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The thinking process is the basis of mankind, it’s our thoughts that are at the origin of all our actions. We think first and then act.

The thinking process is the basis of mankind, it's our thoughts that are at the origin of all our actions. We think first and then act.

The thinking process is the basis of mankind, it’s our thoughts that are at the origin of all our actions. Thinking comes first, then we act.

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We ask, what does this mean?


Well, it means that there’s a very important point that hasn’t even been addressed. How can the mental practice of thinking affect physical activity?


When we have an internal, unseen, immaterial thought about how to fix the kitchen sink, it connects to and affects the specific part of the material brain that handles the act of getting a washer and wrench to do it.
(chapter 9.10.2)


There must be some sort of interface. Wherever those immaterial thoughts are, what process causes them to take the material actions that light up the brain scan?


Our group can play out various scenarios involving thinking about something and taking action. For example, when we immaterially ponder how to please our mate, it connects to and affects the specific part of the material brain that handles complimenting her for her patience.


In addition, when you’re thinking of the important exam you have to pass, it connects to the rational part of your brain that directs you to organize your study notes and quiz yourself on the weak spots in your knowledge.


This dynamic of the immaterial that affects our actions proves true repeatedly for the millions of other thoughts, intentions, predictions, plans, perceptions, feelings, desires, reasonings, and judgments we have day in and day out.


Every moment we imagine something, we can do it. We have image maps of brain activity stimulated by thoughts, but we don’t understand how they connect to each other or how they operate!

The material brain is a processor that receives thoughts and imaginings and then sends messages to the corresponding parts of the body to turn those ideas into actions.

The material brain receives thoughts and then sends messages to the corresponding parts of the body to turn those ideas into actions Click To Tweet

When I’m in a store picking up a package and notice a child falling over, my brain registers this event and I’m immediately thinking “Put down the package and go help the kid.” My brain coordinates my hand, my legs, and the rest of my body with reflexive action in order to perform those actions.

This is one example of the brain coordinating and processing a multitude of other actions via its material sensory system with swift and organized precision. Obviously, lifting up a child is easier mentally than solving a mental problem or psychological difficulty.

Imagine how much more complicated it is to make psychological changes.

If someone around you is having a personal mental crisis, you and a trained psychotherapist working with that friend, coworker, or loved one can help change the brain through talk therapy.

The brain may be struggling with old connections such as the habits we talked about earlier, being stressed and arguing, or old relationships causing difficulty relating to others.

If the person close to you follows suggestions such as replacing anxiety when he feels belittled with a more positive thinking process like expressing willingness to learn from criticism, it can lead to healthier actions and feelings.

Even talking about personal situations, receiving teaching from a psychotherapist, taking suggestions from a friend to do some physical exercise, or doing something positive can inspire a thinking change in the mind that changes the brain.

We can think of a “meeting of the minds,” or a mutual communication between the person in difficulty and a parent or friend. In a sense, we are talking to the neural connections,
communicating with synapses by exchanging ideas. On a one-on-one basis, we are experiencing from others how this new adjusted thinking can manage emotions.

Psychotherapy and talk therapy teaching work in this way. As teacher, the psychotherapist can be compared to someone making fine adjustments or fine repairs in neural networks. Through
helping someone to see the truth about a past relationship or traumatic situation, the psychotherapist helps the patient change his mind and create a new direction in his brain map.

As teacher, the psychotherapist can be compared to someone making fine adjustments or fine repairs in neural networks. Click To Tweet

After all this talking and teaching, can we see changes in the MRI images, in our CT scans taken in vivo on volunteers from our group? Yes, we can see the physical map changes in the 3-D images as a result of functional modifications of the neurons in the brain, but as of yet we cannot see the mind or thoughts.

We can, however, watch the differences in color of the images on the MRI as Galacti or a teacher in the group gives instruction, witnessing the changes in behavior of the brain which indicate
modification in thoughts, emotions, and expression.

And of course, we can imagine or think that we are finished with this exploration, that our minds are full of thoughts and our neural maps have been redrawn.

Well, it’s true: we are finished with this part of the journey, but the new thoughts are pieces of the puzzle and our brain maps are still plastic and changing as we continue our trek to assess,
analyze, and amalgamate in search of The Explanation.

Those three-week-old kittens and ducklings we spoke of earlier have reappeared in the lab, courtesy of Galacti. We watch them and we wonder: Do they think? Do their brain maps change?

Galacti has an insight: “Both fauna and man have brains, but it is solely man’s brain, mind, and intelligence that have bestowed on the world everything that you’ve learned, acquired, inherited, created, invented, devised, imagined, and dreamed. This includes the ideas and conclusions you have in your minds right now.”

Both fauna and man have brains, but it is solely man’s brain, mind, and intelligence that have bestowed on the world everything that we’ve learned. Click To Tweet

Our thoughts are diverted by a question: Why are we humans born helpless as infants, with a plastic brain that has incredible potential?

Why is it that our brains are more powerful than any other creature’s on Earth, yet they take many years to reach maturity, whereas animals born with brains and many living organisms without brains are operational immediately at birth or within a relatively short time?

This post is an excerpt from chapter 9.10.2 of Inventory of the Universe.

The Explanation Blog Bonus

This video is quite amazing regarding the development of technology that utilizes the three elements this blog post discusses: thought, brain and actions. Frankly, the expressions of these three elements is not quite clear. We see how ‘brain waves’ are retrieved and measured to correspond to actions … but what is not discussed, although it is present, is the imagination which is the thought patterns necessary for the brain waves to take place.

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