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What is God’s master plan? How can we know for sure we have the coherent, complete picture? How does it relate to 21st Century human existence?

Mystery solved. Genesis 1-3 reveals God's master plan with real answers to the big question. The Bible is relevant to the 21st century.

The Explanation has just finished the book Mind-Body Problem Solved. It is the culmination of 25 years of study, meditation, and writing Bible Commentaries of Genesis 1-3 based on Biblical Hebrew. Here’s how and why we’ve reached this crucial realization. There have always been guidelines.

  1. Make it accessible for people who do not believe in God
  2. Make it relevant to real life in the 21st century
  3. Assemble the puzzle pieces into coherent completeness, one master plan, God’s purpose for humanity
  4. Show how God is equitable, treating all people worldwide, past, present, and future, with the same fairness

1. Make it accessible for people who do not believe in God

Why do we need God in our physical world of science and observation? What evidence is there that God even exists? TheseInventory, Audit of the Universe, Audit of Humankind. Covers. are valid queries when posed with an open frame of mind. The first three books of The Explanation series address the perspective of God without ever using that word.

These books are not philosophical but down to earth, using many scientific facts, from the vastness of space to the minuteness of cells and the elusive mind, to reveal the nature of our environment and what we humans are. They are all pieces of the coherent, complete master plan; we have to know how the pieces assemble together.

2. Make it relevant to real life in the 21st century

Evidence for Bible Wisdom coverThese three books discuss everyday subjects in a way that encourages readers to go deeper into what’s behind the visible material world. How can we have such coherence with so many tangled parts? As I finished the 7-book series, I wrote Evidence for Bible Wisdom. This was inspired by the Covid-19 crisis when no biblical direction was given to handling such a pandemic.

There are so many controversial subjects today for which the Bible offers wisdom, but we don’t listen up. Who has preeminence, society, or individual rights? What to do with prisoners when our jails are overflowing? And so many more. This is a deep dive into the practicality of a 2500-year-old book for the 21st century. If you doubt about the existence of an All-Powerful God or the validity of His Word, you need to read or suggest these books.

3. Assemble the puzzle pieces into coherent completeness, one master plan, God’s purpose for humanity

The first words in the Bible are, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” That’s a clear statement of a  Origin of the Universe, Humankind, and Woman. The master plan of our origins. master plan executed by God. Inherent is coherent completeness which, when we look at “heaven and earth,” without humankind, we see this implicit coherence. This is outlined in Genesis 1, which is the subject of the book Origin of the Universe. To hit the nail on the head, if readers, even Bible students, don’t accept this first statement, how can they be expected to have an understanding of the master plan of the Creator of the Universe? Frankly, most Bible enthusiasts have great difficulty with Genesis 1. And that’s getting off to a bad start.

Genesis 2 is the Creation of the male and female. One important verse dedicated to the creation of the first human (verse 7) is expounded in Origin of Humankind. There again, read over very quickly, generally with skepticism and incomprehension of how and why God created the woman from a “rib.” After all, it does sound a little fishy. But there are excellent reasons for every gesture of God, as the Bible Hebrew points out. The book Origin of Woman goes into exciting detail and clears away the fog on the Creation of Humankind and the genders.

Agony of Humankind. Understand the Bible, God, and humankind in the 21st century. Genesis 3 explains the interaction between humans, the Serpent, and God. Many put this off to fantasizing fables; the reality is this context explains the tenuous world conditions that characterize the 21st century.  Agony of Humakind, again, based on mastering Biblical Hebrew with no fuss, goes deep into enigmatic subjects like fig leaves and why God replaced them with coats of skins. Just reading these texts is not enough. Study is needed to reveal the figurative meaning of God’s work with His Creation, humankind.

As one of my students expressed it:

“I would like for you to address the big picture of God’s master plan; we are so focused on a small part (a puzzle piece) that if we don’t zoom out, we lose so much by staying in past generations that we don’t realize that we also are a generation and God continues His master plan of His whole purpose (puzzle) in our lives.”

4. Show how God is equitable, treating all people worldwide, past, present, and future, with the same fairness

The overriding theme of the Bible is humankind and its destiny. The unquestionable paradox of this is humans don’t knowMind-Body Problem Solved. Cover. WHAT a human is. The question of what the mind is was raised 450 years and remained without an answer until today. The book that assembles all the pieces is Mind-Body Problem Solved. I finished blogging it a couple of weeks ago. It’s being edited as you read this and is due for publication in March 2023. It will soon be up for pre-order. If you’d like to get on the list, email [email protected], and I’ll inform you.

Mind-Body Problem Solved explains the Biblical Hebrew meaning of neshama (Genesis 2:7) and ruach. How they represent consciousness and mind and the relationship between them, as well as how they work with the brain. It goes much further in exposing God’s master plan because the book relates Who God is, why He created humankind, and what humans are doing in a physical body in a physical Universe. It especially reveals what God has already planned for each human and how we can reach that goal.

One of the most revealing parts is how the Bible contains the psychological steps for ALL humans to live a serene life; I don’t mean with no ups and downs, I do mean how to cope with anxiety and stress. How humans can function optimally worldwide for peace and prosperity. It also reveals why this way of functioning is thwarted in today’s world and how it will be a reality in the future.

The Explanation, near future

These nine books lay bare God’s master plan. Sure, it takes some reading, study, and lots of meditation, just like it takes time to assemble a 5,000-piece puzzle. God’s purpose has many more pieces, with the additional problem that many Bible readers have begun to put the puzzle together with the pieces in the wrong place. So, there’s unlearning and unraveling needed before they can rebuild the picture as it should be.

The reconstruction takes place on a more solid foundation than your native language that cannot render the full meaning of Biblical Hebrew words. Indeed a word-for-word translation is a valuable start but a pale comparison to the depth of meaning of the original. The Explanation books are based on the profoundness of God-intended original meaning of Scripture using free online Bible tools at Discover its power with this easy challenge to understand the meaning of the Hebrew word adam. Everybody knows it’s the first man’s name, but it incorporates a much deeper meaning than that. Just this revelation will open your mind to God’s master plan for humanity.

I’ve exposed the reason for The Explanation series and the accompanying books to help readers understand that someone looking for God-based answers has all the tools necessary. Even those who waver about God’s existence can learn why our Universe, with all its moving parts, cannot be self-existent, self-propelled, or self-purposed. There has to be something else somewhere. They can begin to answer the big questions of this something.

I first published on this website in May 2014 and have been writing weekly since then. It’s time for a break. It’s a long way from the end. But I’m taking some time off to complete (edit, layout, promote, etc.) and publish Mind-Body-Problem Solved. There’ll still be blogs, and I’m preparing a future book on the Chronology of Humankind; History, Present, and Prophecy, but the focus, for now, will be on Youtube with short videos answering fundamental questions Bible readers mull over. Subscribe to my channel, and click the bell icon to receive notifications of new videos.

I’ll also be concentrating on the Bible course. Unlock Bible Meaning with 7-Keys to Master Biblical Hebrew Words with no fuss. Its introduction is that free challenge about the fuller meaning of the word adam. I’ll be doing regular live Q&A sessions for the students of the course. If you want your questions answered, join the course, and I’ll see you on the inside.

All the best to you in your pursuit of understanding God’s master plan for you, all humanity, and our Universe.


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