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Flora is the only way humankind can acquire the quantity of nitrogen necessary to give and sustain life.

Flora is also legume roots and nodules produce nitrogen for man's and animal's benefit to have life on Earth

Flora is also legume roots and nodules produce nitrogen for man’s and animal’s benefit to have life on Earth. (image via Wikipedia Commons)

We’re continuing with an inventory of the Universe. But this is not limited to counting the various species of plants and animals or the different varieties of clouds and rock formations. We’re doing an overview, we’re backing off from our day to day routine to visualize a much broader picture. We’re seeing how all the pieces fit together, how they’re interwoven, how each element depends on as well as supports all the others.

Flora is part and parcel of this case.

We discussed the vast majority of 78% of nitrogen composition of our atmosphere. Animals and Man have absolutely NO direct way to incorporate nitrogen into their body chemical organisms. We cannot breath, drink or eat the element ‘nitrogen’ directly… yet the very basis of living beings is DNA, in short, nucleic acids formed from NITROGEN bases. Nitrogen is one of the main keys to human life yet life cannot integrate it from the source like oxygen, for example. What a paradox.

Flora is the only way mankind can acquire the quantity of nitrogen necessary to give and sustain life.

It’s all in the roots and nodules on leguminous plants like soybeans, lupins, lentils, alfalfa, clover and many others as well as green manure crops plowed back into the earth or used for cattle grazing or  livestock fodder. These are the  principal means of atmospheric fixation and humus fixation, that is biological waste in the earth which releases its nitrogen content during the process of decomposition.

These roots and nodules fix and transform the nitrogen into amonia which can be absorbed by the plants and then by you and me as an integral part of the nitrogen cycle.

Fresh air + good soil = good food = healthy animals and man.

Of course there are other factors but we’re concentrating on the greenery that we admire for its variety and beauty… often minimizing the unique and essential role it plays in our lives at the heart of the DNA of each and every one of us.   

Flora, either eaten directly or indirectly via meat from animals is basically our sole source of nitrogen. As I indicated. Flora, with this unique capacity, could we even say ‘service’, to fix and transform nitrogen into a substance that can be assimilated by higher life forms is a pivotal piece in the existence of animals and man.

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