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Fifth in the series of seven is the Origin of Humankind.

The Explanation Series. Origin of Humankind, Volume 5 Book cover

The Explanation Series. Origin of Humankind, Volume 5 Book cover.

This book, the fifth in The Explanation series, is controversial. In more ways than one. Read and study it at your own risk.

The Explanation is based on the concept of coherent completeness. That means that everything in the Universe is like a giant puzzle with a million pieces. All these puzzle pieces, when assembled, reveal one story about the purpose of Humankind.

To help seekers of answers to the big questions in life, I wrote three books of the series to establish a balanced and complete worldview of the puzzle we’re going to assemble. They are Inventory of the Universe, Audit of the Universe, and Humankind. These books also serve as an introduction to why you should consider the Bible a viable alternative description of all the pieces of this tightly woven story.

Inventory of the Universe, 1st book of the series, reveals just how interdependent, every single cog, all aspects of the Universe are. Space, atmosphere, water, land, flora, fauna, and humankind, unique from animals, are the oh so complex but oh so interconnected actors of our play. This book brings readers down to earth, away from consumerism and the daily hustle and bustle, back to our real roots. Focus on the big picture, the essentials.

Audit of the Universe and Audit of Humankind present an overview of how humankind has and is managing our planet. Is the half-full glass of peace and prosperity getting fuller or emptier? They focus on humankind’s role in this equation. How humans are at the pinnacle of dominion over Earth. Audit of Humankind also focuses on you, what does it mean to be human? To answer that question, this third book details the Singularities of Humankind, How Humans Function, Socialize, Govern, and Reason. What is the outcome of human rulership?

Origin of the Universe is the fourth volume of The Explanation series. It unpacks popular ideas and shared beliefs in the light of Biblical Hebrew. For those not familiar with the Bible or Genesis, it includes preparatory material that answers fundamental questions: Why look for answers in Sacred Books, and in particular, the Bible? How to interpret the Bible, and what is real Theology? It then jumps right into the thick of Genesis 1:1 and is a commentary on chapter 1. Most readers will have some background to the subject, even if it’s cursory or considered a myth.

This book, Origin of Humankind, is the fifth book of The Explanation series. It is a commentary on the end of Genesis 1 through Genesis 2:7 based on Biblical Hebrew. Be prepared to dust off some of your certitudes. Risk having traditional beliefs shaken up and challenged.

Fake news, social media, shoddy research, and conspiracy concepts, are part of the bombardment of cacophonic confusion that assail us day in, day out. Origin of Humankind brings benchmarks and coherent completeness about the human mind and its central role in life on Earth. It will equip you with an understanding of yourself and your innermost workings. You’ll grasp the components of a human being which will lead you to comprehend the responsibilities humankind alone, is designed to accomplish on Earth. These new pieces of the puzzle will give you a more focused and precise picture of the world in which we live.

Join Sam for this gripping and thrilling story for seekers of answers to the big questions in life. This is not just information; it’s a fundamental understanding of how to assemble human beings in relation to their terrestrial surroundings. What on Earth are humans doing? Get the beginning right to unravel the puzzle of why Humankind is on Earth.


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