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I’d never heard of the acronym Yolo ‘you only live once’ until yesterday. Guess I’m not in the young’un age bracket anymore! But it got me thinking.

Live once or Twice? The puzzle is not about Death. The centerpiece and framework is all about Life.

Live once, or twice? The puzzle is not about Death. The centerpiece and framework is all about Life.

It wasn’t just this text-talk that caught my attention but a number of other related subjects with which I’ve had close encounters over the years.

Remember the James Bond movie, You only Live Twice. A somewhat different statement than above. I think the movie got its name because of the mock funeral (staged death) that takes place in the opening scenes in an effort to have Bond go underground.  He gets rescued by divers who take him to a submarine where he shows up bigger than life … his ‘second’ life.

Then, of course, there are much more controversial religion related issues like the resurrection and reincarnation and even near-death experiences.

The Common Denominator in all these Phenomena is: Death

We all know what that means, to die, the absence of life but, we don’t know, or at least we don’t necessarily agree as to what death is and certainly not what happens after death.

Unfortunately, but whether we like it or not, death is a daily reality, if not close by certainly around us as it is sure to happen. Sometimes it happens after a long illness or just aging, and we expect it. However, when it strikes in the form of a tragedy, unexpectedly, like the too frequent wanton killings and terrorist acts,  we are all taken aback and wonder ‘why’?, Why to ‘them’? why ‘now’?

When it happens to babies or children who haven’t even had a chance to ‘live’… death jolts us: do you only live once? If so, why? What’s the point?

From the point of view of The Explanation, death is a piece in our global puzzle. In fact, it is a vital piece since all human beings are destined to go through this final phase to their lives. If we are to assemble the infinite number of puzzle pieces … perfectly, then death has to fit in somewhere.

All the questions—the puzzle pieces—surrounding DEATH must have answers that make sense in an overall framework.

Do we live once or twice? Why do little children die? Why do catastrophic tragedies happen? How do you explain near-death experiences? Is there anything to the concepts of resurrection and reincarnation?

All of those questions will be broached and answered in due time as we develop The Explanation. Keep in mind that ‘death’ is just a piece of the puzzle. It probably sounds very cold to say it that way… and that is not my intention. But what we should understand is that ‘death’ is a piece in the puzzle of ‘life.’ It is NOT the other way round. ‘Life’ is NOT a piece in the puzzle of ‘death.’

LIFE is both the centerpiece and the framework of our puzzle. Everything revolves around LIFE. Yes, DEATH is present, it is a ‘piece’, but it is NOT the main piece, it is an episode, a necessary impactful chapter in the story, but it is NOT the key character. That role of key character is played by LIFE.

There is a Purpose for life

When we know, and we do know, that man has a mind and hands, that he (each and everyone one of us) can THINK and CREATE. That he can both grow and improve on himself and his surroundings, it behooves us to consider what we’re going to do with LIFE, OUR LIVES.

YOLO originates from the words of a song sung by Mitch Lucker.
Unfortunately, Mitch died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 28, probably following the words of his song, from drinking and driving.

I debated whether to include the words from ‘You Only Live Once’ in this blog and decided to go ahead. So here they are. Before you read them let me say this: Unfortunately Mitch didn’t understand that the overall puzzle is about LIFE and its PROPER use.

And, I will give you a hint … but it is just a hint, for which I promise I’ll give you the pieces to put all the answers in their proper places. YOLO you only live once isn’t it . Each of us does NOT only live once.

YOLO “You Only Live Once”

Push your care, push your burdens aside
Erase everything inside and leave just one thing on your mind.
You only live once so just go f… nuts!


Live life hard
Live life hard
You only get one shot

So shoot!
With every breath you take you’re dying
With every step we take we’re falling apart
If we only had one chance we’d breathe
Let’s take the chance right now and scream
You only live one life
For a very short time
So make every second divine


Live life hard
Live life hard

Are you still breathing?
It’s your heart that’s beating inside

That keeps us alive
And for the very first time
We’re pushing aside to surrender
Everything that I see in my eyes
Except for the one thing on my mind
That I am alive

For the very first time!
For the first time
Pushing worry aside
For the first time
Pushing worry aside
Erase everything inside
Erase everything inside
Erase everything inside and leave just one thing
You only get one shot!

You only live once so just go f… nuts
You only live once so just go f… nuts
You only live once, go f… nuts
You only live once so just go f… nuts

Live life hard
Live life hard
Live life hard
Live life hard


Yes, live life hard, BUT, live life hard the RIGHT WAY.
There is a reason why you have a heart that beats … why you have lungs to breathe … why you have eyes to see … why you have a mind to realize you’re alive.

Alive, Alive, Alive — That’s the centrepiece and the framework of the puzzle of LIFE

That’s what The Explanation is all about. We’ll get there, via the Inventory of the Universe, the Audit of the Universe, and then the Origin of the Universe. There’s much to come. In the meantime download a free copy of Answering the Big Questions in Life to get a head start in broaching these broad subjects.


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