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Believe it or not, interconnectivity is everything. There’s nothing in the entire Universe that is isolated. You and I and the world are interconnected.

Interconnectivity in Trees. Fisher points to the example of cottonwood trees. “Below ground, they’re connected by a network of large roots that make them one genetic individual. You can think of a trunk as really fingertips on a buried hand.” So what looks like a whole forest is really just one single, sprawling organism.

“Trees are horribly intermingled,” Fisher says. He points to the example of cottonwood trees. “Below ground, they’re connected by a network of large roots that make them one genetic individual. You can think of a trunk as really fingertips on a buried hand.” So what looks like a whole forest is really just one single, sprawling organism. (image credit: Gordon M Robinson)

A few days ago, I spent a bit of time washing the car… by hand. I like to do it after it rains, so all the dirt has been naturally softened and is ready to be easily lifted off. Then, just a sponge and water will do the job, followed by another rain shower of ‘distilled’ water to give it that nice shine. And I did get that second shower so the car is looking good.

But, washing also gives me time to think about what I’m writing about, or different aspects of The Explanation. One of the concepts that has been on my mind lately is ‘interconnectivity.’ Frankly, I didn’t realize it necessarily at the beginning of this project but The Explanation is all about how the Universe is a ‘whole’. I’ve compared it to a puzzle with all the interconnected pieces.

We’ve forgotten this basic point—so much so—that our leaders and ourselves are focused on pieces of the puzzle! We discuss pieces (like: Education, health…) as if they are the center of the Universe. But they aren’t… they’re pieces—indeed important pieces—of a much bigger picture. For instance, education is what people need to learn to succeed. We debate ‘education’ instead of ‘people’s needs.’ We forget the interconnectivity!

They had the movie Avatar on TV last night and I watched it for the second time. This time what hit me was the Dr. Grace Augustine talking about more interconnections through the roots of the vegetation on Pandora than in the brain. This is some imaginative mythology illustrated by amazing special effects, but it drives home this point of interconnectivity of the world in which the Na’vi live.

Did you know that the biggest living organism is a fungus—the honey fungus—covering an area about the size of 1700 football fields. An extraordinary maze of interconnected threads of fungi forming an incredible underground network. This kind of natural network is the basis of studies to find out how they are constructed, how they grow and nourish the smallest and furthest strands from the central supply system.

As I was washing the car, composed of some 30k+ pieces, I was amazed at this interconnectivity. How the center-posts allow the front and back doors to fit snugly together, how the metalwork of each door overlaps so the side of the car has a smooth and streamlined finish.

I was particularly impressed with the rubber seal between the door and the frame of the car above the windows. Not only does it act as a seal but also as water runoff when the car gets rained on. Instead of the water just pouring down on the car roof and then over the windows … the ‘gutter-seal’ directs it towards the edges of the door where further evacuation seals guide it down the sides to the ground. These seals are not what we’d consider a ‘noteworthy’ part of the car… until water or air leaks in creating a wet or noisy mess.

A seal, whether between the car windshield, doors, trunk or hood and the car-frame are vital interconnectivity pieces. We realize this when we have a leak in the motor or the failure of air-conditioning when a joint is no longer doing its job.

This leads to two channels of interconnected thoughts:

  1. Take Inventory

You can see the essence of this family game to stimulate your neurons that can be played anywhere, anytime, for any age. What the game highlights is the mutual effect everything has on everything else.  For instance, think about this: astronomic heights, atomic makeover, beryllium, carbon, carbon dioxide, earth, earth’s atmosphere, galaxy, gold, gravity, HAZMAT suit, helium, helium collapse, helium fusion, hospitable place, hydrogen, inventory of the universe, iron, Jupiter, life cycle of a star, life-giving, lithium, mars, Milky Way, neutron star, oxygen, red giant stars, silver, star formation, supernova blast, the explanation, thermonuclear explosion, uranium, venus.

  1. The Interconnection of People

When you think about it, beyond ‘material things’ the most important and precious ‘relations’ are those we have with other human beings. With our families, mates, children and our wider families. But, it doesn’t stop there, it includes neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers we run into in the elevator, restaurant or when driving or walking.

These ‘relations’ we have are nothing more that the ‘interconnections’ with those we come in contact with. Human beings are social creatures, and the interconnects are the glue that keeps us in harmony or the negative poles of two magnets that tear us apart.

Think about it … we’re all seals or joints. We all interconnect with people around us, some that are in a position to tell us what and even how to do certain things—teachers, superintendents, manager, boss—and some who we can tell what and how to do certain things; students, workers, underlings, employees. There’s also a huge quantity of people we interact with on the same level as ourselves, friends and neighbors. And the list goes on.

So many interconnections If we are the proper joint, the proper seal, then the right juices will flow if not there’ll be hindrances and malfunctioning.

Inventory of the Universe is in the category of Science: Earth and Life. Honestly, I don’t like the way it’s categorized, but we had to choose something that fits the content. It fits but doesn’t tell the real story of what Inventory of the Universe is really about.

It’s about interconnectivity. When we Take Inventory of space, atmosphere, water, land, flora, fauna, life, body, brain-mind we realize that although they’re in sequential order, each being built on the presence of the former ones we comprehend that it’s an interconnected whole. Everything including us humans somewhere are all joints and seals, acting as glue to put together the most incredible of works – The Universe.

We need to step back and Take Inventory.

The Explanation Blog Bonus

This is a video about the atmosphere, climate change, ocean acidification and solar energy are all interrelated.

Scientists peek behind the mystery of Tree Roots
Here’s a documentary entitled ‘Unity’ unfortunately it’s for rent for now… but you can see the trailer to see its relation to interconnectivity.


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