don’t think about it, but Earth had to be prepared to welcome a population of billions of humans.

Earth had to be prepared--environmentally friendly--to welcome billions of humans. Think about the chances of that happening!

The preparation of Earth—made environmentally friendly—to welcome billions of humans. Think about the chances of that happening!

Environmentally friendly, coined a few decades ago, had to be thought of and prepared when it comes to creation. You can’t gather billions of people without the necessary resources and skills to be able to supply their needs. There’s no room for improvisation.

It’s interesting to note that from Gen 1:3, practically every verse starts with “And God did…” That’s readying the planet Earth–making it environmentally friendly–for its future role.
(Origin of the Universe, chapter 8.2)

Before, this was a rapid general introduction. Now the stage is set for a new act in the play. We’re into the main points, the detailed description of the creation. But, once again, let’s pause and ask ourselves: what’s the point of the creation anyway? Why is this planet the way it is? Is there a real reason behind it? Can we know anyway?  The answer is yes, yes, yes.

We are back in the auditorium. The director of our Bible story play has ordered a set change with furniture such as a crib, a changing table, and so on.

To find out how this scene is relevant, we have to jump a little ahead for the explanation, which revolves around the ultimate focus of God: humankind. As we make headway in our study and as the play progresses, we will see this more plainly. Everything that God created and does is for the benefit of humans. God has the highest intentions for humanity, so high that practically nobody realizes it.

I will be developing this, but get a glimpse, read Genesis 1:28 “God blessed them [Adam and Eve] and said… fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish…birds…every living creature…” Everything God made, He entrusted to humans; thus, on Earth, they reign supreme,

Hu mans are assigned the daunting task of overseeing the well-being of this speck in the Universe. At the beginning of the 21st century, we understand what overseeing means. We use terms never used before in Earth’s history, such as environmentally friendly, ecology, eco-friendly, green. Humans have become conscious of their role. My second and third books, Audit of the Universe, Humankind, are devoted to the accomplishment of that role.

This overseeing is what God intended when He restored and refurbished Earth. He planned to hand it over to humans whom He was about to place on Earth as the central figures. We shall see WHY God had and–more-than-ever–still has that intention.

Think of when parents decide to have a baby knowing that later on, it’ll be the central figure and even inherit what they’ll leave behind. When they choose to enlarge their family, they know approximately when the baby will be born. Under normal circumstances, what happens? Our audience knows. They prepare everything for the arrival–environmentally friendly for the baby.

There’s maybe a separate room that needs kiddy wallpaper, the crib, bottles, nappies, clothes. If they’re in a studio or one-bedroom apartment with a two-seater sports car, they might be considering a move into a house in a family neighborhood with a closed-in yard to play safely in and upgrading to a minivan or four-seater car. And what if they know twins are on the way?

It’s best to complete all this environmentally friendly preparation before the baby’s arrival.

Identical with creation. God has to prepare Earth for the arrival of humans. From temperature, land, water, building, energy, to resources for food, clothing (imagine sheep with no wool, no cotton plants, we’d all be wearing leaves), and travel (imagine the sea with continual three-meter waves, or winds of 120 km/hr, no boats, no planes). That’s what environmentally friendly is all about.

God has to prepare Earth for the arrival of humans. From temperature, land, water, building, energy, to resources for food, clothing (imagine sheep with no wool, no cotton plants, we’d all be wearing leaves), That's what… Click To Tweet

Our world population has reached 7.6 billion. That equals 22.8 billion meals a day, 684,000,000,000 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners a month, not to mention snacks. Galacti points out that in our present era, some don’t even eat one meal a day. Still, I respond that this is because of misuse of means, humankind has bungled their overseer role as I point out in Audit of the Universe and supportive press articles. It’s not because of a lack of resources.

Our world population has reached 7.6 billion. That equals 22.8 billion meals a day, 684,000,000,000 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners a month, not to mention snacks. Earth had to have those resources. Click To Tweet

When Earth is RE-newed, as we’ll see in Genesis, but as we know by observing our planet, the environment is perfect for baby’s arrival and even 7.6 billion babies and their growth. We’re going to witness the narrative of Earth’s preparation.

Face of the Waters

Now, if you’ve come this far with me, even if you don’t believe what I’m writing about but are interested in another point of view, you (and our audience) realize I’m trying to stay as close as possible to the real meaning of what the Biblical Hebrew is expressing. Furthermore, you understand the approach I’m taking. Therefore, at this point, Galacti and I need to interject an important point.

We’ve barely covered two verses of the 1158 pages in my version of the KJV Old Testament and the 348 pages of the New Testament. At this rate, we’ll never finish, and we do want to get to the end of the story, don’t we?

So, I’m going to give fewer details and rather more overall presentations. We shall proceed in a very logical fashion and I will give you some very specific details as we see The Explanation.

Let me give you an example of what and how we’re going to summarize and be succinct. I’ve already shown you that God is present through His Spirit and is going to RE-fashion the face of the earth: And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (Gen 1:2). Well, the word face implies the presence of God, and you can see parallel verses here: “Adam and Eve hid themselves from the presence (literally, face) of the Lord God” (Gen. 3:8). In Gen. 4:16 we find the same implication: “And Cain went out from the presence (literally, face) of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.”

What I’m saying is that we could do a word study of practically every Hebrew word and enhance our comprehension, but we won’t; we don’t have space, and I will point you to Further Study at the end of each blog. That said, we will put the puzzle together. By the time we finish you, the audience in our auditorium and you, the reader, will see the full picture. If you want, once you have the major pieces in place, you can pursue your study to understand the contours better and see how all the pieces fall into place.

I will even go so far as to say that if you want to submit material for the website, feel free. I’ll look it over, and if I think it enhances the overall picture, I will certainly make it available to all and give you credit for the information. This offer is not open-house for debating and contradiction, it is for enrichment, reinforcement, and strengthening. It is valid for all aspects of this series. If you have articles, references, or books, documentaries, or Internet documents you feel readers can benefit from, then I’ll gladly add them to our collaborative effort. You can let me know at

We return to our regular presentation.

In conclusion to the two-verse preface of the REnewing or REjuvenation of Earth’s surface, we’re going to see a transformation of the dark destruction wrought by a Cherub who was cast down to planet earth. The planet must be REbuilt and REdecorated, or as we’d say today made environmentally friendly, for humans. All the life-giving parameters necessary for our well-being need to be configured, crafted, and fine-tuned in preparation for the big day: Humankind’s emergence.

This blog post is an excerpt chapter 8.2 of the book Origin of the Universe

Further Study

“And God did…” often used from Genesis 1:3 onward. Since this is Bible study, I’d suggest you read John 1:1-3. That’s right, in the New Testament. Many of you know these well-known verses, but some of you might not, which is fine. Just go over to and enter John 1:1 in the Search box.

Notice John 1:3 “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

Genesis gives the specifics of a creation readying the Earth for humankind. According to John, the Word, who is God was present and the active party of this REmake of Earth. Meditate on that. Who is the Him that made everything? With whom was the Him that did all this making?

Read beyond verse 3; you’ll find the answers there. I will not go further into this subject here. try to keep it simple; don’t complicate your answers with preconceived ideas and ready-made solutions.

I’ll add that the answers to that those two questions are going to be important when we get into Genesis 2 because of what scholars believe to be a second different narration of creation by a second author talking about another God. In reality, there’s only one narration, one author, and one God. Genesis 2 is in harmonious continuity of Genesis 1, as I will show you. Stay tuned.


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