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To assert there are universal truths in a fast-paced, frequently changing world, society and environment is far-fetched, but there are truths we just can’t get away from.

One of the many Universal Truths is that human babies worldwide need sleep

One of the many Universal Truths is that human babies worldwide need sleep

Whether it directly involves the inanimate world of space, Earth’s atmosphere, land and water or the animate world of plants, animals and man with his body and mind, there are universal truths that have always been and will always be.

I could list dozens of them like ‘human babies need lots of sleep’ in the image above. It behooves us to realize there are some fundamental concepts in our lives and those of everyone on planet Earth that just don’t change.

The Explanation brings this concept to our mind because knowing there are universal truths gives us a basis, a solid foundation on which to build our ideas. All the universal truths work in harmony. We could call them ‘rules’, ‘laws’, ‘laws of nature’ or whatever we want, but for eons of times they have served to regulate existence and life on our planet.

If we are to have peace and prosperity which, I assume, most of us would like then, we have to ‘function’ in accordance with these universal truths. It’s the ‘fighting against’ them that causes the machine to seize up and jam. Let’s see how this works… for our benefit or our detriment.

Here are just a few of these universal truths:

1. An Expanding Universe

Scientists now know, without a shadow of a doubt, and in opposition to any forces that mankind understands are in play in our universe, that the edges of our universe (not just our galaxy) are receding at breakneck speeds. Gravity at a given point in time should cause a collapse, like a ball thrown in the air comes back down to earth.

But not only is the Universe expanding, but this expansion is increasing in speed… Like it has its own powerful motor that is obtaining more and more thrust!

This is just one of the Universal Truths. How and why is this?

2. Life, as we know it,  is only existent on Earth, a small corner of the Universe

True, humankind hasn’t exhausted all its resources to find life in Outer Space, But, for the moment we know there’s nothing, not only like hospitable Earth but also Life (with a capital ‘L’ for the plants, animals and mankind) living on it. We haven’t even located a sphere in Space with a pond of drinking water or some vegetables to eat or a tree to give us some shade.

Scientists have located Earth’s position in the Universe… and it’s like we’re standing in that corner in a classroom. We’re in a little Galaxy, The Milky Way, lost among billions and billions of smaller and much larger galaxies and yet… we have ALL the conditions for life.

This is a Universal Truth. How and why is this?

3. There’s a Life Cycle

With regard to ‘life’, what we call the animate world, everything has a cycle. It could be a few hours for the shortest lifespan in nature, the Mayflies whose main purpose is simply to reproduce, to tortoises that can live over 200 years. Not to mention trees that can live for thousands of years.

No matter the lifespan, they all, plants, animals and humans have a way of maintaining their species. They all have very elaborate and very efficient reproduction systems. You could literally write a book describing the incredible variety, specificities and differences in these reproductive systems. In fact, if anyone knows of such a book, please add to the comments below.

All living things and creatures have a ‘birth’ and ‘death’. There’s a perpetual arrival and departure… that’s what a cycle is all about. What happens at the end of a cycle, death, is one of the biggest mysteries, particularly for man… but that’s another subject… a very interesting one. The fact is there’s a life cycle with a beginning and ending for all and during that cycle there’s a means to perpetuate the species.

This is a Universal Truth. How and why is this?

4. With regard to Mankind there’s Parenting and Upbringing

Plants don’t have parenting. Bacteria don’t have parenting. Animals don’t have parenting. Oh yes, some animals bring up their young and teach them the ways of life of their species, but it stops right there. In no other species do we find the concept of ‘child-rearing’.

Yet, with all the variety of humankind, child-rearing, no matter what name it carries, no matter what form it takes is a universal truth. Never has a baby human been born withOUT the need for the presences of its mother and father. Yes, that’s the ideal… because not always are those two parties present. And yes, if one or the other or both are not there, then with the help of other human being that baby can make a go of it. But the fact is: Parenthood and Child-rearing go hand in hand.

Any and all would-be parents know, or should know, that ‘having’ a baby is like looking at the cover of a book! It’s just the initial step… and not even the most difficult. Afterwards you’ve got to read and understand the content, turn over and digest all 300 pages of the book.

It takes time and effort and this parenting and raising of children is universally identical.

This is a Universal Truth. How and why is this?

From the vastness of Space to the infinitely small bacteria, as well as with mankind, everything is subject to universal truths. Characteristics that have always and will always describe how they are and how they function. Science, with incredible research, can and has brought to light many of these universal truths and facts.

The Explanation has the audacity to go even further and ask, ‘How did it get this way? Why are there universal truths?’.

Feel free to add your universal truth to the comments below. What has always struck you as the fundamental universal truth to humankind and our universe?


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