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The Explanation logoThe Explanation with Sam Kneller is so Provocative.

Can someone please put science, philosophy, religion, history, education, health, and literature into genuine perspective?

What’s the coherent relationship between all these fields? The Explanation with Sam Kneller will give you the answers.

Are current happenings merely a random series of unrelated, haphazard, isolated events? Or do they fit into some sort of framework that can make sense and give us a plausible explanation of what’s going on here on earth?

This blog and The Explanation with Sam Kneller takes Inventory of the global situation from a worldly, purely rational point of view. I’m going to go through the entire Universe, inanimate and animate:

    • Space, Atmosphere, Water, Earth
    • Flora, Fauna
    • Human Life, Body, Brain and Mind

I don’t purport to say that others have not reached these conclusions; indeed, they have. However, my intention is to lay out a logical overall framework so that you can follow the development of interlocking events and identify all the factors in play.

Today we are fed news “piecemeal,” generally getting a lopsided point of view, certainly not a “global point of view.”

Peace and Prosperity

No solid worldview explanation has been given as to why and how we are where we are at this juncture in history. How can poverty and progress advance in tandem? Mankind has become “rich” AND “poor” not only in the financial sense but also socially (family breakdowns), ethnically, educationally, health-wise, psychologically, and in numerous other ways that impact our everyday lives.

Where to start in our quest for The Explanation with Sam Kneller?

If we’re going to talk about why the world, and particularly its inhabitants, are in their present state, and whether this situation needs any modification, let’s first establish the basis for our discussion. For example, suppose you have 1000 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in front of you, with no picture to reveal what the puzzle actually represents. To assemble it, you’ll need a systematic method.

Here’s one approach: Turn all the pieces face up, find the pieces with a straight edge… those comprise the frame which you can then assemble, and then separate the other pieces by color, and maybe some objects will come into focus – and you’ll be able to put a few pieces together to see how the colors fit in relation to the frame. It’ll be ‘try to try again’ until little by little, the puzzle will come together, and finally you’ll see the whole picture.

This blog and its sister book entitled Inventory of the Universe represent those 1000 pieces and follows that method. We’re going to turn over all the pieces: the inanimate world (space, earth’s atmosphere, water, land) as well as the animate world (flora, fauna, man).

Together, we’re going to paint a clear picture of each piece. Upcoming will be an Audit of all the pieces, and then Origins will start fitting all the pieces of the jigsaw in place so you’ll have the big picture: The Explanation with Sam Kneller.



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